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Recognising the Champions

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Qt Champions is a way of recognising the stars of the community. The people who go that extra mile for Qt.

You can be a Qt Champion by doing a wide variety of things. To reflect this we have different categories of Qt Champions: Community Builder, Content Creator, Quality Assurer, Developer, Fixer and Ambassador.

Rookies and Mavericks

In addition to these, we have a couple of special titles, the Rookie of the year and the Maverick.

The Rookie of the year is a person who has made his or her first code contribution during the past year, and that contribution has made a change to peoples lives. The Maverick is a person who might not always follow the rules to the point, but gets the job done every time.

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VIP Service

The title of Qt Champion is given out for one year. It is a recognition of exceptional things done by the Champion in the Qt Community.

A Qt Champion will receive a bag of stuff to signify his/her status as a Qt Champion. And we will make sure Qt Champions receive special service at Qt events as well as online.

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Who do you think should be a Qt Champion?

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