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All branches listed below reside in Gerrit on and are publicly available.

  • Anonymous checkout:
    $ git clone [<project>/<repo>;project&gt;/&lt;repo&gt;]
  • SSH (push to Gerrit): please check Setting up Gerrit.

Qt 5

Mainline branches

dev, the current stable branch (5.3 as of Jun ’14), and a possibly existing current release branch follow the Branch Guidelines.

Special situation: due to the ongoing change of branching schemes, there are currently two stabilization branches:

  • 5.3, which should be used for new changes
  • stable, which should be used only to complete pending reviews
  • stable will be periodically merged into 5.3, and will be deleted around end of June ’14.

Other branches

Used for research or development of complex features.
Feature branch names should be prefixed with wip/. Exceptions are historical.
Feature branches often have relaxed review and integration policies and may be subject to occasional rebasing.

The following branch list applies to qt/qtbase unless otherwise noted.

ios (misnomer, should be wip/ios)


winrt (misnomer, should be wip/winrt)

Used for development of Qt’s Windows Runtime port (see and for some background information). Gerrit is enabled for this branch but it is not CI checked. Be aware, that this branch is rebased regularly (force pushes involved). If you want to get in contact/help out, join #qt-winrt on freenode.

wip/tizen (base+declarative+quickcontrols+…)

Qt 4

Mainline branches

The 4.8 branch follows the Branch Guidelines.

Other branches


This branch contains a recent version of the 4.8 branch plus additional backported patches that are used for BlackBerry 10 and are not backported to the 4.8 branch. The 4.8-bb10 branch is subject to rebasing.

Qt Creator

Also see Submit Policies

master Branch

Branch that will become 3.2 at some point.

Release branches

3.1 Branch

Forked from master for 3.1 development, the main development branch until shortly before 3.1.0 release.

3.0 Branch

Forked from master for 3.0 development. Frozen.

Other branches

Used for research or development of complex features.


Branch to research the use of clang as a replacement for Qt Creator’s own code model. You find the plan for how we want to proceed with Qt Creator’s code model(s) in our mailing list archive:


Branch used to develop a plugin that enables people to work with Visual Studio projects in Qt Creator. Currently it can only open projects with a .vcproj extension.

  • At the moment plugin supports:
    • editing of project’s properties (this feature waits for a code review on Gerrit)
    • adding/removing files, filters and folders to/from a project (also waits for a code review on Gerrit).
    • building a Visual Studio (.vcproj) project
  • How to set up []