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This is supposed to be a reference of Qt-specific CMake functions one can use in configure.cmake files.

CMake Functions

qt_feature(<name> ...)

Declares a Qt feature.

qt_feature(<name> [PRIVATE] [PUBLIC]

               [LABEL <label>] 
               [PURPOSE <purpose>] 
               [SECTION <selection>] 
               [AUTODETECT <condition>] 
               [CONDITION <condition>]
               [ENABLE <condition>]
               [DISABLE <condition>]
               [EMIT_IF <condition>])

Defines a feature called <name> .


Declares a Qt feature.

CMake Macros


A version of cmake_parse_arguments that makes sure all arguments are processed and errors out with a message about ${type} having received unknown arguments.

Internal API.

qt_parse_all_arguments(<result> <type> <flags> <options> <multiopts>)