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Qt Quick (Qt User Interface Creation Kit)

Qt Quick is a collection of technologies that are designed to help developers create the kind of intuitive, modern-looking, fluid user interfaces that are increasingly used on mobile phones, media players, set-top boxes, other portable devices and increasingly on desktop applications.

Qt Quick consists of a rich set of user interface elements, a declarative language for describing user interfaces and a language run-time. A collection of C++ APIs are used to integrate these high level features with classic Qt applications. Qt Quick is a high-level UI technology that allows developers and UI designers to work together to create animated, touch-enabled UIs and lightweight applications.

Though Qt Quick is a new technology, there is a wealth of learning material available. A good starting point is the "Qt Quick Documentation": and to run several of the examples and demos that come with Qt.

There is also an excellent "video introduction": to Qt Quick. C++ programmers will be interested in watching "Qt Quick for C++ Developers": and can download a set of training slides titled "Qt Essentials - Qt Quick for C++ Developers ":—Qt-Quick-Edition/ .

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