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Purpose of this Wiki

  • "In general the wiki in Qt has been used as a place to store knowledge. In other words, anything that isn't completely static (should be on the web pages) or documentation (should be in documentation) has been put in the wiki. The wiki should be a place where the community finds and stores information that changes."[1]
  • "Maybe a good approach is that taken in fantasy/scifi worlds. There is canon (in our case documentation and project code) and things that are either not yet canonised or will not be canon, but are important. The wiki should be the place for the later. A lot of material is needed to explain Qt, and the wiki is the place for that."[2]
  • Project code should not be displayed on the wiki but instead hosted at a project hosting service of your choice.
  • This wiki is not a place for advertising 3rd-party apps and libraries (except for language bindings, and apps/libraries created by members of the Qt Partner Program). Please submit libraries to inqlude.org, and submit apps to the Qt Showroom.

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