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The Qt Design Studio 2.3.0 release contains bug fixes and new features. The most important changes are listed in this document. For more complete lists of changes, see release reports for Qt Design Studio 2.3.0 beta1: https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QDS/versions/20132 2.3.0: https://bugreports.qt.io/projects/QDS/versions/19710 General

 * Fixed crash when closing document in Design mode (QDS-5606)
 * Fixed that position and layout menus were enabled even if there was no content to manage (QDS-5483)
 * Fixed undo/redo/manual edits while editing subcomponent (QDS-5392)
 * Fixed ComponentTextModifier offsets for whitespace change (QDS-5362)
 * Fixed Reset ComponentTextModifier when changing to doc model
 * Fixed property binding after dragging from component Library (QDS-5357)
 * Fixed blocking of modifying imports when editing in-file subcomponent (QDS-5353)
 * Improved icons for layouts and positioners (QDS-4287)
 * Improved error message on trying to edit empty component (QDS-5308)
 * Added support for Add QtMultimedia (QDS-5147)
 * Added inserting of SVG snippets (QDS-5259)
 * Fixed copying of main document model metainfo to inFileComponentModel (QDS-5352)
 * Added default template to Component item in Library (QDS-5308)
 * Fixed adding imports to subcomponent manager whenever they change (QDS-5345)
 * Fixed adjusting ComponentTextModifier offsets on doc text change (QDS-5305)
 * Fixed using AuxiliaryData as cache for NodeHints (QDS-5277)
 * Fixed removing default properties removed from model also from QML (QDS-5304)
 * Fixed resetting puppet on repeater model change when necessary (QDS-5235)
 * Fixed recognizing subfolders as modules at any depth (QDS-4787)
 * Fixed handing implicit components properly in Component view (QDS-5237)
 * Fixed casting of <cpp>.bool (QDS-5274)
 * Fixed notifying other views of nodeSource triggered puppet reset (QDS-5222)
 * Fixed implicit component clearing logic (QDS-5223)
 * Fixed issues with Components and Repeaters (QDS-5197)
 * Fixed Disable Timeline view and Curve Editor view when widget is invisble (QDS-5159)
 * Fixed not marking file as changed for "formeditorColor" (QDS-4044)
 * Fixed not creating pixmap at component completion (QDS-5271)
 * Fixed updating repeater parent when repeater properties change (QDS-5233)
 * Fixed allowing the usage of QtQuick.Templates (QDS-5681)
 * Implemented new Multi-Language View (QDS-4178)

Qt 6 Support

 * Fixed injecting QtQuick.Controls into possible imports if necessary (QDS-5182)
 * Added action to generate CMake files for QML projects (QDS-5140)
 * Fixed supporting transparent border for effects (QDS-3576)
 * Implemented rendering effects on document level
 * Fixed using basic as style for Qt 6

Particle Editor

 * Added a way to edit and view particles visually (QDS-4623)
 * Fixed Handle particle system animation when selecting child object (QDS-5562)
 * Added particle demo (QDS-5579)


 * Used new Project Structure for ClusterTutorial (QDS-5625)
 * Used new Project Structure for CoffeeMachine (QDS-5625)
 * Used new Project Structure for ProgressBar (QDS-5625)
 * Used new Project Structure for EBikeDesign (QDS-5625)
 * Used new Project Structure for SideMenu (QDS-5625)
 * Used new Project Structure for WebinarDemo (QDS-5625)
 * Used new Project Structure for Virtual Keyboard (QDS-5668)


 * Implemented the New Project creation wizard for QDS (QDS-4490)
 * Added tweaks for virtual keyboard
 * Refactored project wizards to use new Project Structure supporting CMake (QDS-5344)


 * Split Examples and Tutorials to own separate pages (QDS-5495)
 * Improved All Topics link visability (QDS-5603)
 * Added description for dragging external assets (QDS-5244)

Property Editor

 * Fixed Binding Editor (QDS-2819, QDS-4878)
 * Fixed Spin Box dragging (QDS-3081, QDS-4798)
 * Fixed and rearranged Character section
 * Fixed Allow invalid property value for QVariant type properties (QDS-5304)
 * Fixed ColorEditor opening position (QDS-5076)
 * Fixed binding loop issue in URL chooser (QDS-4886)
 * Added Radio Button to Studio Controls

Live Preview

 *  Made Live Preview work with Android Virtual Device (QDS-5383)

Form Editor

 * Added FormEditor zoom with Ctrl MouseMove (QDS-3166)
 * Fixed Retain zoom factor when showing after hiding (QDS-5337)
 * Fixed hiding items with non-2D Item parents in Form Editor (QDS-5356)
 * Made Form Editor view react to node source changes properly (QDS-5230)


 * Fixed node expand state caching for subcomponent edit case (QDS-5557)
 * Added needed types to post-dnd bind ignored types list (QDS-5543)

Qt Bridge Importer

 * Fixed missing import logs (QDS-5430)
 * Fixed invalid characters in QML id (QDS-4914)
 * Fixed sanitizing the type UUID (QDS-4114)

Qt Bridge for Adobe XD

 * Added Adobe XD support (QDS-1105)
 * Fixed that the 'Export As' combo stops working sometimes in the plugin (QDS-5288)
 * Fixed Export Component relationship with instances (QDS-5257)
 * Added component support for Adobe XD (QDS-5256)
 * Added Render Text as an image (QDS-5162)
 * Fixed XD Bridge - PNGs exporting blank (QDS-5551)

Qt Bridge for Figma

 * Fixed the export archive format of Figma plugin (QDS-5605)
 * Fixed asset name conflict for layers with same name (QDS-5525)
 * Fixed rotated items exported at the wrong coordinates (QDS-5503)
 * Fixed merged layers clipped when exported from Figma (QDS-5490)
 * Fixed wrong stacking of Figma layers after import to QDS (QDS-5465)
 * Added support for exporting a single frame/component from Figma (QDS-5464)
 * Fixed unnecessary items in the QML hierarchy (QDS-5247)
 * Fixed layer ordering is not respected on the import (QDS-5246)
 * Fixed Figma imported text wrapping when it shouldn't (QDS-5227)

Assets Library

 * Added Support for bridge files (QDS-5278)
 * Added dropping of external assets (QDS-5045)
 * Fixed error reporting when cancelling resouces dialog (QDS-5265)
 * Added placeholder controls for when the assets view is empty

Component Library

 * Fixed checking for file type imports when adding unimported items (QDS-5545)
 * Added item library icons for Component, Loader, and Repeater
 * Added support for Component type (QDS-5149)
 * Implemented a horizontal layout for Component Library (QDS-4764)
 * Fixed Close component library's context menus when layout change (QDS-5351)

States Editor

 * Fixed states list button icon alignment (QDS-5054)
 * Fixed refreshing items if state is changed (QDS-5462)

Qt for MCUs

 * Updated CMakeLists for QUL 2.0 (QDS-5676)
 * Fixed qds-mcu metainfo rules (QDS-4712)
 * Added Thermo demo (QDS-5579)

3D Editor

 * Fixed 3D edit view rendering logic (QDS-5467)

Qt Quick 3D Support

 * Fixed puppet crash with nested Repeater3Ds (QDS-5651)
 * Fixed destroying old view before each Navigator preview generation (QDS-5600)
 * Fixed Navigator preview of imported 3D components (QDS-5600)
 * Removed dummy View3D workaround

Design Studio Components

  * Added Polygon and Ellipse (QDS-5143)
  * Fixed Arc component appearance (QDS-5142)