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Navigating a QDateEdit

Interacting with a QDateEdit from a Squish script is a bit more involved than just clicking a button or writing some text into a line edit, especially if you want a nice scripting API for it as well. Below is a script function that you can cut-and-paste into your existing test case or shared script, and use without modifications. It requires you to have recorded one interaction with a QDateEdit though, to have the proper names in the object map.

Usage would be:

setDate(":nameOfQDateEdit", "2011", "April", "1")<code>
def setDate(dateedit, year, month, day):
waitFor("object.exists(dateedit)", 20000)

dateExpandX = findObject(dateedit).width - 10

sendEvent("QMouseEvent", waitForObject(dateedit), QEvent.MouseButtonPress, dateExpandX, 15, Qt.LeftButton, 0)
sendEvent("QMouseEvent", waitForObject(dateedit), QEvent.MouseButtonRelease, dateExpandX, 15, Qt.LeftButton, 0)

yearToolButtonName = "{name='qt_calendar_yearbutton' type='QToolButton' visible='1' window=':qt_datetimedit_calendar_QCalendarPopup'}"


yearEditSpinBoxName = "{name='qt_calendar_yearedit' type='QSpinBox' visible='1' window=':qt_datetimedit_calendar_QCalendarPopup'}"

type(waitForObject(yearEditSpinBoxName), year)
type(waitForObject(yearEditSpinBoxName), "<Return>")

monthToolButtonName = "{name='qt_calendar_monthbutton' type='QToolButton' visible='1' window=':qt_datetimedit_calendar_QCalendarPopup'}"


monthMenuName = "{type='QMenu' unnamed='1' visible='1' window=':qt_datetimedit_calendar_QCalendarPopup'}"

activateItem(waitForObjectItem(monthMenuName, month))

calendarViewName = "{name='qt_calendar_calendarview' type='QCalendarView' visible='1' window=':qt_datetimedit_calendar_QCalendarPopup'}"

waitFor("object.exists(calendarViewName)", 20000)
model = findObject(calendarViewName).model()
seenOne = False
for row in range(1, model.rowCount() - 1): # First row contains day names, let's skip it
for col in range(model.columnCount()):
dayText = model.data(model.index(row, col)).toString()

if dayText == "1": # Some dates from last month may be seen, so make sure we've iterated

seenOne = True # past them before we actually click an item

if seenOne and dayText == day:

waitForObjectItem(calendarViewName, "s/%s" (row, col))
clickItem(calendarViewName, "s/%s" (row, col), 14, 11, 0, Qt.LeftButton)