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Qt 5.3.0 was released on 20th of May 2014.

The following pages has more information:

Contact Information

Role Name Email irc
Release Manager Jani Heikkinen jani.heikkinen@digia.com jaheikki3

Qt5.3 release plan

Phase Original plan Updated plan Realized
Feature Freeze 14th Feb 2014 14th Feb 2014
Merge from dev to stable 17th Feb 2014 19th Feb 2014
Alpha Release 20th Feb 2014 27th Feb 2014 27th Feb 2014
Beta Release 13th Mar 2014 25th Mar 2014 25th Mar 2014
Merge from stable to rel 31th Mar 2014 10th Apr 2014 10th Apr 2014
String freeze 31th Mar 2014 10th Apr 2014 10th Apr 2014
Release Candidate 10th Apr 2014 8th May 2014 8th May 2014
Final Release 29th Apr 2014 20th May 2014 20th May 2014
5.3.1 17th June 2014 25th June 2014 25th June 2014
5.3.2 16th Sep 2014

Qt5.3 new features


Qt 5.3 Documentation

Documentation found at http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/

Tools used when building & packaging Qt5.3

Qt 5.3 Tools & Versions

Qt 5.3 Important changes

Qt 5.3.0 Change files
Qt 5.3.1 Change files
Qt 5.3.2 Change files

Qt 5.3 Errors

Errors to be fixed before Qt 5.3 beta1
Errors to be fixed before Qt 5.3.0 RC1
Errors to be fixed before Qt 5.3.0
Errors to be fixed before Qt 5.3.1
Errors to be fixed before Qt 5.3.2

Errors fixed in Qt 5.3
Errors fixed in Qt 5.3.1
Errors fixed in Qt 5.3.2

Known Issues

Known Issues – Qt 5.3.0-Beta
Known Issues – Qt 5.3.0-RC
Known Issues – Qt 5.3.0
Known Issues – Qt 5.3.1
Known Issues – Qt 5.3.2

Qt5.3 release team meeting memos

Release team meeting 14.01.2014
Release team meeting 27.01.2014
Release team meeting 03.02.2014
Release team meeting 10.02.2014
Release team meeting 17.02.2014
Release team meeting 24.02.2014
Release team meeting 10.03.2014
Release team meeting 17.03.2014
Release team meeting 24.03.2014
Release team meeting 07.04.2014
Release team meeting 14.04.2014
Release team meeting 22.04.2014
Release team meeting 05.05.2014
Release team meeting 19.05.2014
Release team meeting 26.05.2014
Release team meeting 10.06.2014
Release team meeting 16.06.2014
Release team meeting 23.06.2014
Release team meeting 15.09.2014