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June 21-23 @ Kalkscheune [kalkscheune.de], Berlin.

The Qt Contributors Summit (aka QtCS) is the main event of the Qt Project. It’s a hands on gathering to get things done and plan ahead. It is a free of charge, invitation-only event.

The first edition [developer.qt.nokia.com] was held in Berlin on June 2011.

Check Our sponsors.

Request an invitation

>>>>>> REQUEST AN INVITATION [qt.nokia.com]

We are planning for a maximum of 225 participants. The registration is invitation-only and free of charge.

Participation criteria

  • You are a Qt Project maintainer [wiki.qt.io].
  • You are a Qt Project approver [codereview.qt.io].
  • You took part in the previous Summit (see attendees [developer.qt.nokia.com])
  • You took a sponsorship package including event invitations (coming soon).
  • You are in the organization team.
  • You are invited by a maintainer or the organization team and we still have seats left.

Travel sponsorship

We assume that participants take care of their own travel and accommodation. Travel sponsorship is planned only for exceptional cases. If you are one of those explain your case in the registration form.


Expect an unconference setup with just a few core sessions scheduled in advance. What matters is to have the right people discussing together about the right topics.

Also expect one night event – all included!

See Program.


Kalkscheune is a great space in a perfect location. Expect many rooms for sessions and spaces for hacking and hanging around, indoors and outdoors.

Lunch and coffee (in breaks) included.

See Venue.

Travel & accommodation

No central travel booking is planned. You need to book your own travel and accommodation.

Find community tips and self-organization at Travel.

Sponsoring Qt CS 2012

The entire budget of this event is funded by sponsors. There are sponsorship packages of all sizes.

See Our sponsors & Sponsoring.


See Organization.