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This page is designed to hold all project information relating to the Education category of the QtonPi Device project. I would like to see this get populated by the various people involved in each project.

Please use the following pages to document your progress and also check this page for up coming events. I'm hoping to arrange regular IRC chat sessions for team members to discuss progress, problems, design questions, anything really related to your project.

You can contact me on Qt-onpi IRC channel as vgrade, don't worry if I don't reply straight away as I'm not always monitoring or on the mailing list. http://lists.qt-project.org/mailman/listinfo/qtonpi. My wiki page, vgrade.

I see some of you have started updating your user pages with information and I think we can use those for project tracking at well, as an example of the things I would like to see are in this template QtonPi/Device_program/Education/UserTemplate

IRC Meetings

  • xx/xx/2012 at xx:xx GMT in #Qt-onPi
  • xx/xx/2012 at xx:xx GMT in #Qt-onPi


Latest Updates

Project Pages

  1. Joao de Deus I want to port my app Math Graphica, to the PI. It's a scientific advanced calculator with 3D OpenGL graphics. Math Graphica won the 3tr place in Qt Wetab App Challenge. It would be a nice project to low resource schools and students, among other math and engineering applications. I'm a electronic engineer and Qt Ambassador. It's been a while since I play with hardware, and PI seems to be a very nice board. I'm also developing a 3D cad software codename Lusitania, that could be in a future a interesting PI app. Math Graphica in Gitorious

Math Graphica in Ovi

  1. GooRoo (Sergey Olendarenko): 1) Implement new concept of Integrated Development Environment (currently for Haskell) with Qt/QML. 2) Create viewer for Autodesk Maya scenes (*.ma) with Qt Quick 3D. My Blog (only Russian yet).
  2. unormal (Mario Fux). Idea: Short: WiktionaryParser with QML frontend (later dbpedia frontend). Longer: Wiktionary as the source of free linguistic date is unstructured in itself and thus we need some parser to extract the data and store it (probably semantically annotated). But there is a huge amount of date in different languages, perfect for school and education and simple to add new information. dbpedia is a similar approach for the Wikipedia data. Experience: I'm a teacher, studying education, computer sciences and computational linguistics (for which I do the WiktionaryParser [1]). Working with Qt since some time on smaller projects and I'm a member of KDE [2] (mostly on the organizational side). Links: [1] [2] [3] (old project)
  3. doug: I want to use Qt5 on top of a minimal Linux system to create a tablet / console like UI experience for the RaspberryPi, the idea is to create an easy to use computer to introduce children to computing. The UI is designed in C+/QML and is designed so that users can modify and extend it as they get more confident in computing. Experience: I have over 5 years commercial experience in embedded programming including working with Broadcom SoC architectures and 7 in mass market UI development. I have an initial screenshot of the UI here [1]
  4. jmcardle(Julien McArdle): Idea - Use Qt5 to create a visual programming language interpreter to make software & ui development accessible to kids. Previous experience: I used Qt4 to create an interpreter that would create GUI front-ends for command-line applications. I also contribute apps to SourceForge. [2][3]
  5. davespice (David Honess): The Raspberry Pi needs a good quality LOGO/Turtle Graphics interpreter. This is one of the best ways to teach programming to children. It’s visual and I think kids will go for it. My plan is to create an up to date LOGO interpreter but with an added challenge mode. Level 1, draw a line. Level 2, draw a square. Level 3, equilateral triangle. Slowly graduating them onto doing more complex patterns and shapes using functions, looping and recursion. With a free draw mode there is scope for users sharing content with each other and all sorts of good things. The app could also be ported to mobile phones to reach even more people thanks to the Qt framework. About myself; principally I am a Microsoft .Net framework /Javascript/Ajax/jQuery developer. I work in a UK based software consultancy (http://www.arcsoftwareconsultancy.com/), clients include Universal Music (USA and Japan), The Royal College of Psychiatrists (London) and the Wellcome Institute (London). I have a private project which is the Age of Wonders Email Wrapper (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Age-of-Wonders-Email-Wrapper/173302036046975). This is a winforms app which restores email functionality to some 10 year old turn based strategy games. The tool is being adopted by the community that play these games.
  6. hobbes1976 (Philip Skipper): Long term developer of small scale applications on ARM devices. I would like to use QT & RaspberryPi to put together a package of free biotech apps to help university students who will not have sufficient access to this sort of software.
  7. betabot (Braden McDorman) develops an open source educational C/C++ IDE programmed in Qt for the Botball Robotics Competition. With Raspberry Pi's interest in education, Raspberry Pi is the perfect platform for Qt powered robotics' continued penetration of educational sectors. More information: KISS IDE and KIPR Github Account.
  8. mimo777: Wants to use qt5 on the pi as a thin client for cloud based educational services leveraging public domain educational resources such as Project Gutenberg and Wikipedia. I am a human factors researcher with 4 years experience developing on the qt platform on Linux for the FAA and 15 years experience developing applications and embedded systems and I have multiple professional educator resources available.
  9. User:hasanyoneseenme I love the RaspberryPi project and its plan to help promote programming in schools, I plan to use the devices to help teach new Java, Python, and of course Qt developers, I love using custom firmwares, linux distros and contributing to open source endeavors. I also have a group of developer friends who rotate devices and trade spare parts for projects. I also plan on using the device for porting other open source software, environments, to work on emulating other devices, and for a portable vpn tool for helping my grandparents with their computing or to access my personal computer while I am away. My last contribution to mention is I am working on making RaspberryPi even more mobile with a emergency phone charger and battery powered screen. All of these will be publicized on my many social network sites and my Youtube channel.
  10. User:jona (John Ellin) Have been developing educational programmable robots, similar to turtles/logo, but based on Zilog hardware. Programming interface is Qt based so as to be portable. It will be fun to port the programming interface onto the device itself.
  11. User:Grego (Harri Pasanen) Hacking some educational software with my sons for reading and spelling (English & French). Possibly porting some current or future MPaja apps for it. I'm Qt Ambassador and founder of MPaja, with number of Qt based apps in Ovi Store.
  12. Abhishek Patil I would like to make a "On Device VPL (Visual Programming Language)" in my past work I have work on VLP for school children to program there robots called CiMPLE developed at robo.in [4] which was also a Qt Ambassador, I would like to make this desktop software available directly on robot and I think combination of Qt & RaspberryPi will make it very efficient and cool !
  13. Nishith Mahajan I would like to make a philanthropic project which will try to bring virtual teaching and testing to every house. Pi is one of the best hardware to do that. The app will present a student with a video for a particular subject and then test his learnings by some interactive games or quizzes. this would be logged into students progress which could be monitored by the teacher online/offline as per the networking scope of the area. My profile<http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/nishith-mahajan/8/3b1/303>
  14. data (Data Ng): I'm a PhD student who working on positron physics to investigate the semiconductor. My research is involved some embedded control systems which are written in c++, java, QT5+QML and python. Also, I'm director of an organization called quantum electrodynamics (Qed) who working on open source learning tool for student. The latest research is making an open-source kinect-helped white-board. I would like to use the Qt RaspberryPi to develop some qt5 apps and test the qt5 libraries and SDK.
  15. tinydevices(Rajesh C): Skilled with OS implementation on tiny devices. Would like to create framework to ease begineers to implement ideas using Qt and the Rasp Pi without getting overwhelmed with the environment. Have worked on a Qt interface driven set top box to enable seniors in developing countries to use the internet to connect with their children who live far away with an instant on device that does not crash. Would love to reincarnate that project usng Qt5 and the RasPi and provide image sharing, voice and video. [5]
  16. User:irfansyah (Astria N Irfansyah): Internet TV set-top box, for education purpose in remote areas, focusing on collaborative interaction between schools/teachers from different areas. Had used a Devkit8000 beagleboard clone for this purpose with some display driver modification (poster) but RaspberryPi solution seems cheaper. My latest Qt Quick project is Manaya, an augmented-reality place viewfinder showing wikipedia and wikimapia places, available for free for Meego harmattan. [6] [7] Also interested for use in robotics with computer vision.
  17. Naser (Naser): Inventor, Qt Ambassador, create a laptop style device based on the Pi, similar to One Laptop per Child, to allow kids to understand how computers work, and give them the chance to make changes to it(HW/SW). The project also includes creating a User Interface to fit this laptop using Qt5. more info: http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/ambassadors/project?id=a0F20000006LZ21EAG and http://www.TouchFlux.com
  18. refizul (Sascha Steinberg): I'm currently working on a video learning platform for african rural communities[8] and i'd like to try to run it on a Raspberry Pi. The first prototype was a web-based service, but during our usability-test at the testing site[9] we've seen that mobile phones (don't laugh) are very common even in the rural regions. So the next version may be a mobile Qt-App?
  19. rolandw(Roland Whitehead): Kids learning to code will want to mess with images. We've developed an image server used for the world's biggest single source collection of on-line dynamic images (1.6mil and growing) and we want to produce a toolkit based on QImage and QML image elements. We want to deliver it as part of our 2012 Leaphack competition (29 Feb). 16 coders, analysts and testers in a contract development shop willing to give it a go. [10]
  20. txnghia (Nghia Tran): I will prototype a Vietnamese spelling system that helps kids and even adults to learn Vietnamese. The system includes Raspberry Pi, video/audio displays, user input devices, and voice library. This kind of system may be placed at several Vietnamese community centers and schools. See my other project, navicane, at http://www.stm32challenge.com
  21. User:llgrrl (Huan Truong): I am a student, working on a fast, lean, friendly thin client project as thin client stations for schools with client side remote-desktop programs, browsers, and reporting client powered by Qt. I have written GenieMon, a lab computer report client-server suite with the client written in Qt4 and enjoyed the Qt environment very much. I have previously worked on several open source embedded and traditional software projects.
  22. User:Gordio (Oleg Gordienko): I am web developer (Django, etc) - [11]. Now make gentoo.img with qemu-arm. Tasks: 1) Create gentoo image file for R.PI. 2) And my dream "neeeeed test Qt live coding on R.PI" :)
  23. User:Sanyaade (QTonPi in Curriculum: Control Systems Development)
  24. User:niqt (Nicola De Filippo) I'll give a seminar on Qt5/raspberry at unisannio university