Documentation Workshop 2019

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Oslo, Norway - Qt offices

Date and time

11-12 March 2019, 10:00-17:00


A two-day workshop about the state of Qt's documentation. The aim is to get a clearer high-level vision for the docs, and establish a few key actions to proceed with to make that vision a part of reality.

Contact the Qt documentation team for further information or to let us know you'll join (yes, you should!).


Time Monday Tuesday
10-11 Introduction, welcome.

Why documentation?

Publishing Qt documentation
11-12 QDoc, and why we do that. Partner session
12-13 Lunch Lunch
13-14 Re-thinking examples Examples & tutorials
14-15 Usability Qt6: Opportunities
15-16 Discussion ("brainstorming") Discussion ("brainstorming")
16-17 Docs in Qt Creator vs online Action plan

Ideas for discussion points

  • The state of QDoc and its future
    • Current issues
    • Prioritisation
  • How to renew, drop, and create new examples?
  • How to improve the usability of Qt documentation?
    • Usability of online and offline documentation
    • Utilizing Analytics and/or User studies?
  • How to improve the4 look and feel of Qt documentation?
    • The current look and feel is dated, it doesn't look fresh and minimalist like other developer products. Can we redesign the layout?
    • Can we provide developers with diagram templates, to encourage them to include diagrams that match Qt's branding?
  • What do we want to achieve with examples/demos/tutorials? What are the objectives for the user to learn from each example?
    • How do these relate to the certification process we have?
  • How to create examples, tutorials, which explain why something is implemented in a certain way?
  • How to categorize/prioritize examples and tutorials?
  • Qt Creator vs. our own structure within the documentation
  • Learning track(s) for different topics/technologies (certification as a goal?)
  • How to create even better tutorials for first comers?
    • For example, Hello World, which really explains how to add modules, headers, source files, and other resources.
    • How much of this can/should be covered by Qt Creator's Wizards?