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Qt 5.1 Alpha

We are happy to announce the first Qt 5.1 release, tagged as Alpha. We welcome testing and feedback from advanced users of the Qt libraries. The packages are source only and mainly for people already used to developing with Qt. Unless you feel comfortable compiling Qt on your own, you might want to wait for the beta which will come out within the next few weeks.


You can download Qt 51. Alpha from our new download location http://download.qt.io/development_releases/qt/5.1/.

Qt 5.1 Focus

The Qt 5.1 Alpha introduces the following:

  • Preliminary support for Android and iOS
  • Qt Quick Controls for desktop
  • Add-ons such as Qt Sensors, Qt SerialPort and Qt X11Extras
  • Qt 5.1 new features list

Qt 5.1 Beta will be available in the following weeks with the Qt 5.1 final coming before the beginning of summer.