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== What is Qt? ==
== What is Qt? ==
[[Wikipedia:Qt_(software)|Qt on Wikipedia]]
[[Wikipedia:Qt_(software)|Qt on Wikipedia]]

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What is Qt?

Qt on Wikipedia


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  • “In the summer of 1990, Haavard [Nord] and Eirik [Chambe-Eng] were working together on a C++ database application for ultrasound images. The system needed to be able to run with a GUI on Unix, Macintosh, and Windows. One day that summer, Haavard and Eirik went outside to enjoy the sunshine, and as they sat on a park bench, Haavard said, “We need an object-oriented display system.” The resulting discussion laid the intellectual foundation for the object-oriented cross-platform GUI framework they would soon go on to build.”[1]
  • Release history


  1. Blanchette, J & Summerfield, M. (2006). C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4. Prentice Hall.