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This page may be somewhat out of date. For the proper process for adding and updating third-party components in Qt, see QUIP 4.

Name Upstream Version Qt Module Version Memo Link
gnuwin32 qt5
angle 2450 qtbase 2446
atspi2 qtbase Frederik Gladhorn
des qtbase b3c14d1b(sha1 of source)
easing qtbase 38690a21(sha1 of source)
freetype 2.5.0 qtbase 2.3.12
harfbuzz qtbase
harfbuzz-ng 0.9.24 qtbase 0.9.19
iaccessible2 qtbase Jan-Arve Saether
libjpeg 9 qtbase 8c
libpng 1.6.7 qtbase 1.5.10
md4 qtbase
md5 qtbase
pcre 8.33 qtbase 8.32
pixman 0.32.4 qtbase ?
rfc6234 qtbase
sha1 qtbase
sha3 qtbase
sqlite 3.8.1 qtbase
wintab qtbase LEGAL ALERT!
xcb 1.8(xcb-proto)/1.9.1(libxcb) qtbase 0.1.6(xcb-proto)/1.5(libxcb)
xkbcommon qtbase 0.3.1 Gatis Paeglis
zlib 1.2.8 qtbase 1.2.5
double-conversion 3c109628 qtdeclarative e5b34421
masm qtdeclarative
libmng 1.0.10 qtimageformats 1.0.10
libtiff 4.0.3 qtimageformats 4.0.3
assimp 3.0 qt3d 2.0.863
ce-compat qtscript
javascriptcore qtscript 3ab0f621
webkit qtwebkit
poly2tri qtlocation
clucene qttools(assistant)
v8 qtjsbackend
wayland protocol qtwayland 1.1