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Contribute to Qt

The Qt Project governs the open source development of Qt. It allows anybody wanting to contribute to join the effort, through a meritocratic structure of approvers and maintainers.

All development will be driven by the people contributing to the project. To learn more, visit the resources linked on this site and subscribe to our mailing-lists.

Support Users

Helpful people are at the center of every great community, and everyone needs a bit of help sometimes. Whether it is a specific programming problem or more general guidance required, there are many ways to share knowledge and support others.

  • discuss on mailing lists
  • help out on forums
  • join Qt channels on IRC
  • create doc notes
  • share code snippets

Report Bugs

Meaningful bug reports and comments help improve the quality of Qt in a very direct way, while voting and triaging help to prioritize tasks. We encourage Qt users and Qt contributors to join efforts on the bug tracker.

  • vote and comment on existing bugs
  • report new bugs
  • triage bugs
  • request new features

Write Documentation and Tutorials

Qt has great official documentation. Now everyone can contribute to it, in the same way they can contribute code to Qt itself. In addition, there are also other ways for contributors who enjoy writing about technology.

  • write wiki articles
  • write blogs about Qt technology
  • write books about Qt
  • create learning material and presentations
  • translate Qt and Qt Creator
  • write documentation
  • create demos and examples

Do Community Work

There are plenty of important tasks to keep things going smoothly within the larger Qt community. No matter if you prefer online or IRL interactions, there is something for you.

  • participate in online discussions on Qt
  • moderate our forums
  • represent Qt at events and meetups
  • organize events and meetups
  • provide web design and code
  • provide graphics

Write Qt Code

Naturally, the Qt Project is mostly about code. There are plenty of ways to contribute code, to learn and grow, and to build one’s reputation. To get started contributing code, get in touch with the relevant module maintainer before you start on a patch.

  • fix bugs
  • write tests
  • review Qt code
  • write Qt code
  • participate in the release process

Join us!

Whatever it is that catches your interest, we happily welcome you in the Qt community. Talk to us on IRC and join our mailing lists — even if you haven’t it all figured out yet.

  • Qt Project mailing lists
  • qt-labs IRC channel on

Legal Aspects

Every open source project comes with legal considerations. Here are ours.

  • licensing
  • contribution agreement
  • contribution agreement FAQ
  • Contributors Licence Agreement (pdf)
  • trademark policy
  • trademark agreement (pdf)
  • brand guidelines