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In the situation where you have very long test cases covering e.g. a specific workflow in your application, recording everything in one go could be troublesome as you normally are aiming for refactoring the recorded code into reusable functions. Trying to find specific actions among 500 lines of generated code is bound to be error-prone.

One way of working around this problem is to have the application running in the background, record separate pieces of the workflow and refactor each piece after recording it.

The way this is done is initially starting your application from Squish by clicking the Launch AUT button in the toolbar. Now, whenever you want to record something, you right-click in the test script where you want the recorded script to end up, and select Record snippet from the context menu. This will bring you into the application in recording mode.

When you are done recording, DO NOT shut down the application, but click Stop recording in the control bar instead. This will bring you back to the IDE so you can refactor the recorded code. When you are done refactoring, you can right-click and select Record snippet again to start recording more interactions.