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All branches listed below reside in Gerrit on and are publicly available.

  • Anonymous checkout:
    $ git clone<project>/<repo>
  • SSH (push to Gerrit): please check Setting up Gerrit.


For the policy that describes the branches in Qt, which changes each branch may receive, and the process by which changes get from one branch to another, see QUIP 16 and Branch Guidelines.

Mainline branches

on-going development of new features and Qt 6 (as of 01/11/2019), and all bug fixes that are not only relevant for Qt 5 (as of 15/05/2020). All other branches typically receive only cherry-picks from dev.
branch receiving bug-fixes for next minor release (5.15 as of 27/01/2020).
stabilized branch still receiving bug-fixes (e.g 5.14 until 27/04/2020, on which date that branch was closed). Stable and stabilizing branches may receive commits that are not cherry-picks from dev, if the respective patch is not relevant for the dev branch.
Long-Term Support, 5.9 (May 31st 2020) and 5.12 (December 6th 2021), only taking critical fixes.
receiving LTS release-critical bug-fixes (e.g. 5.12.6 as of 01/11/2019). Changes made here as part of a release (such as changes files) need to be cherry-picked forward into the stable branch and into dev.

Other branches

  • Used for research or development of complex features.
  • Feature branch names should be prefixed with wip/. Exceptions are historical.
  • Feature branches often have relaxed review and integration policies and may be subject to occasional rebasing.

The following branch list applies to qt/qtbase unless otherwise noted.

Qt Lite, a project to make it possible at configure-time to opt out of parts of the tool-kit that a particular delivery doesn't need (thereby saving space on bitty little devices).
Development of a containerised local implementation of the server used by qtbase's network tests. Uses a vagrant container. (Inactive since 2015/Oct; but network team does hope to find time to revive it.)
Present in qtbase, qtdeclarative. A Qt port for the Google (portable) Native Client, and emscripten.
A new Qt Build System.
(misnomer, should be wip/winrt) Present in qtbase, qttools.
Used for development of Qt's Windows Runtime port (see and for some background information). Gerrit is enabled for this branch but it is not CI checked. Be aware, that this branch is rebased regularly (force pushes involved). If you want to get in contact/help out, join #qt-winrt on freenode.
Development history for src/plugins/platforms/mirclient/. Fully merged into Qt 5.6 by
No longer active, but Canonical have said (2016-08-22, on developer list):
We're iterating the code in our repository (lp:qtmir) but plan to update this wip branch once we're happy with the features and apis

Dead branches

High-DPI research for Qt 5.6. No longer in use (last commit: 2015/Jul).
Present in qtbase, qtdeclarative, qtsensors and qtquickcontrols.
Branch abandoned (RIP 2015/Feb); apparently for want of enthusiastic developers.
Relates to support for Tizen, a GNU/Linux operating system for low-end devices. See:
Dead branch, merged long ago (c. 2012/May). Was used to convert the QString functions that take const char* from Latin1 to UTF-8.

Qt Creator

See Submit-Policies for Qt Creator's branching policy.


Branch used to develop a plugin that enables people to work with Visual Studio projects in Qt Creator. Currently it can only open projects with a .vcproj extension.

  • At the moment plugin supports:
    • editing of project's properties (this feature waits for a code review on Gerrit)
    • adding/removing files, filters and folders to/from a project (also waits for a code review on Gerrit).
    • building a Visual Studio (.vcproj) project
  • How to set up