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Supported Platforms

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. Using Qt, you can write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code.

Qt is available for the following platforms:

Supported platform details

The Qt team strives to provide support for the platforms most frequently used by Qt users. We have designed our internal testing procedure to divide platforms into three test categories (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3) in order to prioritize internal testing and development resources so that the most frequently used platforms are subjected to our most rigorous testing processes. For more information, please see the Qt documentation

Qt is supported on a variety of 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, and can usually be built on each platform with GCC, a vendor-supplied compiler, or a third party compiler. Although Qt may be built on a range of platform-compiler combinations, only a subset of these are actively supported by The Qt Company.

For more details. please read the documentation