Qt5 Status on BlackBerry10

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Supported Modules

The Qt5 modules are currently known to work on the BlackBerry 10 platform and are used for regular builds. Please note that this list is under constant change (for now).

Qt essential modules state notes
Qt Core supported
Qt GUI supported
Qt Multimedia supported
Qt Multimedia Widgets
Qt Network supported
Qt QML supported
Qt Quick supported
Qt Quick Controls supported No platform style
Qt Quick Layouts supported
Qt SQL supported
Qt Test supported
Qt WebKit not supported
Qt WebKit Widgets not supported
Qt Widgets supported No platform style
Qt add ons state notes
Active Qt not supported
Qt Android Extras not applicable
Qt Bluetooth supported L2Cap is not supported
Qt Concurrent
Qt D-Bus not applicable
Qt Enginio not supported
Qt Graphical Effects supported
Qt Image Formats supported
Qt Mac Extras not applicable
Qt NFC supported
Qt OpenGL Only OpenGL ES 2
Qt Positioning supported
Qt Print Support supported Only printing to pdf
Qt Quick1 not supported might work
Qt Script not supported might work
Qt Script Tools not supported
Qt Sensors supported
Qt Serial Port
Qt SVG not supported
Qt WebSockets not supported
Qt Windows Extras not applicable
Qt X11 Extras not applicable
Qt XML supported
Qt XML Patterns partly supported XPath functionality supported, XML schema validation not supported

Known Issues

Issue description since fixed in Qt Version
OpenGL ES 1 applications do not work 5.0 5.3
QTBUG-28954 Enabling C++ 11 on BB10 causes errors in qplatformdefs.h 5.0
QTBUG-33812 Camera Example – Record, Preview, Focus don't work 5.0
QtQuick.Window 2.1: newly created windows have wrong focus and z-order 5.2
QTBUG-36960 Mouse and keyboard grab does not work 5.0
Qt Widgets: ComboBox does not pop up properly
QTBUG-37573 Cannot select folders in the QFileDialog or in the FileDialog QML element 5.1
QTBUG-34985 QMediaPlayer does not read certain Metadata for some audio files 5.0

Where and How Report Issues

Please use the QtPorts: BB10 component for BlackBerry 10 specific issues and other components for Qt generic issues even if you found them on BlackBerry 10.