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This document is meant to be a platform for finding an optimized structure for the DevNet wiki. DevNet wiki relies on categories, tags and full text search to make documents accessible.

What is wrong with categories? There are 2 problems: Categories are a non-sorted tree, like a file system. For documents a sorted tree, like a table of content makes more sense. Moreover page editors do not find enough help to assign a page to an existing category which bears the dangers that categories proliferate.

Therefore here is a suggestion to introduce a fixed table of content: One table of content item should be selected from a list when a new document is about to be created. At the time being a one level table of content is sufficient. However it must be possible to add sub items when needed.

Table of Content

  • QML
  • QtCore
  • QtGui
  • Multimedia
  • Network
  • OpenGL
  • OpenVG
  • Database: QtSql
  • XML
  • QtDeclarative
  • Phonon
  • Qt3Support
  • QtTest
  • Qt for ActiveX
  • QtDBus
  • Qt Creator and Qt Designer
  • Model/View
  • WebKit
  • QtScript / ECMA Script / JavaScript
  • Qt Mobility
  • Embedded
  • AddIns (Visual Studio & Eclipse)
  • Building (qmake, cmake and friends)
  • Deploying
  • Documentation
  • Bugs

Document Type

For each document a type should also be specified.

  • Whitepaper
  • Article
  • Demo
  • Tutorial
  • HowTo and Best Practice
  • Tips, Tricks and Snippets
  • Python
  • Qt Jambi
  • In Foreign Language
  • Minutes
  • Other


Status should be an attribute that can be changed as the document progresses. The attribute should be shown in the document list.

  • Stub
  • Work in Progress
  • Usable
  • Released