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Qt Mobility 1.1.3 Release is available now for commercial app development and deployment on Ovi store. Qt Mobility 1.2.0 release is available now.

Contacts API


The Qt Contacts API lets you access addressbook data (people, organizations, groups etc), and perform different operations on them. The Qt Mobility 1.1 technical preview extends the Qt Mobility 1.0 package with a few additions:

  • Better support for IPC and the metaobject system
    • Streaming operators for serializing several different classes
    • Metatype and related Qt metaobject system enhancements
  • Contact actions
    • Lets you actually do things to the retrieved data (e.g. send a text, dial a pizza etc)
    • Also boring things (view/edit in native addressbook etc)
    • Plugin-based, allows third-party developers to implement and provide functionality to clients
  • QML Support
    • Bindings to allow clients to access contacts functionality from QML via QtDeclarative plugins
    • Build next-generation, fluidly animated user interfaces for social applications

Some implementation work is ongoing, and some areas of the API are subject to change (in particular, the QContactAction-related API).

Key features

  • Create/Filter/Update/Delete contacts and relationships between contacts
  • Perform actions in a cross-platform manner on contacts
  • Third-party providers can write plugins which allow access to different contact sources (device, device clouds, online clouds, etc)

Example applications!

There are two primary example applications:

API Reference