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Includes QSensorGesture and QSensorGestureRecognizer

For now, the QSensors and QSensorGesture documentation is sponsored by llornkcor technologies and can be found at:


The QtSensors git repo has been branched in with the following policies (As with Qt 5)



Transitional only. Will be closed for new pushes once the branches get created. Patches that are already in gerrit can still be staged for around a week to allow everybody to stage their pending changes. Master will then get merged to dev, and we will then completely close master.

Changes that should go into stable will need to get pushed again to the newly created stable branch and abandoned for master. After master is fully closed all changes that are still pending will need to get pushed to dev or stable again.

Only binary compatible changes are allowed into this branch, as it'll be merged to dev later on.


Forms the basis of what will become 5.1. New features are ok to push there, as long as they are complete, tested and documented.

Please note that although the branch is called dev, larger new features (such as the new ports) should not be developed in this branch. Please use a special development branch for this and push the feature to dev once it's done.

Only binary compatible changes are allowed into this branch.


Will become the RC, and we will then create the release branch out of it.

Fully feature frozen.

We can in theory still do binary and source incompatible changes in this branch until we release 5.0.0, but any such change needs to have an extremely good reason and a +2 from Lars. Until 5.0.0 is out, the main changes into this branch should be doc and packaging fixes as well as bug fixes for major bugs.