Deploying a Windows Application Using Shared Libraries

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This how-to was tested with Qt 5.2.1, MSVC 2012 64bit.

Process of Deploying an Application on Windows using Shared Libraries include making folder with executable file of application and all dependent files like .dll files.

Example Application include following modules: core, sql, quick, qml, network, opengl.

QT += core gui sql quick qml network opengl

Application must build in release mode which will generate executable file of application.

Creating Application DIR

Application must include following files:

application executable

  • application/application.exe

files from Qt

  • application/d3dcompiler_46.dll
  • application/icudt51.dll
  • application/icuin51.dll
  • application/icuuc51.dll
  • application/libEGL.dll
  • application/libGLESv2.dll
  • application/Qt5Core.dll
  • application/Qt5Gui.dll
  • application/Qt5Network.dll
  • application/Qt5OpenGL.dll
  • application/Qt5Qml.dll
  • application/Qt5Quick.dll
  • application/Qt5QuickParticles.dll
  • application/Qt5Sql.dll
  • application/Qt5Widgets.dll

Visual Studio 2012

  • application/msvcp120.dll
  • application/msvcr120.dll

MySql Database

  • application/libmysql.dll
  • application/qsqlmysql.dll

DIRs from Qt

can be fount in Qt plugins dir

  • application/platforms/
  • application/imageformats/

can be found in Qt qml dir

  • application/Qt/
  • application/QtGraphicalEffects/
  • application/QtQuick/
  • application/QtQuick2/

Extending functionality will require more files to include in application DIR.