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This page explains the steps for setting up a Network Test Server machine. This server is used by Qt's autotests for various testing. No building itself is done on this machine. It's only a server that provides services so that tests can be run.

Note: Since the old network test server (that is still in use though) can't easily be reproduced, and it's Puppet configuration doesn't work anymore, we've started the work on a new network test server. This new network test server doesn't work 100% though. Some tests will fail due to this. We are working on getting these sorted out, and we are trying to get this new server online as soon as possible.

Install instructions

This guide is maintained in our Qt repository: README.network_test_server.txt

However, during development of this new server changes are not pushed in to the official repository. Therefore I've made a personal branch in which it is currently developed. Thus the guide to read is here: README.network_test_server.txt

IMPORTANT: As the guide is aiming for being released, the repository which it refers to is git:// Naturally you should change this to git:// in your bootstrap command's parameter.