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Clicking link in label

As is commonly known, you can put in hyper text links in a regular QLabel in Qt, by using simple HTML syntax. Then of course, you want to be able to click this link in your Squish tests. However, Squish does not have a clickLink() function, as it does for e.g. clickButton() or clickTab(), so what happens during recording is that you will get code similar to: mouseClick(waitForObject(":MyQLabel"), 31, 14, 0, Qt.LeftButton)

That is, hard coded coordinates for where the link is. So if the position of the link would change for whatever reason (different platform, new text added, different font) the test will break.

In Squish 4.1, a new function named installSignalHandler() was added. This lets your test script react to signals emitted from the application code. We can use this function combined with the fact that a signal is emitted from a QLabel whenever a link is hovered. This will let us implement a function for clicking arbitrary links in a label.

_lookingFor = None _found = False

def handleLinkHovered(obj, link):

 global _found
 if link == _lookingFor:
   _found = True

def wasFound( obj ):

 global _found
 if _found:
   uninstallSignalHandler( obj, "linkHovered(QString)", "handleLinkHovered" )
   return True
 return False

def findLink(objectName, link):

 global _lookingFor
 global _found
 _lookingFor = link
 _found = False
 obj = waitForObject(objectName)
 installSignalHandler(obj, "linkHovered(QString)", "handleLinkHovered")
 mouseMove( obj.x, obj.y )
 width = obj.x + obj.width
 height = obj.y + obj.height
 y = obj.y
 while y < height:
   x = obj.x
   while x < width:
     mouseMove( x, y )
     if wasFound( obj ):
       return [x-obj.x, y-obj.y]
     x += 5
   y += 10
 if not wasFound( obj ):
   uninstallSignalHandler(obj, "linkHovered(QString)", "handleLinkHovered")
 return [–1, –1]

def clickLink(objectName, link):

 point = findLink(objectName, link)
 if point[0] != -1 and point[1] != -1:
   mouseClick(objectName, point[0], point[1], 0, Qt.LeftButton)

Usage is simply: clickLink(":MyQLabel", "some-action")