Qt 5.0.1 Known Issues

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Known Issues - Qt 5.0.1 release

All platforms

  • Some QML examples (QML Camera, QML Video Shader Effects, flickrview, youtubeview) will not build correctly by default.
    • Workaround: Uncheck the shadow build flag in the projects build configuration.


  • QTBUG-28183: Dead keys don’t work (Unable to input characters with diacritics)


  • QTBUG-28743: configure.exe is missing from .tar.gz package
    • configure.exe is only part of the .zip package. Workaround is to download this one, or do a ‘touch qtbaseitignore’
  • QTBUG-29306: MinGW: Qt 5.0.1 problem with _vsnprintf_s on Win XP
  • QTBUG-29449: Patch paths in Qt debug info when installing
    • Workaround: In Qt Creator to to Options -> Debugger, Add "q:5_workdir\w\s\qtbase" "C:5.0.1\5.0.1\Src\qtbase" to "Source Paths Mapping"
  • QTBUG-30212: [MinGW] Application crashes when virtual call invoked on an object which uses both virtual and non-virtual inheritance

Mac OS X

  • QTBUG-28336: Mac: linker warns about non-existing directories