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  • Shipping instructions sent to 326 participants, confirmed as — Qgil 20:56, 23 April 2012 (CEST)
  • 425 candidates accepted for 400 boards max. First come, first served.— Qgil 00:33, 7 March 2012 (CET)
  • The first batch of voucher codes have been distributed: 236.— Qgil 00:50, 29 February 2012 (CET)
  • The deadline for submitting new proposals is closed. 50 participants are expected to be accepted in the following days.— Qgil 00:47, 26 February 2012 (CET)
  • All participants that have provided their data got an OK. No OK = we haven't received your details = we can't send you a board = you could lose your option in a few weeks: move fast!— Qgil 00:59, 8 February 2012 (CET)
  • Areas created and first mentors accepted.— Qgil 00:39, 8 December 2011 (CET)
  • First participants accepted.— Qgil 00:39, 8 December 2011 (CET)

Once you're selected

  1. Join the Qt Development mailing list. It is an open list and a anybody else is invited too.
  2. Send an email to quim dot gil at nokia dot com with
    1. a link to your wiki user profile.
    2. the area of this page where you are listed.
    3. the country where the board will be shipped - for us to keep track of shipping costs.
  3. In response you will get a code to be used at the Raspberry Pi Foundation shop as soon as they are ready to ship boards. You will submit your contact details and delivery address directly to the shop - we don't need it.
  4. Participants on track sent will get an next to their entries in this page.
    1. We are adding an OK to those being listed in our spreadsheet, a step needed in order to get you a code.

You are invited to promote #Qt, the #QtProject or the #QtonPi initiative together with your own projects! Thank you.


Yes, some of them are vague or overlap. It's just a way to help ourselves knowing people and projects with similar focus and propitiate awareness on overlaps and disconnects.

  • Feedback to improve these areas is welcome in the discussion page.
  • Mentors: if you prefer to be in another area please contact Quim Gil.

Development & testing of Qt 5

  1. lopotter (Lorn Potter): Qt Sensors/Qt Systems port. Nokia/Trolltech.
  2. michal.guminiak (Michał Guminiak): Certified Qt Developer, former developer of libmeegotouch (Gestures area). Interested in new features of Qt 5, working on embedded software and intelligent home ideas.
  3. User:cadam (Cristian Adam): Nokia employed Qt developer focused on Qt Location module. Interested primarily in improving Location support/performance with Qt5.
  4. w00t (Robin Burchell): the usual hackery and mayhem on Qt and other things mobile/misc that take my fancy, see http://blog.rburchell.com/search/label/qt and http://github.com/rburchell for some of the stuff I've been up to
  5. Tomasz Owczarczyk  : I am working for PRUFTECHNIK Technology. We've been developing QT software for industrial devices for 10 years. Currently we are using Qt4 and we are excited to move to Qt5. Raspberry Pi would be a good platform to start testing new Qt. We are especially intereseted in 3D engine. Please contact me directly if you need any further details.
  6. User:aloisiojr (Aloisio Almeida Jr/INdT): I am one of the maintainers of NFC subsystem on Linux kernel. I am also very interested on: (1) help the QtMobility NFC API development (2) make QtMobility use the Linux NFC subsystem. Raspberry Pi is a great opportunity to have an arm device with many interfaces to plug in many different NFC controllers and do such development.
  7. User:chenwenzheng (Chen Wenzheng) Study Qt 5 porting on embedded system and study HW performance.

Qt Quick & components

Mentored by Jérémie Delaitre.

  1. Jérémie Delaitre : Everyday user of Qt since 5 years, I've started to research a Qt5/QtQuick2 plotting component (using custom items to take directly advantage of the scene graph) and I plan to port and develop my QtQuick1 industrial components research (button, gauge, tank, slider, LCD display…) to Qt5/QtQuick2 too (https://plus.google.com/u/0/100371600589532303751/posts/eNxKSTLBF65 video and motivation). I'm especially targetting set-top boxes and other embedded systems with touch screen to interact with industrial systems (testbeds and the like). The Pi seems to be a good development plateform for this.
  2. andreagrandi (Andrea Grandi): QML Media Center and/or porting Unity-2D to Qt5. Qt Ambassador. [1]
  3. sirajrazick (siraj): My main project is Plexydesk, and it's a desktop extension written in Qt and allows you to extend it with QML, and Qt5 is our next big target, and see it run on PI should be good fun :)
  4. sandboy (Paulo Pinheiro) : Create a Animated/Dynamic QML chart api(developing)qml-charts. Developed internal Tools and commercial applications in Qt, starting in the open source world. CV.
  5. mutaphysis(Henrik Hinrichs): Use qt5 & raspberry pi to build the coolest wallclock ever. Containing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeFU_MwDBAc and this http://mutaphysis.de/clock.html#middle and more clocks made in qml. Done lots of qt/qml work last year, and loves qml and velvet.
  6. Ariel M: Initial port and testing of LayerFX bar entertainment system to Pi and Qt5. Complete a port to QML and OpenGL ES 2.0. Qt Ambassador. Currently working with Universities and private entities for promoting Qt and Quick 2.
  7. User:Anselmolsm (Anselmo L. S. Melo): I'm a Qt contributor, DevNet moderator and one of Qt Labs Blog Brazil authors. Currently I'm working on UiHelpers and doing experiments regarding the use of QtQuick2 in desktop applications, what is providing corner cases which we are reporting and fixing. I would like to use RaspberryPi as a testing platform.
  8. User:Daker.pinheiro (Daker Fernandes Pinheiro): I'm a Qt developer and contributor and a contributor of Qt Labs Brazil blog. I'm the developer of the Qt Quick components for Plasma/KDE [2]. Currently I'm researching how to theme these Qt-Components in different platforms without depending on the current QStyle mechanism which is attached in QtWidgets module. I would like to have a RaspberryPI as test platform for the Plasma Components and the style mechanism. I also would be able to create and test Qt apps on it.
  9. User:Chenjun (Chen Jun) UI team to learn Qt feature.
  10. User:luisgabriel (Luís Gabriel Lima/INdT): I'm a Qt developer and contributor. I'm working on UiHelpers playground project and contributing to the Qt Declarative module. I'm also one of the collaborators of Qt Labs Blog Brazil. I would like to use the RaspberryPi as a testing platform focused on Qt Quick 2 performance.

QtWebKit & HTML5

  1. User:jesus (Jesus Sanchez-Palencia): I'm a Qt contributor and a WebKit committer. Currently I'm working on the new port of QtWebKit using WebKit2 and on the new set of APIs fot QtWebKit in Qt5. I would like to use RaspberryPi as a testing platform for QtWebKit2, in order to test and spot performance issues and possible bugs. [3].
  2. roccob (Rocco Balsamo): I would like to set up a simple video game platform using QT and OpenGL ES 2.0 that can be controlled remotely via wireless network. I also have a vested interest in helping QTWebkit for my project. 8 years PC, Console, and Handheld Development, 2 years mobile device development and HTML5 application development. I have worked with many bug tracking systems, and am very aware of how to test and assign bugs. http://www.roccobalsamo.com
  3. User:Philius (Philip A. Ashmore) Originally I wanted a Raspberry PI as a thin client now that WiFi class N is abundant, but as I recently got (back) into electronics I want one for robot control. Ok, maybe both! See also QtJs
  4. User:popai (Ionut Popa), Port remote desktop client:crystalballmobile to embedded Qt platforms.
  5. User:srikar (Srikar Bhavanarayana),Develop HTML5 support on Raspberry Pi. Worked on TI OMAP, STE platforms porting OS and developing advanced device drivers.
  6. Jeff Tranter PhoneGap for Qt 5: I am part of a team that is porting PhoneGap (http://phonegap.com/) to Qt 5. We are planning to use the Raspberry Pi running QtonPi as the reference platform for this work. We may also target Qt 5 on the Nokia N9 to support more phone-specific hardware (GPS, touchscreen, sensors, etc.). The port should only call APIs from Qt 5 and so not be specific to the Raspberry Pi. We just plan to use it as a hardware reference platform for Qt 5. We hope to work with developers of an existing project to port PhoneGap to Qt 4. We are already involved in the porting of Qt 5 to the Raspberry Pi hardware.
  7. User:otso: Continue with the web - client implementation here [4] and adapt it for Raspberry, the client is coded in Qt/C+ and the web part with Django/Python. For screenshots, see [5] and [6]
  8. User:mece (Marcus Wikström): I plan to adapt some of my mobile QtQuick applications to Qt5 experimenting with Raspberry Pi for in-car entertainment. Some information of my work can be found on Meego wiki: [7]
  9. User:rcarmo (Rui Carmo) I'm using Qt to create interactive status "dashboards" that can be hooked up to a number of data sources, render charts, tables, etc., and provide a rich UI to interact with them and drill down on various platforms. Qt gives me the flexibility to build an adaptable UI atop webservices (Using a mix of QTWebKit and native widgets) and the Raspberry PI would be the perfect delivery device to hook up those dashboards to HDTVs and add some nicer rendering via GL. Think of it as a cross between interactive digital signage and infoviz with network awareness and the ability to auto-configure and manage the displays remotely.
  10. alkavan (Igal Alkon) Been playing with Linux and C/C++ for 12 years, this days developing mostly web based applications, I have little development experience with Qt, but I'm exploring it (4.7) for future game development for PC and Mobile and I'm really excited with the 4.8 additions and VS2010 support. I wanna try using Raspberry Pi as AI for games, have some nice ideas.
  11. User:jprvita (João Paulo Rechi Vita): I'm a developer of the QtWebkit project and have personal interest on writing a smart-tv platform with media center control capabilities and an integrate webbrowser that could be attached to any regular TV. The Raspberry Pi is an ideal hardware platform for that because of its reduced size and HDMI + RCA video jack and audio jack, and Qt with QtWebkit is the ideal software platform for this project. The project will be released under an open source license so anyone with a Raspberry Pi will be able to use it at home. Also, since there will be a graphical designer working with me on this project it will serve as an awesome showcase for Qt5 on embedded devices.
  12. User:mhoff I have senior experience in development of embedded uC devices. Driver development, touchscreen integration, hardware addons, network communication/protocols etc.. Want to bring Ethernet/IP stack http://opener.sourceforge.net to it to integrate with Allen Bradley PLCs - I have deep knowledge on this protocol and the PLC controllers. Qt5 could spend the Web based front end for this. Would also like to support education on embedded devices with an all in one place tutorial and guiding document how to develop embedded with IDEs like Eclipse and QTCreator, extending kernel with new drivers. Adapt QEMU to speedup development and simplify testing and debugging capabilities. Develop user space applications with QT based rich clients as well as WEB client applications. Seeing Raspberry PI with Qt as an ideal candidate for enabling a broad audience for embedded devices development.
  13. Miles Also a full time software engineer, new to QT but very focussed on the web space. Would like to investigate a media catalogue which can be browsed via web-APIs on the RaspberryPi.
  14. User:zhangshuang (Zhang Shuang) HTML5 & webkit Study and testing.
  15. User:Wangwei23 (Wang Wei) Developing browser & desktop base on Qt/QML.

Qt Creator & dev tools

  1. stephen.kelly (Stephen Kelly): Building and using Cross-Compiled Qt with CMake on the board; KDE, Qt contributions, Qt consultancy and advocacy; http://steveire.wordpress.org, https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/secure/ViewProfile.jspa?name=steveire, http://codereview.qt.io/#dashboard,1000592
  2. liaqi (Liang Qi): I'd like to play it with Qt Creator. Nokia/Trolltech.
  3. kossebau (Friedrich W. H. Kossebau): Port my Qt-based framework Kasten (recursive MVC-components with sync'ed models, WIP, used e.g. by hex editor Okteta) to Qt5, support for cross-device development with KDevelop, UPnP experiments. Co-developer of Contacts backend on N9, KDE developer (Hex editor Okteta, network:/ kio-slave, contributions to other stuff). Ohloh profile, blog
  4. User:Gotoxw@gmail.com : I am planning to writing a mobile code browser, which provides the functions like code indexing(like Source Insight), code browser, gesture recognize etc. Details LinkedIn Profile
  5. kavierim (Kari Vierimaa): Qt5 Development boaord for Oulu HackerSpace community. There is many ideas what we can do with that board and for open community the projets will be open souce. First project make remote development platform to RaspberryPi for many users. [8]


  1. leonlee (Leonard Lee): I would like to contribute to Qt Raspberry Pi documentation, examples and tutorials for people to kick start development on Qt Raspberry Pi. I’m able to be a beta tester and feedback provider for projects created from this program, or helping out in JIRA issue related to Qt Raspberry Pi. Previously supported Qt issues related to Meego and Symbian platforms at Nokia.
  2. Sivan Greenberg I have software development and testing experience of over 10 years, recently started with Qt/ QML and refreshing my dormant C++ skills. Interested in having a PySide / PyQt flavor for the Pi, using the Pi as a platform for UX feedback testing and as a review platform of CrowdQuick [9] , My two qt innovation challenge QML apps, and most important I'd like to concentrate on documentation of Qt5 in general and having a test platform would make it even better (we really have some lack with the tutorial docs and backward compatible Qt API references)
  3. tamhanna (Tam Hanna): Qt Ambassador, have reported loads of bugs when I was still able to test with Carbide. Would use this to give the product a good beating with my existing apps, also use it to update my scientific book on Qt.
  4. User:rdrcelic (Radojko Drcelic): I'm Qt Certified Specialist, since 2008 using Qt professionally in numerous projects (uCAN Connect [10] , WeTab WidgetSDK [11], QML UI for MirrorLink Certification Test Tool [12], just to name a few). I would like to develop tutorials, examples and demos, learning and documentation material, testing Taku + Qt5 on R-Pi and bug reporting, bug fixing, in final instance small IVI demo with Rotating Knob.

Libraries & bindings

  1. andrew.knight (Andrew Knight): Qt 5 bindings for OpenKinect; researching using natural interfaces in Qt. Also, possibly a Qt for Windows 8 Metro ARM port if we see an ARM developer preview any time soon.
  2. tonyskjellum (Tony Skjellum) Would like to add support for Qt to RunTime Computing's VSI/Pro product line ([13]) and also experiment with and report on basic linear algebra and FFT performance on Qt, including using methods like CORDIC and other techniques for public interest. I'd like to understand what kinds of signal processing can be done on Qt as well and discuss with others (including if software radio is a possibility).
  3. Jpetersen (Jan Arne Petersen): Maliit developer. Interested in porting Maliit to Qt 5 and use it as virtual keyboard on the Raspberry Pi device.
  4. asoliverez (Alvaro Soliverez): Developer of KDE, Meego, and Telepathy. I plan on helping port Telepathy to the Raspberri Pi. Also, it's invaluable as demo device in local FLOSS events to show the power of Qt development.
  5. boiko (Gustavo Boiko): Developer of KDE, MeeGo and Telepathy. Porting Telepathy-Qt4 to Raspberry Pi and write a sample QML instant messaging client (just like the MeeGo UX one.
  6. Tito (Mathieu Virbel): Porting Kivy using QT 5 as a backend for RaspberryPi and make appropriate changes to boost it under that platform. I'm one of the core developer of Kivy project ([14]). My website: [15]
  7. Smar (Samu Voutilainen): I’d love to get Qt Jambi to run on such platform. I’m a maintainer of that project, trying to get it back on the track and towards Qt 5.
  8. brunoabinader (Bruno Abinader): Porting IMTK library to Qt5. IMTK is a Mobile Toolkit targeted at Qt based Nokia Devices. It doesn’t have a fixed scope at the moment, but should include widgets and general utilities that can be used as a base and test platform of new concepts. [16]
  9. lsanchis (Laura Sanchis) Working on my final degree project, an access control and employee time tracking device. It will be made combining a RPi board, a relay to open the door, a cheap RFID reader link and a webcam, and using libface face detectionlibrary link and a Eigenfaces algorithm modified by me to recognize faces (This phase is almost finished). This device run QtWebApp to serve the configuration and management web page (very simple now). Configuration and access control data are stored in a local SQLite DB. Also I want to use a cheap little screen (composite) to show a Qt app for configuration, but this maybe in the second version or if I have time remaining before presenting the project. First I was thinking to use a beagle board, but a RPi is cheaper and smaller! Actually I'm using a old pc with a webcam, the RFID reader and the relay to develop and test the system, but I hope to have a RPi soon to work with. Last, thanks for reading the whole paragraph.
  10. milliams (Matt Williams) KDE programmer, interested in testing development versions of Qt5 on the Raspberry Pi. Looking to use the board for a home automation system as well as investigating its use as a 'robotics' controller. Also will help porting and testing any KDE frameworks libraries that make sense on the platform.
  11. User:tw55413 (Erik Janssens), Port Camelot to the platform and develop an application for industrial automation and control of robots and rfid using QML
  12. Christophe Chailloleau-Leclerc : I'd like to participate in having the great team Ruby/Qt5 working on Raspberry PI platform, and a few projects (in early stage) around DIY CNC tools based on this platform. I have 14 years of experience in software development (mainly C, C+, SQL) on Unix systems, and in love with Qt since the first Trolltech's open source releases.


Mentored by tclarke (Trevor Clarke).

  1. matrixx (Saija Eteläniemi): Port Qt OpenGL ES 2.0 projects to Qt 5 and Pi. Done mostly QML and OpenGL ES 2.0, now working on Mer Bringup demo: [17] and ThemeChanger for Harmattan [18] blogging of them here: [19] Qt Ambassador (and certified specialist).
  2. kgronholm (Kaj Grönholm): Demonstrate Qt5 QtQuick 2.0 + GLSL possibilities with Raspberry Pi. Qt Ambassador. Qt5 + Distance Field Effects, Superior technology
  3. User:conax I plan to convert over my OpenGL ES 2.0 code that currently facilitates computation using LUGPU [20] to Qt. This is currently the only way to build sparse matrix solvers until we get OpenCL for embedded GPUs.
  4. mangobot: Use the Raspberry PI, QT5, and OpenGL to create an ultra-flexible DSP-like system for ultra-high throughput sensor data processing and visualization technology.
  5. Janichol (Andy Nichols): Nokia employed Qt developer focused on the QtWayland module. Interested primarily in improving OpenGL support/performance with Qt5/Scenegraph.
  6. mhanwell (Marcus D. Hanwell): I would like to use OpenGL ES 2.0 with the VTK embedded port for sci-vis, and CMake cross compiling to the platform. I work at Kitware on VTK, ParaView, CMake and related projects. I am a KDE developer, open source advocate.
  7. rodal (Samuel Rødal): Qt developer working for Nokia on Qt 5 and Lighthouse. I'd like to investigate a bit into the possibility of running multi-process Qt 5 with Wayland on the raspberry pi, and playing with the OpenGL driver to figure out how to get the best performance out of it for Qt 5's QML scenegraph.
  8. gavofyork (Gav Wood) KDE developer [21] and research consultant, specializing in music analysis and user-interfacing [22]. Used Qt3 & 4 in various projects including [23] and [24]. Raspberry Pi + Qt would make an excellent combination for a real-time visual-audio controller & visualizer.
  9. User:saidinesh5 (Dinesh) KDE developer [25] . Will use Qt to port GLES version of VSXu (Visual Programming language - mostly used to create music visualizations - more info here: http://vsxu.com/ and https://github.com/vovoid/vsxu ) to Raspberry Pi.
  10. mangobot: Use the Raspberry PI, QT5, and OpenGL to create an ultra-flexible DSP-like system for ultra-high throughput sensor data processing and visualization technology.
  11. ashcairo Port my open source cross platform framework based around OpenGL which currently runs on iOS Android and Qt (Windows/Mac/Symbian). First project utilizing the framework to be ported will probaby be FaceStalker; http://softpoetry.com/projects/facestalker/
  12. User:kphillis (Ken Phillis) Create a series of OpenGL ES 2 programs written to teach developers and students on how to use Qt 5 and OpenGL ES on the Raspberry Pi. The Final program will be a small game using OpenGL ES2 and Qt 5.

Animation & 3D

Mentored by fxtech (Paul Miller) .

  1. User:hpc@arm Our team builds High Performance Compute clusters from ARM PCs, like the one described here [26] . We would like to test the codes we have already ported that use Qt on an R.Pi … notably POV-RAY, pop, pfa, and Gadget…
  2. kimg (Kim Grönholm): Play with shader effects on the Raspberry Pi [27]. Qt Ambassador via "QUIt Coding" [28].
  3. User:rogan (Rogan Griffin) I use Qt4 extensively in application development at Pixar Animation Studios. I am interested in the Raspberry Pi for having small portable units available during review sessions for multiple user input. Would love to do this in Qt5.
  4. User:ijsf Graphics rendering enthusiast, founder of Multi Theft Auto and various (GP-)GPU research projects with an interest in Qt willing to actively port and test an array of radical graphics rendering algorithms through Qt on the Raspberry Pi and it's embedded VideoCore.
  5. tonic: Want to explore using Raspberry Pi for graphical demo effects and/or gaming. Years of experience making mobile games (most platforms), even longer experience of doing demos & intros in the demoscene (e.g. this pretty well known 4KB intro: video). I used Qt last time when it was around version 2.3 (one of the first mobile Qt versions) - I'm interested in using Qt5 with R.Pi.


Mentored by jmitchell (Jeff Mitchell).

  1. jmitchell (Jeff Mitchell): KDE hacker, Tomahawk hacker, Qt Ambassador. I'm interested in various bits of the Pi, but one thing I know for sure is that I'll be using Qt on it. Focus areas are likely to be multimedia, QtJsonDb, and QML, plus some porting work. I plan on working on some library ports (Phonon for instance), and once those are working, hacking on a headless version of Tomahawk. I also will be looking into using the Pi as mobile nodes in CBN-workalike, where I'm currently looking into QtJsonDb.
  2. jonasvoddler (Jonas Hagberg): Voddler video player port to RaspberryPi. Tech lead for Voddler app for MeeGo and Symbian. voddler.com
  3. Stemd Keyword here is Phonon, I want that it works on RaspberryPi, and to that end I'm pretty much ready to tinker with kernel, GStreamer and Phonon, as needed. More details I'm working on item #114 below.
  4. kypeli (Johan Paul): Author of Podcatcher for N9 and kQOAuth OAuth 1.0 library. Qt Ambassador. I would intagrate kQOAuth OAuth library to Qt5 and Qt Quick 2 including OAuth 1.0 and 2.0 support as discussed with Peter Hartmann, blog about Qt5 on my blog and work on Qt Quick in general.
  5. teo (Teo Mrnjavac): Porting Amarok, a powerful music player for Linux and Unix, MacOS X and Windows, to ARM based devices, especially those with a touch-based UI. Blog Official website
  6. muesli (Christian Muehlhaeuser): Creating a portable, QML / QtQuick based media player device, which streams all its contents over the net, on the basis of the Tomahawk Music Player, which I'm the lead developer of. KDE developer since 2003, one of the three original Amarok developers.
  7. rohityadav (Rohit Yadav): longtime VideoLAN Movie Creator VLMC/LibVLC developer/contributor; my proposal is to port libVLC which powers both VLC (the media player) and VLMC (the non-linear video editor). I've special interests for porting VLMC (and VLC or a lightweight media player based on libVLC) which uses libVLC, Qt (GUI, Network and XML). website
  8. User:Lovewilliam (ZhangTong): I'm working on a project (on nokia N950 and PC) which can share multimedia(Video,Music,Pictures etc.) among devices(PC,TV etc.) and you can use it to switch from one device to another without stop playing. And I'm seeing to port and test it on QT5. I'v been working with QT for 8 years. And I'd been working on a linux distribution called MagicLinux[29] with a team doing patching work( QT , KDE and linux base system) and write our own apps. My recent work: OpenWaveRadio [30] Hardware and Software designed by myself. Qt Ambassador ;-)
  9. markupen (Markus Penttila): Enhancing graphics pipeline and multimedia composition. I'm a Nokian with long history on GPUs on embedded systems. I have worked on same GPU on different platform.
  10. User:emresahin (Mehmet Emre Sahin): We develop apps and UIs for mobile radios. We use Qt 4.6 and want to test Qt 5 to use in our environment, embedded Linux.
  11. User:josiahbryan (Josiah Bryan) Software engineer (12+ years), incredible amount of time and code invested in Qt-related projects. (Started using Qt back in '01- created the app 'abook' for the Sharp Zaurus.) I'd like to get my hands on one to develop it into a live video signal generator/switcher/feed box for use in my video switching/projection project. I have another project on Google Code using Qt for a security camera app that I'd also like to use a Rasberry PI with as a distributed security node.
  12. User:kefex (Kevin Atkinson): I want to create an easy, fun platform for embedded computer-vision, with a light emphasis on tracking and photogrammetry. It will consist of a QML-based dataflow authoring gui app, and an efficient execution engine. It will enable non-programmers to design useful vision applications, while also enabling skilled programmers to extend it with custom functionality. Qt cred: I worked on Mari, the Qt-based 3D paint package created for Avatar. Qt continues to be the only gui toolkit I use. My computer vision cred: I'm among the inventors of this system. Community cred: I wrote the open-source jskFx framework, which can be used to do things like this.
  13. stuartmarsden (Stuart Marsden): I have been developing a Qt application for broadcast voice that mimics the old fashioned radio networks (PTT all informed). I wanted a small form factor and tried neccissitas to get on my android phone (would love an N9 but you don't sell them here). The Raspbery Pi plus USB headset could be the perfect device for it linked with BATMAN for an ad-hoc network.
  14. lotux (lotux): I am working on cross platform multimedia framework based on Qt, It's working on Mac/Linux/Windows and I like to port to RaspberryPi Project Github.
  15. User:magicbadger: Hybrid Radio demonstration using a combination of IP streaming over Ethernet (and possibly a USB WiFi), USB FM Dongle and USB DAB Dongle, and the protocols developed under the RadioDNS project [31]. This is to enable a hardware radio device (hopefully with a swanky LCD display) to allow platform-agnostic listening to radio services, with potential seamless switching between broadcast and unicast. We also want to implement other technologies in the RadioDNS family to enable Visual and Textual information (RadioVIS), time-shifted bookmarking of interest (RadioTAG) and Electronic Programme Guides (RadioEPG), alongside other application providing a backchannel from the user back to the radio service provider. This builds upon a prototype we made for the N900 using Qt4 ([32]).
  16. User:navnith (Navaneetha Kandethodi),Develop Multimedia drivers support for QT5 on Raspberry Pi. Worked on Broadcom, OMAP, Qualcom platforms porting OS and developing advanced device drivers.
  17. User:niftydigits (Ian Wootten): I'd like to explore using QT5 and Pi for as an interface to Digital / Digital SLR cameras. I'd like to build on current software like gphoto and qtgphotoinfo which I've been working with. I work as a software engineer in the feature film industry, where digital cameras are used extensively. You can find me here: [[33]] and here: [[34]]. I'm happy to be involved with testing libraries and providing feedback however I can.
  18. User:zipnorth Saw RP at Qt devdays. Would like to build cheap-enough (beagle/panada are too expensive) classroom video/webcam feed. Would work on,and want help on, getting the video capture & encode stack working on RP.
  19. fransm (Frans Meulenbroeks): Seasoned Qt programmer; main interest is to turn the PI into a Qt controlled audio player. 30 yrs of programming experience, contributed to among others OpenEmbedded (http://www.openembedded.org) and the Amahi home server (http://www.amahi.org). Before joining the Amhi team I worked on my own home server, see http://www.elinux.org/BeagleBoard/James
  20. Byun Jaesung (My Idea) Making interactive art.I think QT & Raspberry Pi are very useful tools to make small interactive device and digital art work. my past art work : Interactive art~2009 works Works 2010 works member of this Art group(My SW project experience) Working on mobile phone manufacturing company as a SW developer & tester. my latest project is to make PC-side blackbox automated SW testing tools using QT on Android environment.
  21. User:gijs: I want to port Sonic Gesture to QT5 and run it on raspberry Pi. Sonic gesture is a tool for translating hand poses into music. [35].
  22. User:slopjong (Romain Schmitz): Making noise is fun and the funnier it is if that sounds like music. I'd like to continue algotunes, a 8-bit 'music' generator, on the Raspberry Pi platform. The user moves sliders on the touch screen of this kind of handheld dj device to influence the computation's internal bit shifts. This toy surely puts a smile on my fellow hackers face.
  23. pikilipita: After developing live visuals mix softwares on Game Boy Advance, GP2X, Playstation 2, Caanoo, looking foward to publish a cheap alternative setup for live visual artists. Previous projects: [36]
  24. User:L32606 (Matt Lee): I have been programming over 10 years and using Linux for 5 and interest in embeded system development and multimedia. I wish I could use RasperyPi target as a base for porting my Qt4.7 project and if possible hack multimedia capabilities (pulseaudio, v4l2) to use as a personal media terminal. some of my projects: [37] and [38]
  25. stevenceuppens (Steven Ceuppens): Advanced QT developer, I'm currently focusing on embedded development for multimedia devices. I'm willing to put effort in graphics optimization & development of demo applications.
  26. gtissington (Garth Tissington): I'll use my RaspberryPI to build a sort of automatic souvenir video camera. I'll use GStreamer and Qt 5 to interface with IP web cams cameras, USB cameras, GoPro HD, etc. Also, an RFID reader will be attached. When an RFID tag is visible near the Raspberry PI it will start recording video automatically. Recording is done with GStreamer. The recorded video will be post processed with AVISynth to produce a professional quality souvenir video. The final product will be automatically uploaded to YOUTUBE. I've been developing this system for a while now. I have the software ready but right now it just runs on desktop PC's. I need a small embedded to device like the RaspberryPI to to make it cost effective. The entire system will be automated and integrated together as a Qt 5 app. For proof that I am a great tester and provide good testing feedback you could check the mondoevelop and monotouch bugtracker at xamarin.com and look for my user name. I've been a software developer for many years now and I know what it takes to provide meaningful testing feedback.
  27. wiecko (Marek Wieckowski, Foxi) Long-time users of Qt (since Qt 2.3) with in-depth knowledge of various flavors of linux. We have wide range of commercial products using Qt4 (heavily using Qml), linux (embedded and X11); port to Qt5 planned for the next year. Raspberry Pi as a platform for our narrowcasting/multimedia system. Fair involvement in Qt: wiecko (see several issues with ready patches); we also had patches to qt earlier than this bugtracker. [39]
  28. User:schiff (Jan Schaffmeister): Realtime audio analysis and synthesis. Graphical representation of audio related features using Qt Quick2.


  1. aleksandarb (Aleksandar Babic): ex-troll (worked on s60 port). I have 2 projects in mind: network based backup(a-la Dropbox) solution based (external HD drive+Pi+USB WiFi+Qt) or pedometer (Pi+Qt+accelerometer).
  2. pinaraf (Pierre Ducroquet): work on Calligra-based document viewer, tiny news reader. http://blog.pinaraf.info
  3. blueos: We would like to develop a light client using QT5 for our OpenSource ERP: OpenConcerto [40]. Running OpenConcerto on low cost hardware like the Raspberry is a "must have" for us and our users.


Mentored by Richmoore (Richard Moore).

  1. User:gooberpat (Patrick Anglum) I would like to make a Network Sniffer/Monitor for troubleshooting specific devices, by IP Address and protocol, i.e. VoIP (sip) and possibly play the audio of an RTP stream in progress. I have over 10 years designing hardware & software. I am currently working as a software test engineer for a major VoIP service provider.
  2. User:devon I will be rewriting my app for Nokia phones, done in JS, [41] to have a better Qt-based GUI and support a wider array of products / screens, in particular ARM-based tablets.
  3. User:Vijay (Vijay Nayani) Working on (OE) openembedded distros and Qnx RTOS. Earlier worked in QT 4.x(QT Mobility) for Nokia/Intel Meego related work on modem side integration and middleware telephony. Interested to integrate USB data modem to this raspberry device for demonstration purposes.Would be really great to see an LTE data modem run on Raspberry pi.
  4. doumdi Port OpenECoSys NetworkViewer to the board.
  5. wicket (David Derby): I would like to take advantage of the Raspberry Pi's HDMI output to bring HDMI video-out to the Qt-powered Nokia N9, N950 and N900 devices. I plan to use X11 forwarding to do this and will look to see how this can be packaged up so that this can be easily used by others. I already have an N900 and an N950 available to me for testing.
  6. samgra (Samo Grasic): Build and test a Delay Tolerant Network node based on the Pi (powered with wind/solar power), using a PRoPHET DTN QT implementation developed in the N4C project N4C Project
  7. rajeshkadhiravan (Rajesh Kadhiravan Nagaiah): Get the LTE USB data card working on Raspberry pi. Worked in developing RIL for various modems on platforms like Symbian, Meego(ofono), Windows Mobile and Android.
  8. glemercier (Gregory Lemercier): I am a low-level BSP/drivers developper, and I am willing to help port Qt5 on the Rpi. I am currently working on a personal project running Qt4.7 ARM-based devices interacting over UPNP/AV for playing/streaming audio/video media. I am interested in porting/enhancing this application to Qt5 and use the Rasberry Pi as one of the media devices to demo a full Qt based housewide media system. The Rasberry Pi would be a perfect match for a low-cost full featured device, that can be easily used by hobbyists to build up their own "house media system" based on this project. I gave a conference at Embedded World 2011 on "How to boot-up a 3D Qt demo within seconds": Linux Embedded within seconds.pdf slides.
  9. User:farcaller (Vladimir Pouzanov): Interested in embedded networking solution with large feature set for quick deployment of networks, analysis, bootstrapping. I have a good backend on embedded systems (did a Linux port on Palm Powered™ handhelds, ported Qtopia/QPE to the target device with very restrictive H/W (16Mb of ROM for everything). Linkedin profile: http://linkedin.com/in/farcaller
  10. User:minjun (Minjun Xi): Currently working on research programs about Radio systems (e.g. Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, etc.) in Nokia; willing to build the mobile/desktop application/API (based on Qt5/Linux and Arduino/Netduino) to connect sensors to the personal device through the wired/wireless interface. We need to build one standard API interface to communicate with Arduino in Qt5 to compete with Android Open Accessory.
  11. ashelley: Poacher turned gamekeeper. Former chip architect worked on original Arm7 microprocessor development then 3G base station chipsets. Now crossed over to software currently using Qt for cross platform CGI servers and desktop GIS. Would like to help with the perfection of web socket protocol support for next generation distributed server-multiclient apps. Specifically targetting big display little box smart clients.
  12. nestor.pascual: In my work area, we develop desktop apps with Qt for Tile Industry to manage networked control systems in real time. Now we have developed using Qt, industrial comunication protocols like ModbusTCP or HostLinkTCP wich are encapsulated in the TCP/IP protocol. To take the advantages of Raspberry, we want to build and test libraries for these communication protocols using TCP sockets.


  1. mardy (Alberto Mardegan): Currently porting Mappero to Qt/QML. Also author of Oculo, Qt widget voted as best widget in the MeeGo coding competition.
  2. iksaif (Corentin Chary): Qt Ambassador, Port "Lugdulo'V" website, various Qt Libs (qt-geoservices-extras, QtTvDB, QCommandLine). Qt Contributions: 1 2, 3, 4, 5 and various bug report (mainly QtLocation or related to Earth Team).
  3. fpacheco (Fernando Pacheco): C/Qt and Python/Qt developer, Master GIS (UNIGIS), Masters Free Software (UOC). Create a touch screen QML based control interface to electrical tomography (geophysics) hardware.
  4. Light Curve Data Analysis I would love to use the Raspberry Pi to build a tool capable of analysing astronomical light curve data from missions such as Kepler. I would be employing machine learning techniques and conducting signal analysis on numerical data. Background: M.Sc student in Software Engineering also studying Astronomy as a minor.
  5. User:pneville I would like to use Raspberry Pi and QT5 to demonstrate with and teach programming to children in an after school club. I am a developer of many years experience with some hardware design knowledge. Listening to Eben on BBC Radio 4 was the inspiration I've been looking for and reminded me of what fun I had on the BBC micros. I would also like to help promote this device and QT usage, whether via demonstrations or wiki pages etc. As the children are very interested in Geocaching the first project will be to hook up the Pi with a GPS receiver using the serial port (for example with the ZX4120 GPS module ). I will then work on an application that integrates with http://www.geocaching.com/ providing a rich and easy to use UI with cache sites downloadable for the day's exploration. Later, this can be ported to work with other GPS on specific mobile devices.
  6. User:rneuber1 [Ralf Neubersch]: Develop a Tracking system for parcels, for quality assurance or routing optimizations. Raspberry Pi runs with batteries, so a device using GSM and GPS tracking via Qt Mobility put in a package could provide interesting insights in the Route a certain parcel took. Commercial Qt customer for 8 years, I am a Qt Ambassador and Certified Qt Specialist using Qt since 4.0.0, having attended all 8 munich Dev days. See [42] for details.
  7. jjrv (Juha Järvi): Qt developer, worked with some Nokia projects. Currently planning to develop a public transport route guide and associated devices for buses to improve traffic conditions starting with Peru.
  8. keerthi2narayan (Keerthi Narayana): I would like to test on this platform with qt5, the localization algorithms I have developed. My algorithms uses low cost sensors, like cameras. You can refer to my thesis at http://pastel.archives-ouvertes.fr/pastel-00617985/fr/
  9. przemekw (Przemyslaw Wegrzyn): I'd like to support Qt5 development. I've done a lot of S60 Avkon development in the past, right now I'm porting one of my apps (GPS fleet management) to Qt. I'm also involved in the development of a social gaming platform supporting MeeGo among other platforms (unfortunately I can't disclose the name due to contract terms) - I'd really love to have such a nice board to play with.f
  10. User:Armigor (Igor Ivanov): I am the leader of the Russian community of RaspberryPi users and developers [43]. I have experience in developing and cross-compiling Qt4 aplications for other ARM11 boards - FriendlyARM mini6410 and Beagleboard. While using embedded Linux I faced the problem, that there is no good userfriendly GPS-software for Linux that works without X/tinyX server. So my idea is to create good Qt gps software, which will work with different types of maps and can be launched without X-server in -qws mode.
  11. User:gunpowder (Adam Davey): I'm an embedded developer / EEng at Locata corp [44], A large amount of our end-user software is done with Qt, and I'm keen to get a RasPi to do an example handheld device to showcase our unique indoor positioning technology. (think < 1cm accurate indoor TomTom style device, guiding you to individual products in a supermarket, for instance). I'd also be very interested to try the RasPi with some LCD glasses, see if I can get a HUD / AugVR happening.
  12. User:alvloureiro (André Loureiro) I am a Qt Developer and a contributor of blog.qt.labs Brazil, currently I'm playing with Qt Location API and some others opensource projects as Qt Jukebox, I'd like to QtonPi to developer some applications and try to use the location API on that. My project is git://github.com/alvloureiro/location-example.git
  13. User:amrs (Anssi Saari) Program to display the locations of the nearest gas stations on a map and color code the markers based on who is cheapest. Location determined via click-on-map or address input or other location service like GPS. I've implemented this with Qt 4.6 already, but it's proof of concept level. I want especially to improve the GUI, I think the enhanced QML2 in Qt5 would be great for this.


Details: Category:QtonPi::Device program::Education.

Mentored by vgrade (Martin Brook).

  1. Joao de Deus I want to port my app Math Graphica, to the PI. It's a scientific advanced calculator with 3D OpenGL graphics. Math Graphica won the 3tr place in Qt Wetab App Challenge . It would be a nice project to low resource schools and students, among other math and engineering applications. I'm a electronic engineer and Qt Ambassador. It's been a while since I play with hardware, and PI seems to be a very nice board. I'm also developing a 3D cad software codename Lusitania, that could be in a future a interesting PI app. Math Graphica in Gitorious Math Graphica in Ovi
  2. GooRoo (Sergey Olendarenko): 1) Implement new concept of Integrated Development Environment (currently for Haskell) with Qt/QML. 2) Create viewer for Autodesk Maya scenes (.ma) with Qt Quick 3D. My Blog (only Russian yet).
  3. ✓* unormal (Mario Fux). Idea: Short: WiktionaryParser with QML frontend (later dbpedia frontend). Longer: Wiktionary as the source of free linguistic date is unstructured in itself and thus we need some parser to extract the data and store it (probably semantically annotated). But there is a huge amount of date in different languages, perfect for school and education and simple to add new information. dbpedia is a similar approach for the Wikipedia data. Experience: I'm a teacher, studying education, computer sciences and computational linguistics (for which I do the WiktionaryParser [1]). Working with Qt since some time on smaller projects and I'm a member of KDE [2] (mostly on the organizational side). Links: [1] http://www.cl.uzh.ch [2] http://www.kde.org [3] http://gitorious.org/wiktionaryparser (old project)
  4. doug: I want to use Qt5 on top of a minimal Linux system to create a tablet / console like UI experience for the RaspberryPi, the idea is to create an easy to use computer to introduce children to computing. The UI is designed in C+/QML and is designed so that users can modify and extend it as they get more confident in computing. Experience: I have over 5 years commercial experience in embedded programming including working with Broadcom SoC architectures and 7 in mass market UI development. I have an initial screenshot of the UI here [45]
  5. jmcardle(Julien McArdle): Idea- Use Qt5 to create a visual programming language interpreter to make software & ui development accessible to kids. Previous experience: I used Qt4 to create an interpreter that would create GUI front-ends for command-line applications. I also contribute apps to SourceForge. [46][47]
  6. davespice (David Honess): The Raspberry Pi needs a good quality LOGO/Turtle Graphics interpreter. This is one of the best ways to teach programming to children. It’s visual and I think kids will go for it. My plan is to create an up to date LOGO interpreter but with an added challenge mode. Level 1, draw a line. Level 2, draw a square. Level 3, equilateral triangle. Slowly graduating them onto doing more complex patterns and shapes using functions, looping and recursion. With a free draw mode there is scope for users sharing content with each other and all sorts of good things. The app could also be ported to mobile phones to reach even more people thanks to the Qt framework. About myself; principally I am a Microsoft .Net framework /Javascript/Ajax/jQuery developer. I work in a UK based software consultancy (http://www.arcsoftwareconsultancy.com/), clients include Universal Music (USA and Japan), The Royal College of Psychiatrists (London) and the Wellcome Institute (London). I have a private project which is the Age of Wonders Email Wrapper (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Age-of-Wonders-Email-Wrapper/173302036046975). This is a winforms app which restores email functionality to some 10 year old turn based strategy games. The tool is being adopted by the community that play these games.
  7. hobbes1976 (Philip Skipper): Long term developer of small scale applications on ARM devices. I would like to use QT & RaspberryPi to put together a package of free biotech apps to help university students who will not have sufficient access to this sort of software.
  8. betabot (Braden McDorman) develops an open source educational C/C+ IDE programmed in Qt for the Botball Robotics Competition. With Raspberry Pi's interest in education, Raspberry Pi is the perfect platform for Qt powered robotics' continued penetration of educational sectors. More information: KISS IDE and KIPR Github Account.
  9. mimo777: Wants to use qt5 on the pi as a thin client for cloud based educational services leveraging public domain educational resources such as Project Gutenberg and Wikipedia. I am a human factors researcher with 4 years experience developing on the qt platform on Linux for the FAA and 15 years experience developing applications and embedded systems and I have multiple professional educator resources available.
  10. User:hasanyoneseenme I love the RaspberryPi project and its plan to help promote programming in schools, I plan to use the devices to help teach new Java, Python, and of course Qt developers, I love using custom firmwares, linux distros and contributing to open source endeavors. I also have a group of developer friends who rotate devices and trade spare parts for projects. I also plan on using the device for porting other open source software, environments, to work on emulating other devices, and for a portable vpn tool for helping my grandparents with their computing or to access my personal computer while I am away. My last contribution to mention is I am working on making RaspberryPi even more mobile with a emergency phone charger and battery powered screen. All of these will be publicized on my many social network sites and my Youtube channel.
  11. User:jona (John Ellin) Have been developing educational programmable robots, similar to turtles/logo, but based on Zilog hardware. Programming interface is Qt based so as to be portable. It will be fun to port the programming interface onto the device itself.
  12. User:Grego (Harri Pasanen) Hacking some educational software with my sons for reading and spelling (English & French). Possibly porting some current or future MPaja apps for it. I'm Qt Ambassador and founder of MPaja, with number of Qt based apps in Ovi Store.
  13. Abhishek Patil I would like to make a "On Device VPL (Visual Programming Language)" in my past work I have work on VLP for school children to program there robots called CiMPLE developed at robo.in [48] which was also a Qt Ambassador, I would like to make this desktop software available directly on robot and I think combination of Qt & RaspberryPi will make it very efficient and cool !
  14. Nishith Mahajan I would like to make a philanthropic project which will try to bring virtual teaching and testing to every house. Pi is one of the best hardware to do that. The app will present a student with a video for a particular subject and then test his learnings by some interactive games or quizzes. this would be logged into students progress which could be monitored by the teacher online/offline as per the networking scope of the area. My profile
  15. data (Data Ng): I'm a PhD student who working on positron physics to investigate the semiconductor. My research is involved some embedded control systems which are written in c+, java, QT5+QML and python. Also, I'm director of an organization called quantum electrodynamics (Qed) who working on open source learning tool for student. The latest research is making an open-source kinect-helped white-board. I would like to use the Qt RaspberryPi to develop some qt5 apps and test the qt5 libraries and SDK.
  16. tinydevices(Rajesh C): Skilled with OS implementation on tiny devices. Would like to create framework to ease begineers to implement ideas using Qt and the Rasp Pi without getting overwhelmed with the environment. Have worked on a Qt interface driven set top box to enable seniors in developing countries to use the internet to connect with their children who live far away with an instant on device that does not crash. Would love to reincarnate that project usng Qt5 and the RasPi and provide image sharing, voice and video. [49]
  17. User:irfansyah (Astria N Irfansyah): Internet TV set-top box, for education purpose in remote areas, focusing on collaborative interaction between schools/teachers from different areas. Had used a Devkit8000 beagleboard clone for this purpose with some display driver modification (poster) but RaspberryPi solution seems cheaper. My latest Qt Quick project is Manaya, an augmented-reality place viewfinder showing wikipedia and wikimapia places, available for free for Meego harmattan. [50] [51] Also interested for use in robotics with computer vision.
  18. Naser (Naser): Inventor, Qt Ambassador, create a laptop style device based on the Pi, similar to One Laptop per Child, to allow kids to understand how computers work, and give them the chance to make changes to it(HW/SW). The project also includes creating a User Interface to fit this laptop using Qt5. more info: http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/ambassadors/project?id=a0F20000006LZ21EAG and http://www.TouchFlux.com
  19. refizul (Sascha Steinberg): I'm currently working on a video learning platform for african rural communities[52] and i'd like to try to run it on a Raspberry Pi. The first prototype was a web-based service, but during our usability-test at the testing site[53] we've seen that mobile phones (don't laugh) are very common even in the rural regions. So the next version may be a mobile Qt-App?
  20. rolandw(Roland Whitehead): Kids learning to code will want to mess with images. We've developed an image server used for the world's biggest single source collection of on-line dynamic images (1.6mil and growing) and we want to produce a toolkit based on QImage and QML image elements. We want to deliver it as part of our 2012 Leaphack competition (29 Feb). 16 coders, analysts and testers in a contract development shop willing to give it a go. [54]
  21. txnghia (Nghia Tran): I will prototype a Vietnamese spelling system that helps kids and even adults to learn Vietnamese. The system includes Raspberry Pi, video/audio displays, user input devices, and voice library. This kind of system may be placed at several Vietnamese community centers and schools. See my other project, navicane, at http://www.stm32challenge.com
  22. User:llgrrl (Huan Truong): I am a student, working on a fast, lean, friendly thin client project as thin client stations for schools with client side remote-desktop programs, browsers, and reporting client powered by Qt. I have written GenieMon, a lab computer report client-server suite with the client written in Qt4 and enjoyed the Qt environment very much. I have previously worked on several open source embedded and traditional software projects.
  23. User:mgard Hi I am interested in use of the RasPi for C.S.(K-12) educational purposes, and am using Qt for developing educational programs(visual programming Logo type) that are used with introductory book for programming/robotics that I am writing.


Mentored by cvandonderen (Casper van Donderen).

  1. aetelani (Anssi Eteläniemi): Develop/port cloud invaders qml gaming/ui framework to RaspberryPi & Qt5 e.g. for IVI usage.
  2. perim (Per Inge Mathisen): Port the Qt-using Warzone2100 game to the Pi. Developer in the game project since 2005. [55]
  3. rodrigo.golive (Rodrigo Oliveira): We are developing a basic game engine based on SceneGraph as a standalone project. As we will test it on some QML supported platforms, this board fits on our purpose, serving as a test case, and can serve as a basic gaming console based on this engine too (project github page [56]). Nokia (INdT) employee. [57]
  4. muffinsmuffin (Anthony Butler): I'd like to port and adapt an interactive developing game a team of us have been working on; "War of Weapons". And, though to a lesser extent, jump as many useful apps into play I can. Been a software engineer for 7 years, an amateur for 10 or so, and have meddled with most major languages.
  5. djszapi (Laszlo Papp): Porting Gluon (Gaming Freedom), the open source and free game development and distribution platform. http://gluon.gamingfreedom.org/ Click on my name for further details.
  6. leinir (Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen): Creating the ten-foot UI Gluon Player, based on the Gluon platform (complementary work to Laszlo's porting ideas)
  7. volkove (Rubeen Besora): Qt developer and student. Porting (with my father's help) "Frets On Fire" game to Qt 5 usin OpenGL ES, for mobile devices. R-Pi seems a perfect test platform.
  8. User:pipacs (Akos Polster) I would like to create a hub for quantified-self friendly devices: for sensor data gathering, statistics, visualizations and interesting games/challenges. I am a Qt Ambassador, some of my contributions: Ionic (e-book reader for N9), Steps (step counter for Symbian and Meego) and lots of older stuff.
  9. User:ciddi3d (Carmine della Sala / SpinVector): Qt Ambassador, multiplatform proprietary game engine, porting to Qt5
  10. Travis Berthelot I will add QT support to the AllBinary Platform for RaspberryPi. The AllBinary Platform will turn the RaspberryPi into an open game console with a user friendly QT based UI. You may obtain about 1/3 of the AllBinary Platform via GitHub [58]. Note this would not be limited to the support of QT on just RaspberryPi but to every platform that QT supports. Some of the games that use the AllBinary Platform that would benefit from QT support are: Zepto Towers, MiniSpaceWar, ZeptoRacer, ZeptoRacer 3D, MiniSpaceWar Vector, SantasWorldWar, Obama Stimulus, Don’t Lose Your Balls!, Zepto Wars - RTS, Zepto Tanks - Multiplayer, Tank Massacre 3D, and Neon Puck 3D. The AllBinary Platform is over 1.2 million LOC and supports J2ME, Android, J2SE, HTML5, Native, and soon Flash.
  11. jarmovh [Jarmo Vähä] Mission/game objective management in the field with RFID reader and tags for airsoft and similar games. [59]
  12. mcanes : After attending the QtonPi talk at FOSDEM, I'm interested in develop a multiplayer game platform to use it in turn based games for the raspberry pi board. The main target of this multiplayer game platform should be create the basic comunication between boards and create an easy to use api for simple games, like reversi and go.
  13. bnolsen (Brian Olsen): I had the idea of re-implementing "RobotWar" for the raspberry pi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robotwar Using Qt it probably makes the most sense to use the builtin EMCAscript as the robot language.
  14. vesanen (Juha V.): Porting Mikrotie Ltd's Qt-based mobile game Treemaker to Raspberry Pi. [60] [61]
  15. User:fred (Frederico Duarte): I am a developer at INDT and I have a natural interest in game development. I've worked on a mobile game project that showcases the cross platform capabilities of Qt with bluetooth and network connectivity, namely "Chicken Wranglers". See Sources and Project Description. I would like to port this game application for the Raspberry PI with Qt 5.0 and add new gameplay features that this version may provide.
  16. visy (Visa-Valtteri Pimiä): Various projects: Porting and optimizing multiple games of various genres, VJ-style live visual system / video effect mixer, adlib/OPL2/OPL3/SID etc. chiptune player, Qt-based Open Sound Control-parameter controller. Out-of-the-box media player SD-card image for home cinema http://fi.linkedin.com/pub/visa-valtteri-pimiä/4/25/aa2
  17. jordan4762 (Jordan Miller): Porting Windows applications (Particularly games) to Qt, and also making new applications and games. I have 4 years programming experience and 3 years Linux experience. I am just starting out in Qt and this would be a great encouragement for me to learn Qt even more.

Internet services

People selected here are expected to create Qt based applications which will make accessing internet based services easy for the Raspberry Pi users. Lets redefine internet for the Pi generation.

Mentored by Nishith Mahajan.

  1. diorahman (Dhi Aurrahman): Cheap internet enabled device that can be easily deployed in disaster area, especially here in Indonesia. It will be equipped with interfaces to analog/digital radio communication and camera. Qt Ambassador and my CV
  2. john Using QT5 and SkypeKit [62] to develop a skype video conferencing app that can easily be connected to your TV using off the shelf USB webcams with integrated microphone. [63][64][65]
  3. User:alecu (Alejandro J. Cura), port Ubuntu One to Raspberry Pi. I work on the client side of Ubuntu One, and I'd like to see these small devices have access to all kinds of big files stored in the cloud. So I'm proposing to make the Ubuntu One Qt based client work with the Raspberry Pi.
  4. fcrochik (Felipe Crochik): Google Apps "Mobile" Browser using WebKit; Remotely monitor Security/Sensors; Join the rest of the pack to "create" a media player… Qt Ambassador, Qt Certified Specialist some of my qt projects.
  5. minimoog77 (Toni Jovanoski): PITwit - Raspberry PI Twitter Client. Specialized in image processing and game OpenGL programming. Qt Ambassador. [66]
  6. Qverdi Telco programmer/informatics student in KTU. Background in Java, C+, Android, ASP .NET, C## and Qt development, experience 3D OpenGL graphics. Used Qt for university projects, also developed a Driving & Lane Detection system with Qt for mobile devices. Portfolio. Like to develop graphical-statistics web service monitoring system or port some 3D games.
  7. MWilliams (Mark Williams): Development to use RPi as simple client devices in a distributed content streaming network. Initial plans involve using the devices and developed software to allow novice users to stream free science lectures and events in the UK to a public audience. I already do this for The Skeptic Magazine and a unit at Goldsmiths, University of London but use a more complex setup which is inaccessible to average event organisers and users. Would likely make use of the QtMultimedia module and Phonon API. If anyone else is interested in collaborating, do contact me.
  8. wietzjoubert (Wietz Joubert): I have hardware/software/optical systems development skills specifically applied in the embedded environment. Using Qt/Python and the RaspPi to develop a datalogger as part of a telecommunications system. Data reported from the systems is captured on the EC2 cloud. Interrogation between end-user and the system is done via a web-server hosted on the RaspPi and/or the EC2 cloud. Linux is used to handle the low level drivers and running the QT app. Interfaces include, RS232, I2C for temperature, datarate, RSSI detectors and GPS coordinates for positioning.
  9. michi (Michael Klemm): I develope in embedded systems in special in home automation and would like to use the Raspberry Pi in combination with Qt to implement a touchscreen remote for audio, video and lightning. This Project will be planed in cooperation with the University of applied sciences Munich. The platform is based on Linux without any X-Server.
  10. deimos (Marco Bavagnoli): mediadownloader QML (Google Image, YouTube and BlipTv client) porting to Qt5 (without downwload function I think). Qt Ambassador. [67]
  11. User:boris.barbulovski : I'm working on mkfusion project http://mkfusion.bokicsoft.com/ or http://sourceforge.net/projects/mkfusion/. I will port all sub-projects to Qt5 when released. Inside mkfusion project are: compatible ColdFusion appserver, ColdFusion IDE, XML parsing engine, codeedit widget, RDS, apache module, etc.
  12. lachose1 (Hugo Laliberte): Lot of development of GUI to interact with computer serial port. I would like to create desktop applications to quickly interact with social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.). You can see this twitter poster I started to work on with Qt here : https://github.com/lachose1/Cuckoo and other major C+ projects (game engines) here https://github.com/lachose1/


Mentored by tinydevices (Rajesh C).

  1. sensai : Create a reusable sensor control and monitor library + web GUI with pluggable hardware/software modules. Previously created mobile apps for symbian/j2me, C/C+/Java.
  2. User:Scorpiion (Robert Åkerblom-Andersson): I'm an electronics engineer and software developer. I have a lot of knowledge in Linux and have done some application development with QT (I really like QT and use Linux and KDE every day, but I have not had the time to do lots of application developement since I'm more focus on systemlevel programming, I have written Linux drivers and then also application software in QT talking to the hardware for example). At the moment I'm working with both Linux and QT on the BeagleBoard-xM and Overo platforms (TI OMAP3530 based platforms). I'm doing this partly for personal satisfaction and partly since I do parttime job for a research group developing a embedded cameraplatform for use in sensor network research at Embedded Systems Lab. I'm developing my own Linux distribution for this project (Debian base with QT and camera drivers, a complete script to download and build a cross compilation toolchain is also included). I have published the project on Github and it is called Renux, a Debian based OS aimed at embedded ARM systems. It is not completely done yet and I have some stuff that's not pushed at the moment but it's getting there. So… I think the RaspberryPi platform look very interesting and fun! I would like to help with the porting of QT5 to this platform. I would also like to porting my own Debian based OS, and to make it a stable platform to use for them who want to use Linux+QT Embedded as there development platform. The description of "Taku", "Just the minimum Linux dependencies to boot Qt 5" sounds a lot like the end goal for my distribution Renux, so maybe I could help out in the community working on Taku as well. I have not done any huge open source contributions (yet :)) but I did report some bug in the Qt documention some time ago.
  3. jm60697 (Jarkko Moilanen): Developing 3D printing service manager with tools to monitore and interact with printing jobs from mobile devices. Part of Tampere Mobile Ninja Techies and Devaamo developer network activity (former Meego Network Finland activities)
  4. Boulabiar (Mohamed-Ikbel Boulabiar): Develop new interaction paradigms using the RaspberryPi (multitouch devices and Kinect/Camera). Have made some contributions to the multitouch stack of Linux, have built an application for hand gesture recognition using a simple webcamera. Information about me [68] The system I want to port using Qt/QML and GPU Shaders [69].
  5. Brian Hutchinson I am a long time embedded developer. See my linkedin profile http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brian-hutchinson/9/56/51b I have been Debian/KDE (hopefully no hard feelings still) developer/user since 1994. Started with Qt on Sharp Zaurus SL-5000 back in 2001. Have Nokia N800. I'm a competition shooter and I want to use Raspberry Pi, Yocto or Angstrom and Qt5 to build range wind flags for rimfire benchrest. Typical wind flags look like this http://www.thewindisnotyourfriend.com/flags/farm.html I want to make automated wind flags with Raspberry Pi to collect wind speed and direction and transmit this data (via USB 100m Bluetooth or WiFi) to Android phone (Qt5 application on Android or via VNC) acting as the "head end" sitting on the bench for the shooter to look at. My past projects include a Bianchi Cup moving target controller ran by a BeagleBoard for our gun club http://www.bedfordrrc.org/. Youtube video of BeagleBoard project here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzDVwqJeqos Uses a 4 button garage door opener to actuate the 4 different motors. A friend did the hardware and I did the software.
  6. dougalf (Dougal Featherstone et al): openslot: open source software for digital slot car racing such as Scalextric. Github, demo on youtube. Already using QT, already chose RaspberryPi as perfect hardware!
  7. User:josedamico(Jose Damico) I have simple and objective idea: Build an easy-to-use cryptography system where you insert an usb-pendrive, press a button and the system signs and encrypts the entire content. The system will also decrepit the content by pushing another button. I am chief IT architect at InfoSERVER (http://www.infoserver.ca) and I am teacher too, currently I am involved in more than 10 OSS projects as contributor and maintainer, my blog has more details http://dcon.com.br/jd.comment/projects.php . I am also involved in Meego enablement in netbooks marketed at Brazil (http://infoserver.com.br/oss/meego-html/html/index.html).
  8. User:snapdev We provide a client to add funds and passes to a NZ SmartCard for transport (www.snapper.co.nz). We use and contribute to libnfc. We are in the process of building a client using Angstrom Linux with Qt and would like to also include Raspberry Pi as a client device. The version with a full USB port would be the most useful to us.
  9. Vincent Akkermans I'm a Media artist/programmer who has just started a PhD at QMUL. I'd like to take the 20 old screens that we have in the storage room, drive them by Raspberry Pis and QT5, and create an interactive display matrix facing the street so everyone can see what future and live events we're running in our lab.
  10. Esavard (Etienne Savard): My project is to produce a low-cost CCTV system based on the Raspberry Pi. This system will interface with standard consumer peripherals (webcams, USB hard drive, etc.), use vision algorithms (for the detection of shapes, moving objects, car license plates reading, etc.) and a web interface (for configuration). Main design goals are: flexibility, modularity, low-cost and, of course, to produce an open source solution. I wish also to help with the Qt5 porting effort in general. I'm developing using Qt since 2008 and love it. I advertise Qt everywhere I can and I have successfully converted some colleagues to it. You can check my My personal home page & My company website.
  11. User:Lizardo (Anderson Lizardo) I currently work on implementing support for Bluetooth Low Energy on the Linux Bluetooth stack (BlueZ). I plan to extend the basic Raspberry Pi board with a Bluetooth controller (either USB or GPIO), so it is able to communicate with many Bluetooth "Smart" devices/sensors. A nice QML API is also possible on this setup.
  12. (Timo Suhonen) We develop a control unit for 3D printers to control the printing HW. Key parts include sensor information processing and loopback to printer control unit (printing speed, temperature control, material management), We will also build a UI for user to monitor the process and view relevant printing parameters from local display or over network connection. In later phase we'll include camera control for print quality.
  13. User:jrualg (João Rodrigues): Researcher, Developer, my main Project is to develop a low-cost local navigation aid for blind and visually impaired persons based on computer vision. I want to export the system from the netbook to Qt on the RaspberryPi.
  14. [[User:DiegoQuintana|diegoquintana] (Diego) and Rpacheco (Renato): Our project is a scanner system based on Mobile tagging (e.g. NFC and QR Code). This system will interface with peripherals such as digital cameras and NFC cards. The Raspberry Pi will be use as as a service unit integrated with a QT-based mobile application.

Media center & TV

Mentored by Donald Carr.

  1. Jooncheol Park: I'd like to develop a QML Based set top box such like Apple TV , And Wireless A/V streaming feature for MeeGo/Mer platform. I've developed Qt based S/W for about 8 years. Many commercial product (Qt based SmartPhone SCH-i519, i819, i858, Python IDE, SDK … IVI Prototype using QML) and several trivial OSS project using Qt : http://code.google.com/p/twobody/ … , I've worked for MeeGo in the company and Personally I'm interesting Mer project too now.
  2. Attila Csipa A TV/projector oriented Qt Quick component set (collaborating with the other candidate projects for making a common user interaction model for future QtonPi projects)
  3. User:irfansyah (Astria N Irfansyah): Internet TV set-top box, for education purpose in remote areas, focusing on collaborative interaction between schools/teachers from different areas. Had used a Devkit8000 beagleboard clone for this purpose with some display driver modification (poster) but RaspberryPi solution seems cheaper. My latest Qt Quick project is Manaya, an augmented-reality place viewfinder showing wikipedia and wikimapia places, available for free for Meego harmattan. [70] [71] Also interested for use in robotics with computer vision.
  4. zx2c4 (Jason Donenfeld) I'm extremely interested in Qt development on the RasPi. I've compiled a list of the requested information and several links on this user wiki page.
  5. Rainisto (Jonni Rainisto): Port my text-tv application to Pi. Former member in Qt Meego R&D team, also using Qt5 at daily work.
  6. Jarkko Rousu I would like to use Pi + Qt5 + QtQuick2 + GLSL to create a wake up assistant app for TV that brings relaxation to life by utilizing shader effects. E.g. in the evenings slow motion peaceful jumping sheeps/space travel, and in the mornings light changes/birds flying/ocean waves landing on the beach and naturally enhanced with appropriate sounds :) Especially I'm interested in getting out the potential of inline shaders. Nokia developer dealing with Qt5 daily.
  7. digitalSurgeon (Ahmad Mushtaq): Making this board as a standalone siri proxy for iphone, and as an airplay & DLNA client connected to the TV, replacing 120 € appleTV with this 25$ hardware. I am a Qt ambassador, I have previously ported Facebook Connect for iPhone to Qt, gitorious.org/~ahmad
  8. ntadej (Tadej Novak): Porting my IP TV player to Qt5. Try to make simple mediacenter-like QML interface to use with TV. I'm a Qt Ambassador. Recently also developing for Harmattan. [72]
  9. Andrew Brown QT developer with 7 years experience on Windows, Linux and Windows Mobile. Interested in developing an email viewer for display on a TV. Also willing to help on other community projects.
  10. beacon11 (Kyle Fazzari): Inspired by the Sony PS3 media center, I will connect a remote receiver to the Pi GPIO and create a very inexpensive media manager using Qt. I have several years of experience with Qt, including personal projects such as the superannuated Hamachi Sidekick, and (more recently) work-related projects that unfortunately have no link. I have even more experience with the embedded Linux arena, including work in miniature autonomous underwater vehicles (including publications).
  11. olifant (Olaf Junge) [73] :I'm an experienced C/C++ Software developer, with ambitions in self constructed hardware. Occupationally I'm developing applications for medical research on my Linux system, using a cross compiler toolchain and cross platform frameworks (especially Qt) to satisfy the needs of my collaborators, which are mainly using Windows OS. In my spare time I would like to turn the RaspberryPi into a small and cheap video disk recorder (using an USB DVB-T/S stick) and multimedia webclient for the livingroom simply operable through an IR remote.
  12. tunix23: I am a C++ programmer from Ukraine. I use Qt for my cross-platform (Windows and Linux) desktop apps, but I'm very interested in software development for mobile (smartphones, tablets) and alternative platforms (like Raspberry Pi, OpenPandora, other ARM devices). The only problem now is hardware availability. I have some ideas for Raspberry Pi usage. I will develop a Pi Smart TV project (Raspberry Pi with some electronic stuff plus remote control and special software). The goal is to be able to make any TV smart. I hope this will be my next major project.
  13. User:arisilen (Ari Silen) Full time SW Engineer. Participated in several Qt / Qt Quick demo projects. Planning to develop a compact Qt media server with a Qt Quick UI. The device would be connected to network drives containing media and would be controllable with a IR remote.
  14. echobravo (Ernest Burghardt) : Enhanced TV system your Grandmother can use. Experienced developer, user mode & kernel mode & embedded, developed with Qt during 5 yrs with Logitech. Internal Beta tester for Revue (Google TV) - saw from the inside the coming issues, concerns were not addressed.
  15. borivoje.kovac (Borivoje Kovač): Looking forward to porting my VLC / Qt 4.7 based IPTV streaming Windows application to Raspberry Pi platform, effectively making it an IPTV set top box. In my 12 years of professional experience I've developed applications such as voice streaming client - server (CyberWhat!?, site is no longer live, app available upon request), and advanced version of video downloader application and many others. [74]
  16. User:Ollave (Giles Lean) Develop/port an audio player to enable the Raspberry Pi as an embedded component in audio and home theatre systems, with as simple a UI as is practical and including support of remote controls. My background: 20+ years experience contributing to open- and closed-source software development (operating systems, databases, compilers, and applications). Limited Qt expertise, but keen to increase it. I have extensive testing and feedback experience: I was the lead support engineer for two major new products at an Enterprise Unix vendor, tester and reviewer for new OS releases, and have been a technical reviewer of manuscripts for multiple books for O'Reilly and Associates and Wrox Press. (Full USB port necessary for external USB audio device support for this proposed project.)
  17. User:vdvoskin Hello, my name is Vadim Dvoskin – I’m an entrepreneur as well as a Qt developer. One of my projects is a content service (video + flash games), available via a set-top-box (checkout this link http://3vi.tv/). Currently, the hardware we are using is way too expensive. In addition to that, it’s PC architecture (I lied before when I said that it was a set-top-box ;)), thus, we are having trouble certifying the solution with security authorities such as verimetrix, and securemedia. Raspberry PI is exactly what we are looking for because its ARM, its linux qt (which is what we are on now and not planning to switch), and its relatively inexpensive. Given a Raspberry PI hardware, my developers and I would work on two things. 1. A VOD video player. 2. Webkit based browser used as a flash player. Also, in subsequent releases, we are planning to add social services such as video chat.
  18. User:Binreader (Floris Bos) Would like to create a simple but effective video streaming application (file stored on regular PC -> Raspberry-> TV). My previous Qt based project: Binreader
  19. andrewjbrown: Create a program to stream SomaFM internet radio stations to a TV or stereo using the raspberry pi.
  20. [[User:ArlanSouza|arlan] (Arlan), Geraldo (Geraldo), and Marcos (Marcos): Home monitoring system using the RaspberryPi as a control unit with a QT based touchscreen display for management of devices. This system will be integrated with Arduino and Zigbee sensors.


Mentored by Croozeus (Pankaj).

  1. Croozeus (Pankaj): Researcher, Developer, Nokia Developer Champion, Qt Ambassador, Open Source/ FOSS enthusiastic (significant work with Python on Symbian), Book author ; We would like use the board to create a simple linux based tablet for Indian markets (focusing on the local needs) - this is something which hasn't been explored by other players/companies - I believe a small team of students if guided properly can bring out something amazing in this area. The needs of the Indian audience being different in terms of user interface, apps used - for education, browser, book keeping, m-commerce, music - would be interesting to "focus on design" (keeping in mind Indian needs) and implement these; feasibility to use Qt 5 (specially QML) would be quite handy in developing/prototyping various local interfaces. The core idea is to make Indian people use this device in their daily life instead of personal computers.
  2. Avnee: Qt Ambassador, Student, Open source developer and Community contributor; Experience to develop Qt/QML apps and games. Interested to contribute to open source projects like KDE. I'll be happy to contribute by developing some Indian market relevant apps/games (specially in category of Education) on Qt 5 for the above mentioned Indian tablet project.
  3. gnuton (Antonio Aloisio) I started to use Qt several years ago; along the years I contributed to many opensource projects. The most popular ones are KDE4, KBlogger and the Qt port to Maemo4 and Maemo5. Lately I contributed to the development of QDe/"Antico Deluxe" a Qt based desktop (https://github.com/gnuton/QDe). Currently this project counts three contributors and is looking for new developers(contact me if interested in this project!;D). Our ambitious target is to have a modern, fast and lightweight desktop written in Qt/Qt Quick with a UI which can be used for Desktop as well as for Tablets. Of course Raspberry PI could be our development platform.
  4. User:sajisoft (Sajid Ali Anjum):I am a Nokia Develoeper Champion , Nokia Developer Launchpad and DZone's MVB. I created number of open-source and commercial projects for Symbian & MeeGo Harmattan (N950/N9) using Qt.You can read my blog for few of my efforts. I would like to have this kit to create a gesture interaction application (DIP) using openCV and Qt5 that can replace smartboards in Schools & Colleges in much effective and economic way. I also love to use RaspberryPi to learn the possibilities it offer and then teach it to others through workshop(s).
  5. User:markc I'm working on an OpenWrt core OS (router, NAS, LAMP, media sever) to compliment a QtQuick desktop/tablet GUI frontend and taking advantage of the OpenWrt Unified Configuration Interface (UCI). The ethernet enabled Pi will be the base level reference hardware for this system.
  6. mentat (Jesse Lovelace) CTO Key Ingredient. I'd like to port the Demy [75] to Qt5/Raspberry Pi [76]
  7. User:slavko321 I am a skilled C+er, with a thing for building multimedia frameworks: http://www.naprava.net/about/ and a (fairly) recent love for QT. This opportunity will help me get acquiented with the inner workings of QT5, its vision and direction. I would work on enabling easy access to interactive apps on this platform. The practical results would be lowering the entry bar for interactive applications with this HW/SW combo, examples: - My camera/projection based game: http://www.vpong.com/ - I belive the hardware is just powerfull enough for most interactive cases, another example: http://www.peauproductions.com/blog/2011/10/19/consulting-job-gagarin-circular-touch-table/ (quite elaborate, multiple devices could be used for analysis/display and the network coordination that comes with it) Summary: better integration possibilities for interactivity new ideas, maybe additional APIs/Libraries and examples. p.s. Sound analysis/voice recognition, TV "smarttening" box (TM:), "Tablet" type easy consumption devices


Mentored by Thomas Senyk.

  1. User:sean.spicer (Sean Spicer) Create simple auto-diagnostic ODBII front-end auto-linked to Google search (e.g. Car=Ford Focus, OBDII Code=P0171, most likely cause=>Change PCV). Raspberry Pi perfect for harsh environment of auto-garage (with the right case, of course ;-) I am a long-time Qt Developer with 10+ years experience in Qt + OpenGL etc. Contributor to OpenSceneGraph and amateur car-hacker ;-)
  2. stemd Working on car instrument cluster using OpenGLES2, car e-tainment using Qt (radio, media player, streaming) using Tegra platform (currently in test phase), and I'm dying to see how Raspberry Pi will perform, as so much cheaper ARM board. Open source work mostly localization of open source projects: translatewiki.net
  3. e8johan (Johan Thelin): Develop a QML-based, media focused, in-vehicle infotainment demonstrator. Blog and write about experiences and demonstrating the resulting applications.
  4. FadiOdeh (Fadi Odeh): Project Manager, Qt Ambassador, 2 Qt experience, Develop a set of Qt (Qt5 QtQuick 2.0 with Raspberry Pi) applications that's will make useing the mobile device while driving your car is really easy and safe, With my applications you have easy access to all the functions you need inside the car with just a few touches. (Drive Mode, Eady Drive), for more info.. http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/project?id=a0F20000006LJ79EAG
  5. cckwes (Wesley Chong) : Port my existing application and create new application for RaspberryPi, working on a university electric vehicle project, will use RaspberryPi as the core for IVI system. Qt Ambassador my blog
  6. tomvdbroek (Tom van den Broek): extensive Gui experience with qt in professional video market. Working on porting Qt development on android with necessitas, and linux (qt 4.7) on arm (tdm3730). I am a professional embedded developer. The idea is to make full applications for on the road use varying from games to dedicated control of hardware with qt app as a front end. Examples are car board computing, together with car navigation, monitoring driving to rest periods with suggestions to rest stops. Automated audio/video conversion playback to create in-car mediaserver/player (dlna). The idea is to provide full integrated support of a users need for mobile functionality.
  7. preet Canadian Mechatronics Engineer with experience using Qt to develop UIs for medical robotics applications on Linux. Interested in using the Raspberry Pi to create an AIO in car infotainment system including media,radio,OBD (diagnostics/telemetry), and offline navigation. Already have software prototype built using Qt/QML here: http://prismaticproject.weebly.com/blog.html.
  8. pablojr (Pablo J. Rogina): Qt developer since version 3.x I would like to integrate Qt5 + Qt Quick using Pi as a low cost platform to build an in-car infotainment device, which can be retrofited to existing cars or included in new models. I'm a current contributor to Digital Forensics Framework (DFF), tool for digital forensics investigators written in Python and C++ using PyQt and Qt.
  9. User:jflatt In-vehicle applications, CAN-BUS diagnostics.[77]
  10. krzsas (Krzysztof Sasiak): I was a part of libmeegotouch development team, working on automatic tests and tests results visualization. I'd like to utilize the device as car computer with QT based UI.
  11. Simon Bolek : Founder of ArCom-IVI IVI UX based on MeeGo (now Mer). Qt Ambassador. Designer of Car Infotainment System UX and USB rotary controller interface (similar to iDrive) as an alternative to touchscreen.
  12. Harsh Shah : Embedded software engineer, working on Qt since 3+ years. Focusing on optimizing Qt for embedded devices. Have ported Qt on ARM9 platforms like freescale i.MX233 , Atmel SAM9, also ARM Cortex-A8 based Beagleboard-xM. Interesting in porting Qt to Rasperry Pi and create an Car entertaiment system by interfacing touchscreen LCD, GPS receiver and USB 3G modem to the board.
  13. Slawomir Chrzaszcz: I am a senior software engineer from Poland and I have some experience in developing software with Qt for windows linux and Symbian. In my current project(kind of car infoteinment system) I am using QT 4.7.3(4) with QT Quick and Qt multimedia on linux platform (Angstrom distr.). I deploy this application on DevKit8000 board with 7 inch touchscreen . Now I would like to switch to QT 5.0 as soon as possible. I would like to use Raspberry PI to check the performance between devkit board and Raspberry Pi. I would like to use Raspberry Pi also to port Qt to Android OS with Ministro. QT everywere!:)
  14. johnak: I would like to develop an anti-theft device for vehicles. The Raspberry-Pi would be the heart of the device with sensors interfaced to it and communicate through GSM/GPRS. App will be developed using Qt5 for mobile to control and interact with the device remotely. I'm a technology enthusiast and an electronics engineer starting to develop new devices. My blog My profile
  15. User:lrlopez (Luis-Ramón López): I'm currently working on a project to create a interactive car-dashboard that allows monitoring and controlling the data communication buses on any CAN-bus&OBD-II enabled car via a ELM327 device (almost all recent cars support it). This would open a lot of possibilities, i.e. advising the best gear for reducing fuel consumption, detecting potential problems in your driving-style, etc. I really think that a RaspberryPi device coupled with Qt for developing the software and the GUI would be a nice fit for this project. Contact me if you need any additional information.
  16. simonlaus (SimonL) : Personal : Qt based car media center and diagnostics with OpenECU intergration. Note taking software first alpha on Android N900 and Desktop platforms. Professional : Work as a Software Engineer with Qt embedded for a Communications Company in Australia. [78] contains a small number of my personal projects but not all of them.
  17. [[User:AndreyBessa|andreybessa] (Andrey), kely (Kely), and Ramon (Ramon): Our projet will produce a low-cost paging alarm system based on the raspberry Pi. This system will interface with car alarms accessories a QT application will provide a interface of management of this system.

Home automation

Mentored by Nils Jeisecke.

  1. User:jessynay (Jessica Solis) I'm a female biologist developer, music lover and part of Qt Ambassador program, I want to develop app for automation a greenhouse. http://aqtgirl.blogspot.com
  2. Tbscope (Tim Beaulen): A controller for home automation including EIB/KNX and DALI capabilities. My experience includes working on KDE and helping on forums like qtcentre.org. I'm at the moment not actively involved in any of the previous. Currently I'm playing with an Arduino to do home automation and midi communications.
  3. milot (Milot Shala): Creating a home automation system that can be controlled via a central machine (a touch-based monitor and the Raspberry Pie) and Nokia N9. Furthermore the idea is to control home appliances via Internet using the N9, communication to home appliances will be done through Raspberry Pie and Arduino connected together, for the N9 communication, Raspberry Pie will be a TCP server and Nokia N9 the client, every message that is sent to Raspberry Pie, will be transferred to Arduino board and then to a home appliance. Touch screen interface + N9 app will be written entirely in QML - except the backend that will be written in C++ in order to communicate through serial with Arduino. A Nokia Cerified Qt Specialist and a Qt Ambassador.
  4. tcheleao (Sergio Leao): Home power monitoring system (acquiring smart meter data) using the RaspberryPi as a control unit with a QT based touchscreen display . Already done with arduino & C++
  5. User:mahadevan (GSS Mahadevan). I want to develop Qt-GUI that looks like Microsoft Management Console for managing various ADC/DIO devices that are connected to Raspberry-PI. As starting point, I will write MCU fw for PIC18F13K50/14K50 (USB MCUs) and device driver for R-Pi in Linux. Originally I was planning to use ARM-based JVM, but Qt will win over JVM-GUI — reduced memory-size, reduced-CPUload and no dependency on ARM-JVMs. Ultimate Goal is: Qt based Home-Automation-Management-Console which connects multiple USB/Bluetooth/ZigBee based MCU devices that connect to r-pi and do ADC and DIO operations (without bothering to fiddle r-pi IO-pins and related safetey issues and work with also other Linux PCs and boards). With rich echo system of Qt components, one can create graphs, charts, tables for various sensors-data. My blog [79].
  6. User:christian.fetzer (Christian Fetzer): Work on a multiroom audio integration (with Qt/QML control). In addition i'd like to use the RPi to become acquainted with home automation and use it as remote control (for xbmc). I'm Qt Certified Specialist with several years of Qt experience.
  7. User:mzanetti (Michael Zanetti): Qt contributor, open source developer and QtAmbassador. Planning to attach LiveLight [www.livelightproject.com] to the RaspberryPi and write a small server + Qt Remote control to control the living room lighting with Qt powered mobile phones. Also, if I manage to get a touchscreen attached to it, I will make a Xbmcremote edition for it.
  8. matiasw (Matias Wilkman) I am an independent software developer, specialized in show lighting. The Pi would make an ideal (wirelessly communicating) node for the DMX and/or ILDA standards common in these aplications. I've used Qt professionally at my previous place of employment, http://www.symbio.com/ , and it would be my first choice, technology-wise, for these projects.
  9. fredeveloper (Fred Waltzer): I would love to make an audio multiroom project with those devices. And a small home automation for the EnOcean products using QML. I've been playing (and working everydays) with the Qt framework for 6 years now and I always want to do more with it [[Image:|Image:]]! I'm already playing with the sheevaplug for the home automation but the RPi will be way nicer if I want to had a screen to it. :-D A MAME Cabinet would be fun too !
  10. donmorr (Donal Morrissey): Home monitoring system using the RaspberryPi as a control unit with a QT based touchscreen display and remote monitoring interface. Low-power ZigBee sensors will be used to monitor the environment throughout the house. I have developed a QT4 based touchscreen interface for a commercial embedded product, used QT4 in my open source project and attended the Nokia Developer World Congress 2010, learning to use QT for mobile application development. My profile, my blog
  11. teknoraver Developing a domotic application to build a control panel for the home. Rooms RGB Led, air conditioning, hi-fi and alarms can be controlled from a touch panel connected to the Raspberry, replacing the more expensive iPad and other proprietary applications
  12. nathan.f77 (Nathan Broadbent) Open source widget-based wallboard / interactive display controller. We will use it to display information from sources such as continuous integration, github, google analytics, twitter, etc. Will use QML to write widgets. Will also use as a home automation control panel, to view/control temperature, lighting, XBMC, calendar, news etc. via a touch screen interface. All widgets will be themable, and inspiration will be taken from the following wallboard designs: Panic, Redant, Avisi, Campaign Monitor | github: https://github.com/ndbroadbent
  13. User:juhapekka.piiroinen Development of a automation/security system for home usage. This device would be used for sensor reading and UI. I am a Qt Ambassador, Nokia Certified Qt Specialist and I have some experience on Qt Creator plugin development.
  14. User:mdhaval Development of Industrial Automation and Home automation Widgets.I am a Qt Ambassador [[80]].
  15. variant (Alex Ivakin): Certified Qt Developer. Porting light-pack project (Lightpack is a monitor light device used for presence effect strengthening) [81] to the RaspberryPi board.
  16. tkeisala (Tommi Keisala): Real-time home electricity meter. Atmel AVR chip is measuring three current transformer sensors. Measurements are collected by Linux/RRDtool. Currently setup is running on laptop.
  17. Pouet (Alberic Aublanc): A home automation controller, street furniture/panel interface (interactive) or a structure from motion demo. I am an embedded software/system engineer (low level/BSP) CV. I allready developped a home automation controller interface in QT/QML and custom UI. I made performance benchmarks with the same UI developped in both Qt with and without use of QML (running on ARM based embedded systems).
  18. User:schurma (Alvin Schurman) QT RaspberryPI would be perfect as a remote/integrated surveillance platform. I propose to port zoneminder linux video/audio surveillance application to the device. I have application development experience in QT3 and QT4 and extensive knowledge of Linux.[[82]]
  19. arteme (Artem Egorkine): Worked on MeegoTouch Desktop implementation. Interested to develop home automation control system with Qt5 and Respberry Pi.
  20. Jarosław Jaryszew Certified Qt Developer, formerly member of libmeegotouch project. Mostly interested in developing media center and intelligent home applications.
  21. zhxt (Xingtao Zhang): Qt developer. <Qt5 + Multi-touch Raspberry Pi> Currently working on a smart home project with Qt with capative touch screen. Touch support in Early version Qt on embedded Linux(without X) is only with Tslib. Just for resitive touch screen. With capacitive touch screen is widely using in embedded system. I found that Qt5 makes the improvements(added qtouchscreen QPA plugin natively). I would like to try it with Raspberry Pi. I'm also planing to create a multi-touch photo viewer with Qt5/Qt Quick. Also interested in Maemo/Meego/Mer.
  22. Bradolub: Hello, I am a Russian engineer, working at JINR (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia), I am planning to use the Raspberry Pi as a controlling device (to measure the aberration of beam parameters and send it to operator room) at the accelerator complex. I also want to create "smart home" using Raspberry Pi in my house . I use Qt to develop software.
  23. User:unittesting: Enthusiastic PyQt/pyside developer just taking first steps into QML. I'm developing a Zwave based home lighting automation server that will have a Qt GUI for configuration on the homeowner's TV and will be controlled by timers/cellphone/touch panel. The RPi will host the server and provide the TV interface.
  24. appedge(David Clounch): Target is a garden sprinkler controller. An app on a handset or computer connects to the controller via a QT based ssh encrypted connection. The controller accepts a QObject based message class that is passed on to the target device in the garden that activates the drip sprinkler system. This latter is fed by a rain barrel, but could be any similar device. The active device uses the same protocol as the handset. The controller joins the communication channels together. This system is a prototype that has many industrial uses and uses QtCore and QtSql among others. http://www.app-edge.com (I'm sorry, first week of December the app-edge web server is being replaced but will be back up soon).
  25. jmagic (Jarno Heikkinen): Home automation system for controlling e.g. lighting using RF protocol USB dongle. Separate touch screen interface and dashboard view over HDMI. http://fi.linkedin.com/in/jmagic
  26. User:jmk (Jason Kim) Interested a number of personal projects related to home automation, monitoring, and interaction (especially multi-touch input). I'm a software engineer at Pixar Animation Studios with lots of Qt 4 experience, and would love to extend this to Qt 5, as well.
  27. superjedi (superjedi): I'm working on a personal domotic project using Qt as toolkit for UI central console. The actual hardware either doesn't provide me much possibilities or wastes too much space to have it embedded with a wall 11" screen. Thanks to RasperryPI I will now be able to have it hidden in the touchscreen wall mount and hook up 720p HD security cameras in it, should be able to stream flawlessly ! ;-)
  28. mbelluzzo (Murilo Belluzzo) I'm a software developer currently working with mobile games in QML. I would like to use the RaspberryPI as a platform for a surveillance kit made in Qt5. (INdT employee)
  29. kennyvinente (Kenny) and leduardo (Luiz):

Currently, we´re working on face recognition using discriminative filters with the tool OpenCV. Raspberry will be used here for the development of a security system for person identification. We have already published the following related papers for this category facerecognition facerecognition2


Mentored by blackcoder (Tarek)

  1. blackcoder (Tarek) : Create a touch screen QML based control interface for autonomous robots, similar to the one we have currently deployed for the autonomous wheelchair [83].
  2. jgeact (Jorge Acosta): I want to work with the Qt5 and monitoring I/O real-time robot's system.I have been working with robot and Qt from 3 year ago. I would like port my program that work with every robot, whatever factory.
  3. User:alicemirror [Enrico Miglino]: I have developed a controller for a hand-made mill machine and built the machine too. This project is full open-hardware and open-source and was initially developed with a firmware based on Arduino board for hardware testing. This video [84] if the first test of the engine running with the controller while from the project main page [85] you can find an index of the components and here [86] you can find a knowledge base with the controller software and the hardware and mechanics schematic. At this point the actual state-of-the-art of the project is to manage the low lever controller board with a Qt Based application. With the raspberry Pi device I see it is possible to integrate bot of these elements in a single unit creating a very cheap controller interfacing the high level instructions to manage the graphic data directly on the machine.
  4. monkeyknight (Nicholas Kell): Build an easy to use robotics framework/platform using the onboard GPIO (similar to Wiring/Arduino). Create expansion boards for robotic peripherals. Using Qt5 for the kiosk-like interface for user interaction. It would be a great learning tool for kids getting into robots/electronics!
  5. carverdeacon (Carver Deacon): I'd create a simple robot controlling and monitoring device running with a basic touchscreen interface based around Qt so that common tasks and monitoring can be performed easily. In addition, there would be a lot of arduino and sensor work. Maybe even Kinect. Qt would be great for this because it'd allow me to port the interface to multiple platforms so that network control could be performed.
  6. ujwal2 (Ujwal Shrestha): Build Qt 5 based Arduino IDE for Raspberry Pi and even other port (windows, Mac etc). Learning will be even more fun with $25 Raspberry Pi and the amazing Arduino. Thinking of talking to education administrator of country(Nepal) about raspberry pi, like we did for OLPC XO. [87]
  7. User:fredb52 We are testing a number of different bot platforms that use ros, like Bilibot [88] as a base. We need to rewrite the graphics packages using Mingw Qt-ros and test them on this platform.
  8. User:kulve (Tuomas Kulve) This would be a perfect Linux platform for my robot project which is evolving to a flying thing. Currently I'm running the GUI-less Qt application on Gumstix OMAP3 for motor control, sensor reading, video encoding and remote control over WLAN.
  9. User:clandestinahds (Patricia González) Development of self localization system with CMuCam3 camera, using Monte Carlo localization approach, I am Master artificial intelligence student. http://clandestina-hds.wikidot.com/
  10. User:eroland (Miguel Landa) Install the RaspberryPi in a humanoid robot for develop the robot's control system with a master-slave processor architecture (RaspberryPi is the master, robot's processor is the slave) for participate in the Humanoid KidSize League of RoboCup 2012, also some image processing programs for (Pattern/Color) recognition. More Info Here: Humanoid Robots and My profile.
  11. samimk (Samim Konjicija): Currently working with university students mainly on automation and robotics projects using various ARM-based boards. Planning to switch to RaspberryPi+Qt, when it becomes available. One of current projects is development of Qt application for ARM-based board, as fuzzy controller for water level and flow control. GUI should provide tuning the controller, and graphical presentation of measurements and setpoints.
  12. User:trilion99 (Klaus Petersen):I would like to use the Raspberry Pi and its Qt extension for two purposes: 1. As a small, light-weight frontend interface for my anthropomorphic flute playing robot WF-4RVI [89]. The robot already runs on qt4 (e.g. qthread for motor control threads, gui for pattern generator etc.), so it would be convenient to port parts of the interface directly to an external control device. 2. In my company LP-Research [90] we develop miniature sensing units for human motion tracking. For the analysis of the resulting data and control of the sensors itself we developed an open-source framework OpenMAT. This framework uses qt4 extensively. Customers would like to use our system on mobile, small form factor devices as well. The Raspberry Pi would be an excellent platform for such a data-logger / terminal.
  13. User:rosia.nicolae (rosia.nicolae): Migrate our Ground Control Station application we are using for our Autonomous Rover to RaspberryPi so we can get rid of the laptop dependency and have a flexibile station for really fast deployment. We placed first on the European Phase of Digilent Design Contest and 2nd in the International Phase. We were the only ones using Qt. Links: http://www.digilentinc.com/showcase/contests/designcontest.cfm?ContestID=7 , http://www.digilentinc.com/showcase/contests/designcontest.cfm?ContestID=8
  14. korna (Nicola Corna): I am a bachelor student of Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. I want to build a mobile robot with camera in which Qt is the main backend library . Also I'd like to build a portable controller, based on a Raspberry Pi, in which Qt manages the User Interface. The software also has to create a network video stream of the videocamera, viewed by the portable controller on a screen. More info…
  15. Lee Sangdon I have a home service robot project. It's name is Avatar. It can watch in office by using laptop. Laptop is too big in this project and it's efficiency is low. So, i thinks Raspberry Pi can be replace laptop. And it can have more efficiency at size and energy. http://donnim.tistory.com/entry/Avatar
  16. rkekki: Raspberry Pi would be really great for our project. I'm building on open source HW expansion board for reading IMU sensor data and enabling the data in Qt5 applications.
  17. User:mirondeau (Michael Rondeau): I have been doing embedded programming for over 30 years, the last 5 years using embedded Linux on Cell Phone repeaters. I have used QT Creator and PyQt to create user interfaces for Python programs I wrote for testing the embedded web pages and SNMP on the our products. I am working on a robot at home that I want to remote control using an Android phone or tablet via WiFi on a Linux platform. The Android device would control the robot using a QT touch display and show status on the display. The Raspberry Pi will be the robot controller receiving commands and giving status to a pseudo display using QT which can be sent to the Android device via web pages or maybe VNC for the 'inside' look. I plan on using the Android device accelerometers to control the robot speed and direction. This technonogy would be very benificial to handicapped people for controling such as a wheelchair by touch pad or motion using the accelormeters.
  18. User:abelvesa (Abel Vesa): Port our existing robot which uses Arduino to talk over I2C with a BMA180 accelerometer, ITG3200 gyroscope and HMC5883 magnetometer to estimate the 3D pose to RaspberryPi. The final output of this application would be kernel drivers for these sensors, ROS packages for them and Qt demos on interfacing with the sensors.
  19. User:Smogzer (João Xavier):I'm a roboticist currently developing man machine interfaces. My current project is to develop commercially available man-machine interfaces that can use multiple modalities (depth-cameras, touch, voice, smart-phone, etc) to create a kiosk/living room ecosystem based on modules/apps. Will use alot of GStreamer, Primesense open-ni and QtQuick 2.0 in opengl 2.0. See [[91]] and my opensource contributions at [[92]].
  20. flakopana (alexsi adad): My project is to implement a controller (neural network) for e-puck robot that can explore the environment, find food, and away from the light, which is designed and supervised by the raspberry pi [93]
  21. User:fredb52 We are testing a number of different bot platforms that use ros, like Bilibot [94] as a base. We need to rewrite the graphics packages using Mingw Qt-ros and test them on this platform.
  22. jacky: We propose the use the Raspberry PI and QT5 to replace the processing unit and brain of our current small humanoid robots, that have participated at various international robot competitions including RoboCup and FIRA HuroCup competitions. In particular we want to focus on the climbing wall and obstacle run competitions by using a stereo vision setup.
  23. adriano_frutuoso (Adriano) and andrehls (Andre):

We´re working on the RD5NT (a robotic manipulator), using arduino and Windows for controlling it. With raspberry we can move the development from Windows to Linux and use the Qt for the development of the user interface (UI). The video RD5NT shows the current state of the project and UI shows our current UI.

Medical & Health

Mentored by smissan (Sergey Missan).

  1. shubhamharnal (Shubham Harnal) : Real-time reporting of hospital-beds availability. In India, precious time is wasted in taking a patient in an ambulance to a hospital, only to find out that there is no availability of beds; would like to incorporate the RaspberryPi and Qt5 framework to provide a web-enabled and SMS (short-messaging-service)-enabled interface to the reporting of this availability. Precious time(= lives!) can be saved if a patient can be taken straight to a hospital with the relevant resources available. The RaspberryPi/Qt5 interface would be used by the attendants inside the ambulance to check availability; GSM and GPS modules will be attached to the RaspberryPi and the interface to be used for the enumeration. Will combine previous experience with ARM/Linux and current programming experience in the domain of distributed systems to deliver said item, contributing towards my Masters' Thesis (Masters in Embedded Systems). Refer to http://sost.isquareit.ac.in/Research/index.aspx for project entitled: "A GPS interface to access latitude longitude and time from the standard NMEA sentences."
  2. Andrea Bellacicca I'm 23 and i'm a physics student attending the last year in Milan University. I've used Qt to develope by myself a program to analyze E.Coli genes network, for the advance programmation course. I work in Calculus and Multimedia Laboratory of my department, using linux everyday. I also have good skills in electronic. My bachelor thesis was about medical images recognition and now i'm going to build a memristor for my master thesis. So i would like to use Raspberry to create and develope pocket and portable A.I., focusing on Computer Vision and Object Recognition, using Pi with Qt Libraries. This is a great opportunity to improve my skills in Programmation, A.I. and Robotic fields.
  3. andy (Andreas Rensmann): Embedded C/Qt developer, developing Qt-GUIs on embedded linux devices for sleep medicine [95]. Evaluating Qt 5 and QML on embedded devices for new products.
  4. Cheyd (Shade Sanguis): With the SQL access, GUI dev tools and other details, I will create a fast development tool for beginning users to create their own modular CMSs; with a focus on smart handheld device oriented GUI creation, and easy access to beginning HTML 5ers. I have 20 years experience working with and developing user experience oriented, web based OSs and technologies. I developed a prototype for the 'Excel'©-analogue portion of Google Docs. And I have been playing in every sandbox the digital community has to offer.
I would also like to look into using the RasPi hardware and QT framework to power old Laptop monitors (A 'green' effort). And I would like to use QT on the RasPi to fast Prototype a medication minder device for people like my Grandfather who had trouble remember he had taken his meds or not and when.
  1. Shaihuld: I Would like to use RaspberryPi and Qt as a heart monitoring device for joggers. Will have to embed it on a person so it can track data all day long, and be shown with Qt and QML interface. Heart rate is important when jogging so the application should trigger actions depending on heart rate (like a bip to inform the user his heart goes too fast). When pluged in a Screen, the QML interface will display the saved data, and allow the user to efficiently go to a specific time. Allowing the user to know if he is improving or not. I am currently an engineering student in Biomedical field
  2. User:keyz182 (Kieran Evans): I've been working recently with Continua certified health devices (e.g. Blood pressure monitors) and getting them working in linux. As part of a Wellcome trust funded project called Sintero, I've developed a proof of concept application in QT that retrieves readings from these devices and passes them to an XDS system. I'd like to utilise the Raspberry Pi as a "Home Hub" type device, so that patients can take their own readings at home to aid with both monitoring of patients, and participation in studies.
  3. User:jeff.moellmer (Jeff Moellmer): Hook up Raspberry Pi GPIO to custom turbine for spirometers and use Qt for user interface. With low price point, Pi creates viable medical device platform for low cost regions, whom have been left out of health care advances due to high price point.
  4. Icota (Igor Cota): A QML based eHealth hub. Three years Qt experience. [96], [97], [98]
  5. niqt (Nicola De Filippo): Develop/port my healthcare and educational solutions to RaspberryPi & Qt5. I'm Qt Ambassador, develop with Maemo5, Meego and Nemomobile. I was Qt4 Maemo contributor.
  6. emmynet (Emmanuel Granatello): Port/develop my "Carnival Mirror" video apps, useful for the rehabilitation of children in hospitals "The Patch Adams philosophy :o)". I developed a "Qt SCADA WYSIWYG tools" for remote management of industrial field devices. Chain Reaction RaspberryPi contribution;) QCopter QSnake QMemory AR Pong Box2D on Symbian Italian Teletex(n900) Little Qt Contribution
  7. User:nfgo (zehua zhang): I've been working on a HCI research which is on Biofeedback Assistive Technology and Social Interactions for 2 years. The research aims to create an end device smarter than the mobilephone to enhance the social interaction ,which can gather more precise data from human beings' emotions , actions ,and other biostatus. We have tried QT4 on a embedded device and got amazing feedback . The new version of QT and RaspberryPi maybe a great news for us.
  8. Alessandro Sappia Porting and development actual qt4 professional ECG device CardioPad PRO to qt5, Further development of actual more portable ECG monitoring devices.
  9. User:kostya2003 (Konstantin Shtabalyuk): I'm intersting to use MCU/DSP based devices, like RaspberryPi, what can be integrated in prototyping system for future touchscreen sensative device for information and visualisation support projects in healthcare. Interface will be ported from VC to Qt5.
  10. maurokenny (Mauro) and wheidima (Wheidima): Currently we´re master degree students at Department of Electrical Engineering at Federal University of Amazon.

We aim to use raspberry to create a system where we would not need to print the result of the electrocardiography but instead we would display it using Qt for the UI. Additionally, we would sync our system with the cloud so that the patient and the doctor can retrieve the needed information from anywhere. We have already published the following related papers for this category: ECG ECG2 ECG3

Digital signage & Displays

Mentored by mlong (Mark Long).

  1. equinux (Rémy Sanchez): new Qt5/QML version of a platform to display news and ads in corridors. More info here : http://hyperthese.net/category/projects/canalk/, for my experience see my blog (http://hyperthese.net/) and my CV (http://cv.hyperthese.net/)
  2. tiftof (Christophe Oosterlynck): Cheap, performing (flash, video, animations…) digital signage platform. Lot of interest in the graphics stack. Will be porting existing custom graphicsview application to Qt5 to use scenegraph. Activity on qt-gitorious.
  3. ahaupt (Andre Haupt): Create and test application for digital signage. Help with further development of the Qt Media Hub. With Qt since 2004
  4. danoo (Daniel Schmid) I would continue development of my digital signage application playing standard SMIL [99] data (video, picture, text) and use the PI as small footprint signage player. Porting the Ambulant Player [100] to Qt5.
  5. tannerwatson: Porting existing Adobe Air digital signage application for Captive Indoor Media to Qt. Our goal is to move more towards a digital signage appliance.
  6. mtinnes Interested in a port of our digital signage player to Qt. We currently have Chromium based player and I am familiar with that open source intiative. Please see ReveDigital for product info. Thanks for the opportunity.
  7. User:severian client/server applications to create what I call a media wall. The client will display a variety of media elements for such use as information displays. Client is a Python Qt 5 application for configuring location of elements and managing media queue. There is no public URL at this time. Python developer for 5 years. No public python projects, but other work is at http://embeddedworkshop.org
  8. User:krishnadesai(krishnadesai) I would like to use Qt 5 library to develop a Radar Display unit/simulator where in I would display all received tracks (as well as simulated tracks )on the display unit. The track data will be fed to the Display unit through network. The Display unit would have option to load vector maps dynamically. The track information would be in standard format compatible with major radars in use.
  9. Jens: (using Qt up from 2.3 for professional development for medical devices) Build a fancy dashboard displaying the current state of your continuous integration system (TeamCity, Hudson, etc)TeamCityDashBoard. So you just need a huge screen on the wall in your dev department to have the current state of your build system visible for all.
  10. stuk (Stefano Stucchi) : Develop a complete Qt vending machines. 3 Years Qt developer desktop and mobile.https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/secure/ViewProfile.jspa?name=stuk http://developer.qt.nokia.com/member/2474
  11. jdougherty (Joseph Dougherty): Beginner Qt developer, projects include management system for fire departments and desktop app for controlling Drupal CMS. Previously worked on electronic voting machine, would like to apply this concept with Raspberry Pi and Qt. Joe's github
  12. antonioaraujob (Antonio Araujo Brett): Qt developer of information security apps. Qt Ambassador. I would like to develop a solution with Qt5, Qt Quick and Raspberry Pi to provide digital signatures (made with cryptographic devices like token USB, smart cards) and electronic certification in embedded hardware. Open source projects in which I work: [101], [102]
  13. jlangston: We do a lot of low-power embedded work at the MIT Solar Supercomputing Lab [103]. We are trying to put together a DC powered tiled display where each low-powered node powers a piece of the display wall [104]. We want to rebuild this so each low-powered monitor is controlled by a single embedded SBC and we want to see if we can do it with the raspberry pi and Qt.
  14. Michael Krog I run an online POS system. I have long wanted to create a native port as an alternative to the webbased edition in order to deliver a great user experience on cheap devices. Qt + Raspberry pi + cloud would be a great platform for a low cost POS solution. http://qashapp.com
  15. Ycros (Michael Kedzierski) Would like to explore standalone HD touchscreen panels, as generic control surfaces, which are able to be simply programmed by the end user. Think of the now defunct Lemur, except not necessarily for music. I am a full time software developer, web and desktop applications, I use Qt commercially for various desktop apps. Interested in the future of Qt, and I have hobby projects involving embedded platforms. Raspberry Pi with its GPU and HD output seems like a good fit for a project I'd like to start, plus Qt with which I'm already familiar. My recent foss activities: [105] [106]
  16. charleyb (Charley Bay): I would like to develop a Qt application for a "competition elimination system" for Cub Scouts to view entrants in their "Pinewood Derby" races to show successive races to a final "winner". Affordable device that can run with minimal infrastructure in a durable case would be great. Pinewood Derby overview
  17. User:balkan (Burak Alkan): Qt Ambassador/Qt Developer. Developing a plugin based multimedia application, extremely easy to user, which works with many other media provider sites, based on this code http://goo.gl/mRBAs
  18. hhartz (Henrik Hartz) : Cheap QML-based information panel for buses/airports/office etc. Previously involved with Qt Quick and Qt Quick components as Nokia Employee
  19. markcraig (Mark Craig): I would like to create a low-cost digital signage application framework for HDTV's based on HTML5 / WebKit and OpenGL. The digital signage framework would support HTML5-based UI elements, native QT widgets, VoD video playback, as well as low-latency live video streams (H.264 over MPEG2TS, or VP8 over WebM). The platform would also be used as a low-cost HTML5-based real-time HDTV dashboard. I work as a principal engineer on the Cisco StadiumVision project, developing HDTV digital signage for major sports stadiums. I would like to create an open, hardware-accelerated, QT5 / WebKit-based media player end-point. See my LinkedIn profile for more info. Thanks! M
  20. User:truta.alexandru (Truta Alexandru): Develop a low cost (A Touchscreen LCD + RaspberryPi) interactive kiosk interface using Qt to be used in restaurants by the waiters.
  21. manuti I'm from Spain in my work develop virtual airport passenger assistant like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=ES&v=tkRGDyuXV9M we are interested in porting this project and other similars to Qt and run on Raspberry Pi.
  22. cnxsoft I've started to write a simple digital signage application (3 zones: video, picture, text/rss ticker) using Qt Creator and QML language (Gitorious). I will also write progress / tips about Raspberry Pi / Qt in my blog as shown in 1 & 2.
  23. mmabob (Bob Pierce): Developing a Point Of Sale system using QT and would like to see if I could get it to work on this device as a possible POS Terminal.
  24. User:pkerchen : Want to develop an RFID-based authorization system for controlling access to machinery and equipment at hackerspaces (such as the one I belong to: www.i3detroit.com).

Desktop apps

Mentored by camolina (Cesar Alberto Molina Neyra)

  1. camolina (Cesar Alberto Molina Neyra). App development and app porting. Qt passionate, using it in my classes. University proffesor at Nacional university of San Marcos, Lima (Peru). I work teaching C++ Programming and have experience managing/supporting big teams. I have lots of free time and I think I can help people developing and porting apps to Qt5. Links: [107] [108]
  2. kot (Konstantin Podsvirov) Hi, I'm a software engineer from Russia. Using c++ with Qt4 for desktop applications. I am a member of Qt Russia group. I'm learning Qt Quick and look forward to the release Qt5. I also teach students at the faculty of Bauman university. I want to use Raspberry Pi device for educational purposes. Possible further application in student IT projects.
  3. User:federico I am the maintainer of man(1) and work at Canonical. I have been using Qt since eearly releases of Qt Embedded 2.x, and I would love to contribute. My idea is to build an "atomic clock" by connecting a GPS time-source via the USB port, manage the latency of the signal, and output the time to the network (Ntpd) and to thescreen (Qt front-end to the system). After this, the next project is to build a small source of "true randomness" via a geiger counter and a Raspberry Pi to manage the reading of background radiation events. Finally (long shot and not Qt-related), it may be nice to use the Raspberry Pi as a platform to teach U-Boot and Jtag development to novice embedded developers.
  4. User:gronerth (Jose Torres Gronerth) An electronic Menu App. I am currently a Qt Ambassador and I have done previous work with embebbed systems
  5. Nils Jeisecke My personal project: I'd like to port the Qt Quick Desktop CTI application I presented during the DevDays Qt InUse session to QtonPi to be used as a desktop phone prototype. See slides: [109]
  6. User:shwstppr : I would like to port my project Graffiti to Qt5 for Raspberry Pi. Homepage
  7. nowrep (David Rosca): Porting QupZilla (lightweight QtWebKit based multi-platform web browser) to Qt5. Raspberry PI would be great to prove how well can desktop QtWebKit based browser run on a 700MHz ARM CPU. Qt Ambassador. [110] [111] [112]
  8. jihan (Jungil Han): I would like to port my Qt4 application with new features to Qt5 on Respberry Pi. It's a log viewer app working on Linux/Windows/OS2. More details here http://code.google.com/p/monkeylogviewer/
  9. Semiletov Porting my current Qt-based projects- TEA text editor ([113]), EKO sound editor ([114]) to Qt5 and adapt them to the Raspberry Pi. It is interesting for me as the platform that could be able to process audio with the profissional software.
  10. John Melton The RaspberryPi would make an ideal platform to run QtRadio, a Qt application I have developed for remote access and control of a Ham Radio station with streaking audio and spectrum display. Currently supporting HPSDR, Softrock, Microtelecom Perseus, and Ettus Research USRP. See http://openhpsdr.org and http://napan.ca/ghpsdr3/index.php/Main_Page.
  11. User:Jmgr (Jonathan Mercier-Ganady): Qt Ambassador / Qt Certified Specialist, developer of the automation tool Actionaz. I would love to port this project to Qt 5 and try automation on a RaspberryPi device. See my website at www.jmgr.net.
  12. panzeyu (Zeyu Pan): Qt Ambassador, and graduate student in optics. I want to import a media convert software "Tinger Converter" (http://tingerconverter.sourceforge.net/), an optical research software "Tinger FDTD" (http://code.google.com/p/tingerfdtd/), and a powerful calculator "Tinger Calc" to the RaspberryPi platform.
  13. manojmka (Manoj Agrawal): Extensive desktop, mobile and embedded device porting experience for Qt applications. Designing and Writing complex GUIs as well as Business layer for application using Qt. I also wrote a Qt application to build QSS where user can create a bitmap and prepare complete QSS using a very intuitive GUI. Would like to contribute more on GUI side and porting.
  14. EikeHein Port Konversation, KDE's IRC client. KDE developer and Konversation maintainer.
  15. 4rk (Daniel Lamblin): We have a continuous build monitor on a 60" tv and an unused 40' wall of vertical lighting. The Pi could be embedded by the wall's controller using GPIO to control the DMX512 controller and drive the TV. It would show percentage of source tree changes that pass tests, fail tests, or break compilation by office overlayed as charts on a map, and could update the 256 vertical lights with the last 256 changes' status. Granted this can also be done with a PC, but the board will fit in an available wall pannel, so that's a strong incentive. At this price every team could have one once the monitoring software is ported.
  16. sazus (Kazuo ASANO) I want to work Original ARM A8 board with the Qt4.7 Linux Embebbed in the company.Now, it is engaged in the software development in QtWidget QML. I would like to change into GUI using Qt Quick Components for Desktop in Qt5.blog
  17. User:Lykurg: Certified Qt Specialist, active Member/Moderator at http://www.QtCentre.org, developer of the Artistic Stlye Plugin for Qt Creator[115]. I've never done embedded stuff but would like to jump into that. For a start, I would like trying to port my Esperanto-German dictionary qVortaro[116] which also needs a deep code revision. So just in case you have some Pie's to spare, I would take one…
  18. kaira (Jukka Pietilä) : Use QT5 and Raspberry Pi to create simple interface for loading up software, as an interactive start menu for various programs. Previous experience mainly with C+, C and Java, with a bluetooth/accelerometer seek'n'hide game made using Qt. link to description of game with download link
  19. johnel1970 (John Lawman): Write a new system (initially a simple wm & desktop) that can scale from a device like the RaspberryPi to a more powerful desktop computer - integrate this with a "cloud-type" service. I believe the direction of modern "desktop" environments is heading in the wrong direction and should be simplified - an elegant & radical design is needed. A device like the RaspberryPi is going to start something new & revolutionary. I've been programming for over 20 years. At the moment I specialize in merging separate systems into a coherent whole to produce something new. Updated my page (13/12/2011) johnel1970
  20. Sven Anderson: Software engineer developing embedded Linux based VoIP desktop phones. Currently I'm integrating a QML/Qt based GUI frontend into our phone application (sorry, no public link available yet). While doing that I also contributed to Qt5 (link). I'm very interested in the Raspberry Pi platform, since we are currently evaluating hardware platforms for our future phones, that will most likely be Qt/QML based as well.
  21. User:iw0hdv (Andrea Montefusco): I am one of maintainers of project ghpsdr3-alex, an open source, multi platform (Linux and Windows), client server, Software Defined Radio software for HAMs, able to run with many SDR hardware, both QSD and DDC. The GUI is already being developed in Qt 4.x on Desktop edition; Raspberry Pi seems to me a very good platform to evaluate in order to move on it part or even all pieces of our software. See the wiki of the ghpsdr3-alex project
  22. Todor Gyumyushev: C/Qt Software Developer; Will love to try Qt5 and Raspberry PI. Will be happy to help port/test/debug existing apps/projects to this new platform; Also I'm interested to use it as embedded platform for TV or other home appliances. Port/finish my existing projects to run on the device, one of it server assisted peer-to-peer communication software (objcom). Some of my open source projects are listed here
  23. aheinecke (Andre Heinecke): Free Software developer, experience in hacking Qt for embedded Windows CE devices while porting KDE/Kontact to Windows CE. Planning to get some usefull Qt/KDE Apps to work, for example a quasselcore server to make a little headless quasselbox. Also looking forward to enyoy the fun to hack around with a Qt on an embedded plattform that is not Windows CE.
  24. User:Emiola (Antonio Forgione) I develop with Qt the GUI of EddyPro [117], a powerful open source (GPL) software application that computes fluxes of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane and energy with the eddy covariance method. I'd like to port it on Qt5 and to evaluate possible use of Raspberry Pi for future developments.
  25. bmess I want a backup appliance for everyone. I'd create a console-based Qt5 server application with a Qt5 GUI desktop client, and allow backups to be made to the storage of the RaspberryPi, networked inline with the desktop. With the server-> client relationship many different clients can be made, from simplistic work environment to flashy home user. As a system admin I know I need a product like this, and as a student programmer I've already developed many small applications utilizing Qt4.
  26. knobtviker (Bojan Komljenovic): Porting my Dropbox application would allow seamless sharing of files in real-time between unlimited Pi devices. Beneficial for educational or personal purposes on both model A or model B. I'm currently maintaining 4 platforms, all ports are built on Qt in range from 4.6.3 to 4.7.4. This would be a cool 5th platform.
  27. User:chiforbogdan(Chifor) Qt and FPGA developer. I am Computer Science Student in the fourth year.During this years I have gained experience in Qt, developing a series of various Qt based applications.I want to use RasberryPI and Qt to create a virtual oscilloscope application.I would like to use Qt and more especially Qwt widgets to design the interface of the virtual oscilloscope:the screen and the settings panel (time base buttons,volts/div buttons,channel visibility buttons and other common oscilloscope display settings).I would also like to log the scope's data into a SqLite database.The signals displayed on the virtual oscilloscope will be acquired from an ADC board connected to the I2C of the RaspberryPI.

Mobile apps

Mentored by achipa (Attila Csipa) and Blacktass (Denis Kormalev).

  1. rlinfati (Rodrigo Linfati): Port of my QML application from Qt/Harmattan to plain QtQuick, [118], [119] , also experiments on use of Thumb/NEON in cluster of ARM boards with openCV, vectorization and parallelization of heuristic algorithm for combinatorial optimization
  2. Max13 (Adnan RIHAN): I want to port my app from desktop/mobile to Pi. It's a cryptographic app. Qt Ambassador. Check me out there.
  3. Borco (Ionutz Borcoman): Use RaspberryPi as a web and storage server and as a media player. Make sure my mobile apps can run on RaspberryPi. Qt Ambassador. LinkedIn Profile SourceForge Projects Borcoman Nokia Store.
  4. User:tongzhen (Zhen Tong) I am a female software developer with EE background. I have been a nokia developer for 4 years. I want to make some applications for girls. As the first step, I would like to use Paspberry Pi to create a hair color simulator. With some simple image processing algorithm, the applicaiton will assist girls finding out the hair color that fits their skin tone and outfits, and also provide the color number for them so that they can easily purchase them online.[120]
  5. anidel (Aniello Del Sorbo) : (It may not be relevant to this board though, but would be nice to use it to port Xournal to 'generic' Qt rather than Harmattan only) Porting Xournal to Qt (5 and lower) Xournal
  6. b0unc3 (Daniele Maio): Develop mobile (and not only) QML apps, working on QML perfomance (2D/3D) in games. IVI interested. Qt lover. Qt Ambassador.
  7. ayoy (Dominik Kapusta): Certified Qt Specialist, author of qtwitter and qoauth, former developer and codebase maintainer of libmeegotouch. Experienced in UI frameworks development. Interested in refreshing and porting my apps to Qt 5 and helping to port other apps/frameworks.
  8. User:nielsmayer (Niels Mayer). Developer of WINTERP, Strudel, xwebster, WWWeasel ([121]), Mudita24, etc. I seek to port VoiceToGoog Qtzibit and qmltube to Qt5 and Rasperry Pi. These pure Qt/QML projects already run on both Harmattan, MeeGo Netbook/Tablet and generic modern Linux (Fedora) and are designed to be portable, performant and platform-integrated for successful deployment on Raspberry Pi.
  9. User:thp Thomas Perl would like to to port his Qt-based games qw (QML/QGraphicsView), Tennix (QML/OpenGL ES), Plonk (QML), That Rabbit Game (OpenGL ES) to the platform, with modified input (most likely USB gamepad or USB keyboard) to use the Pi as open gaming machine. A gPodder port (and related Python/Qt projects) will be dependent on the Qt5 support of PySide, though. Bug reporting/feedback track record: maemo.org, meego.com
  10. User:tlaukkanen (Tommi Laukkanen) would build "social desk" with Raspberry by connecting it to pico projector and projecting users social feeds on desk or other surface. I have prior experience on Qt Quick apps as author of TwimGo [122], Kasvopus [123] and other apps mentioned at [124]. I would try to use either gesture or voice based controls. Qt Ambassador.
  11. User:leon.anavi Qt Ambassador, Anavi/ Nokia Ovi Store publisher, Nokia Develiper Launchpad member, open-source activist and regular contributor to Qt Dev Network. I would use Raspberry Pi to experiment and create new apps with Qt5, to port existing apps to Qt5 and to contribute wiki articles to Qt Dev Network in English and Bulgarian.
  12. User:iktwo (Isaac Salazar): Port my existing Maemo and Harmattan applications, some UI for home control, something with RFID (autentication), also some home control application. I'm a Qt Ambassador. http://iktwo.wikidot.com/iktwo
  13. lvtruongqt (Ly Viet Truong): I am a Qt Specialist( NQT001414). I would like to make an scheduled SMS app that using QML components for MeeGo Harmattan.
  14. Kamlesh : Developer, Nokia Developer Champion, Qt Ambassador, that develop and publish free Qt/QML apps on Symbian and MeeGo platform, for example Screen Capture. We just want to port apps for Qt 5 that support embedded devices too.
  15. rahulvala (rahulvala ): I am mobile application developer, Want to test many QML applications in new Qt 5 using Raspberry Pi, working with Qt since 3 years, and also doing stuff with Meego Harmattan platform. I am Nokia Developer Champion , Nokia Developer Blog.
  16. jykae (Ville Jyrkkä): Accepted Qt Ambassador, creator of MPoker(amazingly lots of downloads in Nokia Store) Feel free to add me in any mentor area that seems suitable. At least I know a bit of QML, animations, tools, etc. Can help newbies to get started for example.
  17. wellu.makinen (Wellu Mäkinen): Porting Eniqma to Pi. Embedded is fun! My website
  18. Somnath Banik I am a Qt Ambassador (BTV Live & Radio On), Nokia Developer Champion, and a member of MeeGo community N950 developer device program.
  19. ✓' msironen: Prototyping of On-board diagnostics (OBD) data logger/analyzer, UX with Qt5/QML. Symbian developer ~8 years and over ten years in nix variants with C/C+.
  20. Francisco Ares Planning to use a device like it as a portable and general interface for several industrial devices, each with its own QML self-stored file, to be sent wirelessly to this portable interface, which will send events and exchange data with the industrial device.
  21. Trismer Technologies (Maciej Kujalowicz) Trismer Technologies is represented by a group of experts in mobile software development trismer.com Nokia store. We'd like to evaluate possibilities of RaspberryPi in order to create mobile kiosks, with great new fluid user interface based on QML. We'd like to use our experience in QT/QML in different areas, not only smartphones, but also embedded hardware.
  22. yalnte: I plan to port my my engineering structural analysis program from Qt4.7 on the Nokia N900 to Qt5 on the RaspberryPi. The program's purpose is to provide a free and easy way to learn about computational analysis of engineering structures. It is released free under GPL3. The program analyses structures and displays the model and results using OpenGL ES2. It is currently available for the Nokia N900. I've had compatibility problems with Qt4.7 and would like to iron future issues out early on. [125]
  23. Oleksii Serdiuk [126]: C/Qt Software Engineer. I want to port my Open Source project TSPSG to Qt Raspberry Pi. Also, I would like to try to port its UI to QML (currently it's QWidget based). Qt Ambassador.
  24. mikhail (mikhail): I'm a Qt Ambassador and my main project is TweeGo, a twitter client for N900 (and I'm currently porting it to N9/N950). My main objective is to create a twitter client using the board. The backend will be same that is used on TweeGo but the UI must change (because TweeGo is touch driven). I'm also a MSc Student and I'll use the board on the various project for my class on the university.
  25. jkosonen (jkosonen): I'm a Qt Ambassador, my main project is fMobi which was also showcased at Qt Developer Days 2011. Currently the app is running in multiple S^1,S^3,N900,N9/N950 phones.
  26. baablo (Jaakko Passi): Developing low cost remote home control system and other sensor based controller apps for mobile devices (currently for Meego with QT 4.7). Really into the swipe UI on N9, researching innovative, easy&fast to use actions to use with touch.
  27. Blacktass (Denis Kormalev): Qt Ambassador, Qt Certified Specialist and Qt-based application developer for 6 years. Now working for Integrated Computer Solutions. Some links about me: Gitorious, Kormalev/ Ovi Store page, Twitter, Qt DevNet page. Author of Calendar Feed for N9. Wants to port my existing Media Player Control mobile app to Qt5 and RasPi and improve it a bit. I am a Qt4 developer for GUI based application and Embedded Systems. I have experience for 2 years in Qt4 in Cargotec Tampere, Finland. I have worked mini 2440 Linux Board. Now i want experience on Raspberry Pi with Qt5.
  28. kimitake (Kimitake): I am Qt Ambassador and my main project is qwassr, micro blogging client, for N900/N9, and I'd like to develop an infotainment system based on SNS, such as twitter and facebook, on this board. I'm also writing HTML5 version of qwassr using jQuery. I have experienced to implement for input method of Japanese using maliit framework, so I'd like to support it also for this board.
  29. Mohsen Akhlaghi OS Developer/ Software Architect /Assembly C&Qt Developer from Tehran,Iran. I want to make an assistant for blind and deaf people with raspberry Pi; plus a powerful open-source image and audio processing application using Qt5. Although I'll take raspberry into every home as a multipurpose hardware. A device for child entertains, virtual home pet, newspaper, stock exchange reviews, media player, shopping… . Raspberry is a cool stuff for me to develop my ideas! I like it! ;)
  30. Wael Farouk Porting and development for New LatitudeAssist LatitudeAssist with new features like location cache offline on device, trying view maps in 3D, upload user location video to cloud..etc
  31. Andrew Olmsted I am always working on Qt and QML projects (and would like to be releasing more of them) and would love a chance to start working with Qt5. My major project is a nicely full-featured bird watching program, but I am also working on a dictionary application, a white balance app, and a photo geo-tagger for SLRs. I have also contributed to the Qt project (colour schemes for MeeGo QML, finger scrolling for Maemo5) - My project page [127]
  32. Alex Liu I have used Qt for more than 2 years, and also be one of the Qt Ambassadors, have developed several Qt based apps, one have been published in OVI store and got near 3000 downloads, one is in QA phrase and will be published soon. Please check the link of my projects:http://code.google.com/p/lazyworm-colorlinze/ http://code.google.com/p/lazyworm-ereader/ http://code.google.com/p/lazyworm-cooking/
  33. User:Scifi.guy (Sudheer K.): Qt Ambassador. I have started working on Qt 4 development with N900, eventually in N950. I have developed 3 open source applications here, here and here (or here while Nokia Dev is down) based on Telepathy, Qt Quick and Qt Mobility (Sensor API). My goal is to develop applications that make use of Qt 5 scenegraph and the networking HDMI capabilities of RPi (lacking a killer app idea ATM but not lacking in enthusiasm); and porting my Qt Quick application to Qt 5.
  34. ✓* tthurman aka marnanel (Thomas Thurman): I'm hoping to work on IM/conferencing technology, especially improving IRC provision, and emulators, and robotfindskitten. I've been developing in Qt for a while.
  35. Phil (RzR) Coval : active in Debian MeeGo Maemo harmattan communities, Since fosdem presentation I plan to package distros components (from Harmattan or Meego), migrate my freedombox to RaspberryPi and hack Qt multimedia capabilities… phonom , audio , GLES too , check my user page for more details or http://rzr.online.fr/q/qt
  36. leonv (Leon Venediktou ACSL): We are running a staged activity for information technology that leads to an award badge: ScoutsBadgeInfo, we want to use software we write on the QT Platform. We are preparing for JOTA-JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet); Based on IRC technology we will use QT to write a solution where IRC, Webcam technology come together to connect us to Scout groups around the globe in a fun package child friendly and within the spirit of the youth movement. We will plan design and code parts of the project as a team.
  37. Ivan Frade: Open source developer (Tracker project, some contributions on QSparql). Interested on Raspberry to port my album-art downloading project (mussorgsky, available in Nokia N900 with a QML version in progress). Other hacking projects around synchronization of QJsonDB instances.
  38. Ricardo : Software engineer, developed software for Nokia using Qt, Maemo and Symbian in the last couple of years for the Nokia Push N900 and Nokia Push N8. I want to keep exploring aerial photography, working with Qt Multimedia / Gstreamer, Qt Network and external devices (servo motors, GPS and more) on RasPi boards and other devices running Qt software, developing an application to remotely control cameras (including live video stream) on kites, baloons, quadcopters and other flying machines.
  39. elemental I would like to port my EmuMaster project to Qt5. EmuMaster is one of the top applications for N9. It emulates several game consoles. The project site is here and a video showing how it works (an old version, I haven't made a video though) is here. EmuMaster can use SixAxis as a controller. It would give even more fun to the Raspberry Pi :)
  40. User:mauser (Sebastian Moors): Working on hydrogen (http://hydrogen-music.org), a cross-platform drummachine written with QT. With a hydrogen port for the raspberry pi, the device could be a perfect standalone-drummachine.I'm interested in porting hydrogen to QT5 and the raspberry pi and research if this platform could be used as a sampler/drummachine at live gigs.
  41. Arne Janbu My next project will be a Qt Quick based Google Reader application. It would be very interesting and as far as I think useful to port it to the Raspberry Pi.
  42. tuohirv (Tuomo Hirvonen): Fluid dynamics/particle based atmoshperic TV effects with HDMI out: Candle/Fireplace/etc. Tuomo's blog
  43. User:mnieminen (Matti Nieminen, Tampere Finland) Programming with Qt since 4.2. My thesis was about comparing Java to Qt: [128]. Eager Linux user and developer. Working as a software engineer. Interested in game development (version of Winter bells under construction, with Qt of course) and porting apps that community wants. Rasperry Pi would serve as a simple home server combined with QT + OpenCV app to greet visitors with music (porting on of these: [129]). Could port any Qt application wished by community.
  44. User:gyu(Yang GuangYu) Have done some Qt apps based on Symbian platform, and would like to use them in embedded GNU/Linux as well.
  45. User:servalpaul We would like to port our [servalproject.org] mesh telephony and file distribution software to the RasberryPi. It currently runs on Android, but we want to port to other platforms, including the Qt-based Symbian and RasberryPi.
  46. User:casten I'd like to look into porting a Netflix player to QtRPi. If it isn't too much work and works well, maybe I can talk with management about some sort of redistributable version for QtRPi.
  47. Redteam316 (Jonathan Greig): Focus on porting apps to rasp pi. Scripting Engine:OZ7/Quest Designer:QD3 [130]. New engine/designer is cross-platform and uses Pawn/Python/QtScript/Lua/Qore (I've built Pawn for use on Android so rasp pi would be nice too), CAD/CAM/CNC related apps, Code Clash 2011 Winner[131], also I am familiar with the Qt for Android projectpage:1+mid:tjvt43aufnn3ugkz+state:results. other bug reporting [132]. Worked on Embroidermodder 2 using Qt [133]. I'm thinking of making a large touchscreen drafting table that would be nice to test rasp pi with.
  48. User:juhasarkijarvi (Juha Särkijärvi): I am interested in implementing a simple JPEG slideshow on HDMI application on Raspberry PI. I have previous Nokia experience on Symbian QT/QML development as well as experimenting with OpenGL ES.
  49. User:Cuonglb (Cuong Le Bien): "I am a Qt ambassador/developer. I am in Viet nam. I am using Qt to develop some open source applications target to Maemo/Meego platform. I will doing some experimentals with Qt5/QML if i have a Pi board.
  50. piggz (Adam Pigg) I am a Qt Ambassador, and would like to port my QML games and apps to the Pi, id ensure the source was available so that others can learn from the code. Id also like to ensure that Kexi, the calligra desktop database app works well on the Pi, as this would provide a starting point for people to learn database development.

Linux and other OS ports

Mentored by matrixx (Saija Eteläniemi) and Rajiv Ranganath.

  1. vgrade (Martin Brook): Plasma Active Porting to Qt 5 on Mer, building on Pi Alpha board work http://twitpic.com/7dfw5p, http://martinbrook.blogspot.com/2011/11/qt-creator-on-raspberry-pi-its-been.html, http://wiki.meego.com/User:Vgrade#Raspberry_Pi, http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Community_Workspace
  2. crevetor (Antoine Reversat) : Help improve Mer/Nemo running on raspberry pi. Port pyside to Qt5. Create QML applications to improve the user experience for Qt powered media-centers. bikster a qml application for harmattan to find the closest bike share station. mertp the mer adaptation for HP Touchpad mtlpy a pyside demo application for montreal python
  3. lbt(David Greaves): Working on the Mer project (again). As well as my own work I'll mentor in areas around the Mer build system (OBS).
  4. raydonnelly: I've been hacking on the Mer project with vgrade on Tegra-2s [134] and also Necessitas Qt Creator. I would like to make sure that Mer works nicely on the Pi and would also like to work on toolchains (gcc,gdb) for Qt Creator for the Pi (similar to what I do on Necessitas).
  5. User:harbaum (Till Harbaum) Do stuff like this [135] and all the other stuff i've lately done with Mer on the Beagle [136] as i really think the price is the key factor and thus makes the raspberry pi the better beagle. And of course i want to port my CacheMe Qt app, too …
  6. shadeslayer (Rohan Garg): KDE and Debian based systems on ARM.Developing Linux based solutions for Smart Televisions ( as a alternative to Android based Smart TV's). Packaging for Kubuntu for the past 3 years, KDE developer for the past 18 months. Launchpad Page[137] , Blog[138]
  7. pirut (Brian McGillion): Work with Taku to create recipes for Yocto so that it is easy to build custom images for the device. Experience with Osso, Maemo, MeeGo, Qt, QtCreator. Mercurial plugin for QtCreator, Oprofile 3rd party plugin for QtCreator. Interested in enabling developer tools within creator such as cross-compilation and wizards.
  8. User:Chgans Yocto support: low level hacking (Kernel, QtMobility, ofono, connman, etc…). Experienced in embedded distro (buildroot, oe/yocto, ptxdist) and BSP (board support package). Worked for Motorola, Airbus, and now for Techworks Marine. qt doc bug report, ofono-qt ideas for improvement, ofono, connman for ptxdist, EP93XX ADC support for linux-arm, GNU gengetopt bug report, old open source robotic project
  9. Ravi Vagadia: Mobile Application Developer, Qt Ambassador. I develop apps for Symbian/Meego would love to get my hands on Raspberry Pi for learning purpose and porting my existing apps to it. Link to my apps Nokia Store and my blog
  10. timoph Mainly interested in testing what this baby can do and making it better (testing, reporting bugs, fixing what I can). Experience in testing with maemo/meego/etc (QA tools developer). I was a part of the Qt porting porject for maemo4 and meego on n900. IIRC I was the first one to run plasma active deskop on top of meego n900 CE (youtube video of it) I'm also a Qt ambassador and write random Qt applications. Currently working on a setup that uses tens of old maemo devices (n8x0/n900) to form a screen (1 device == 1 pixel) and I'd use the pi as brains (controls the devices and illustrates what is going on in the devices). In addition to fun hacks like that I'm interested in helping making the base distro for it better by contributing to testing and writing applications.
  11. User:berndhs (Bernd Stramm) : Port the razor-qt UX to Raspberry Pi, with adaptations like a QML based menu that I am currently working on githubOpenSuse-OBS Mer OBS.
  12. alienbob (Eric Hameleers) Slackware core team. I am planning a port of Slackware to this ARM device like I did in 2008 for the x86_64 port. Slackware is the perfect OS for developers and I want it to be running ASAP on the Raspberry. We have ARMedslack of course, but that is developed outside the Slackware source tree and also it is not going to be updated to support new devices. I want ARM support in Slackware out of the box. URLs: my blog and Slackware page.
  13. User:bluepin (Eugen Leontie) A 2 part project: port RTEMS(real time open source OS) to the RaspberyPI BSP, then investigate using Qt with RTEMS (this might span across more BSPs )
  14. User:hilarycheng (Hilary Cheng) : I would like to working Android Qt Porting on coming Qt5. I have already working on Android Qt Porting on MIPS platforms already which I have ported Android to a ARM11 Chipset before [[139]] and I can give an talk to Local Hong Kong Open Source Community on Raspberry Pi with Qt. Here is the history I gave a talk on WebOS [[140]]
  15. likewise (Leon Woestenberg) Would like to add support for the Raspberry Pi board, Broadcom SoC, Qt 5 and a demo image for the combination to the OpenEmbedded Core (also used by Yocto nowadays). I am an OpenEmbedded developer for long, kernel developer, and use Qt in my GUI projects. (My OpenEmbedded commit log).
  16. User:jacmet Buildroot support. I'm the maintainer of Buildroot, and maintain a number of device drivers in the Linux Kernel.
  17. User:zuh I don't really have a good project in mind, but I've been working with ARM devices for 6 years at Movial, eg. currently with the Igloo Community for ST-Ericsson Snowball board, so I should have a decent background to participate in QT5/RasPi porting efforts. If only I had the device, of course… ;)
  18. admiral0[Radu Andries] Porting archlinuxarm to RaspberryPi and package at least 5 of the ideas in this list. Was a developer of archmobile before merge in archlinuxarm. Chakra-linux developer.GithubArchlinuxarm
  19. Romain Pokrzywka - Over 5 years of Qt/E experience, especially with TI's OMAP SoC, curious about the Broadcom SoC on the PI. Maintainer of an OpenEmbedded-based Qt4.8 port to the Archos 101IT tablet: https://github.com/KDAB/Archos101IT-Angstrom-Qt Interested in testing/improving Qt5 integration for the board (QPA plugins, 3rd party libs like DirectFB, Wayland…), and maintaining an Angstrom/OpenEmbedded distro for it. Also interested in Qt Creator support and tooling. Multiple contributions to Qt4 in the embedded/mobile area, including support for Embedded Linux development on a Windows Host: http://c2143.blogspot.com/search/label/KDAB.
  20. User:Jesse : I'm interested in the development of the QtonPi platform. I'm a Linux system developer and familiar with both desktop and embedded linux distributions. During daytime I work on a well-known commercial embedded linux system, and I'm also active in an open source linux distribution. While I'm not very familiar with Qt, I keep hearing about it and its community. This looks like a great chance to jump in :) (some of my codes at github, https://github.com/zhangsen)
  21. timoc (Tim O'Callaghan): Creating a Yoctoproject build system to support the SDK and platform development with QTCreator and qemu. I'm a very experienced nux guy, recently started working with embedded QT and yocto. I would like to have a reasonable excuse to do more at home.
  22. Davide Bettio I'm an university student and a long term KDE developer (since 2006). I've been working on Plasma since before KDE 4.0. I would like to work with KDE core technologies on embedded devices like the RaspberryPi and to experiment with Qt5 (Qt5 will introduce a lot of important changes that will impact on Plasma). my commits to KDE repository
  23. d2mw: minimalist mobile platform oriented towards security, privacy, web integration. (more here [141]).


Mentored by Claudia Rauch.

This is a special allocation of 10 boards agreed with the KDE project.— Qgil 15:04, 24 February 2012 (CET)

  1. ✓* Claudia Rauch: KDE proposes to use Raspberry PI devices to further an already considerable commitment to Qt. In particular, Qt5 has been integral to planning the future KDE core architecture, as Qt has been since KDE started. The KDE Project has a core goal to be widely deployable, just as Qt itself is. It would be advantageous and motivational for developers and students to hack on Raspberry PIs, providing them access to a new range of devices and a simple, portable, leading edge platform for Qt development. We will use the Raspberry PIs for coding tutorials to encourage new KDE and Qt developers. They will also be used withexisting KDE/Qt developers to promote Qt5 development on low-end devices. There are also opportunities to promote Qt, Raspberry PI and KDE to general audiences. Specifically, we request Raspberry PIs for use in a Qt/KDE workshop from 26 to 30 March 2012. This workshop will be held in Tallinn, Estonia to promote Qt and Akademy, KDE’s annual world summit (30th June - 6th July in Tallinn). Following the pre-Akademy workshop, the machines will be used for additional tutorials and workshops, application development and testing, Qt/KDE demos and promotion, and developer recruiting.


People selected in this area is expected to help writing blogs and publishing videos of projects listed above. They are also meant to take any opportunities to present and demo Qt 5 projects running on the Raspberry Pi in events. If this is not what you had in mind contact me, please.— Qgil 02:29, 9 December 2011 (CET)

Mentored by Quim Gil.

  1. Zchydem (Marko Mattila): Qt5 QML Experiments and writing blog posts about those. Porting QuickFlickr to Qt 5.
  2. Riussi (Juha Ristolainen): Qt Ambassador from Tampere, Pi would be an awesome demo device to show around our meetups, events, etc. Would love to put some QML-demo stuff running on there for trade shows…
  3. User:raccoonworks[Alan Fletcher] Would like to have a board to promote it in our Qt user group meetings, educate ourselves on the board and Qt 5 and create a user group based project(s)- Our user group meetup page is [142]
  4. cybette (Carol Chen): Active in the MeeGo/Qt community in Finland, organizing events and managing the Local Device Program in Tampere Mobile Ninja Technies and Devaamo. Would love to get a Raspberry Pi for either the Tampere or Helsinki LDP for the local developer community. My Blog.
  5. User:jukka (Jukka Eklund) Would like to place Raspberry to the Tampere local device program, to be used in the community there, see http://devaamo.fi.
  6. Gerard Braad Porting and development of small QML-based applications, eg. https://github.com/gbraad/meego-pomodoro Active in promoting of Qt (in China), works closely with people like www.cuteqt.com and has experience in cross-platform development.
  7. korone (Cho ByoungWan) I was hosted korean Qt developer site([143]).I want to introduce to korean Qt developer community.In addtion, I want to porting to RasperryPI in my company DVR (Digial Video Record) solution[144].I think it will be cost effective DVR solution.
  8. Daniel Bittencourt - Would like to have a board for helping in the promotion of Qt and Qt Ecosystem among new developers and the community. (Nokia/INdT)
  9. User:Willer (Willer Moreira): I'm working in Qt Ecosystem project at INdT and I would like to port some applications and demos we've created and share this experience in blogs and conferences.