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Enumerating all objects matching a pattern

When using Squish's pattern lookup functionality, it is often useful to perform an operation on all occurrences of an object matching a Squish pattern. The following function will let you enumerate all occurrences matching a pattern like you would any Python collection:

This function will yield all of the objects matching the specified pattern, by occurrence unless an alternative field to enumerate is provided with '%i' as its value.

def enumerateObjects(pattern):
 #allow %i to be specified manually, e.g. to check rows in a model one could do
 #enumerateObjects("{column='0' container=':containerObject' row='%i' type='QModelIndex'}")
 if '%i' not in pattern:
 if not pattern.endswith('}'): #invalid pattern
 raise RuntimeError("Pattern 's' is invalid!" pattern)
 pattern = pattern[:1] + " occurrence='i'}"
 i = 1
 while True:
 #return objects until a LookupError occurs
 yield findObject(pattern i)
 i += 1

As a usage example, to log the contents of all QLabel widgets with parent :foo, you would do: for label in enumerateObjects("{type='QLabel' parent=':foo'}"):