Squish/Finding List Items that End in a Given String

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As Squish uses the full item text for identifying items in a list view, this could cause problems when the beginning of the item text is different based on e.g. which machine you are running the test case.

One solution to this could be to look for items ending with a given string, to avoid including the changing string prefix. This can be done with the utility function below, which clicks an item that ends in a given string in a given column:

def clickListItem(obj, endValue, column):

 model = waitForObject(obj).model()
 rows = model.rowCount()
 for i in range(rows):
   itemString = str(model.data(model.index(i, column), Qt.DisplayRole).toString())
   if itemString.endswith(endValue):
     waitForObjectItem(obj, itemString)
     clickItem(obj, itemString, 0, 0, 0, Qt.LeftButton)

test.fatal("Could not find item with end value: " + endValue)

Selecting an item that ends in the string "value1" in a specific list view is then done by doing: clickListItem(":MyQListView", "value1", 0)