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Using Ctrl+A

The Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut is often the most effective way to select everything in a widget to perform some operation, be it to select everything in a list view to perform an operation or to select everything in a text box to type a replacement. In general, keyboard shortcuts can be an expedient way to test functionality. Here are a couple of examples for Ctrl+A:

== Setting a Text Box value

#Incredibly straightforward, will work on anything with a text area that accepts standard keyboard shortcuts
def setTextBoxValue(boxName, value):
 type(waitForObject(boxName), "<Ctrl+A>")
 type(waitForObject(boxName), "value")

== Selecting All Items in a List #Works with most QAbstractItemView types e.g. QListView def selectAll(viewName):

#select the first item
model = waitForObject(viewName).view.model()
clickItem(viewName, model.data(model.index(0,0))) ==