Delayed Animations

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Ever want the user to click something and then play out a series of delayed events? For example, opening a list and closing it again?

The following example starts with a red circle. When the user clicks on the circle, it animates in to a rectangle and triggers a timer. Once the timer triggers, it animates the rectangle back in to a circle again.

import QtQuick 1.0

Rectangle {
 property int time: 800
 property int size: 300
 width: size; height: size; radius: size
 color: "red"
 Behavior on radius { NumberAnimation { duration: time } }
 Timer {
  id: reset
  interval: time;
  onTriggered: parent.radius = size

 MouseArea {
  anchors.fill: parent
  onClicked: {
   parent.radius = 0;

Note that if you just wanted the animation to follow directly after the previous one you could use SequentialAnimation. This example is rather to show arbitrary delays in animations.