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This is supposed to be a reference of Qt-specific CMake functions one can use in configure.cmake files. Since the port currently is still evolving quite rapidly, things may change. The ultimate reference is the code in qtbase/cmake/.

CMake Functions

qt_feature("<feature>" ...)

Defines a feature called <feature>. Whether a feature is enabled can be then elsewhere be checked by QT_FEATURE_<name>.

qt_feature("<feature>" [PUBLIC] [PRIVATE]

               [LABEL "<label>"] 
               [PURPOSE "<purpose>"] 
               [SECTION "<selection>"] 
               [AUTODETECT <condition>] 
               [CONDITION <condition>]
               [ENABLE <condition>]
               [DISABLE <condition>]
               [EMIT_IF <condition>])

PUBLIC or PRIVATE defines whether the feature is available within the Qt module, or also in other Qt modules.

qt_feature_definition("<feature>" "<name>" ...)

Makes a C++ define <name> available.

qt_feature_definition("<feature>" "<name>" [NEGATE] [VALUE "<value>"])

If <value> is set, the define will have this as value. 

If NEGATE is given, the define is set only if the feature is disabled. Otherwise it is set only if it is enabled.