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Attention: a port of PySide to Qt 5.x started in 2014, the progress and more details about this project can be found under PySide 2

What's needed to port Shiboken to Python 3

Note: The Python3 support related ideas were moved to PySide_Python_3_Support!

  • Python 3 C API doesn't have PyInt * functions, just PyLong. The code used to handle type conversions recognizes the use of PyInt and PyLong. The proper code for conversion is executed depending on the scenario.
    • Possible fix: Create PyInt _ * aliases to PyLong _ * functions.
    • Severity: Low
  • Python 3 module initialization is completely different from Python 2, supporting both types of initialization would be trick[1].
    • Possible fix: Change the generator to generate different initialization routines for different Python versions or pollute the generated module initialization routine with #ifdef's.
    • Severity: Medium
  • PyTypeObject layout changed in Python 3 . As many PyType objects are defined in libshiboken this implies some ugly changes to libshiboken to get the source code to support both Python versions.
    • Possible fix: Do an "#ifdef festival" on libshiboken and on code generated by the generator to handle the differences between Python versions.
    • Severity: High
  • Python libraries will be ABI version tagged from 3.2 on
    • Possible fix: Support it in CMakeLists.txt.
    • Severity: Medium
  • Can't access PyObject attributes from a PyTypeObject without casting it to PyObject beforehand.
    • Possible fix: Cast it!
    • Severity: Low
  • Removal of PyString, addition of PyByte.
    • Possible fix: Create some aliases to the respective PyUnicode functions or add #ifdefs when the aliasing solution isn't possible.
    • Severity: Medium
  • CMake knows nothing about Python 3.
    • Possible fix: Write our own findPython3 function to detect Python 3 on the underlying system.
    • Severity: Medium

Summarizing, porting shiboken to Python 3 isn't going to be a trivial task and support both versions will be even harder but not impossible.