Flickable Wrapped TextEdit

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A method of having a Flickable TextEdit with wrapped text within another Item.

import QtQuick 1.0

FocusScope {
    width: 200
    height: 200
    Rectangle {
        property int margins: 20
        x: margins
        y: margins
        width: parent.width - margins*2
        height: parent.height - margins*2
        border.color: "black"
        border.width: 2
        radius: 10
        color: "pink"
        Flickable {
            id: flick
            width: parent.width - 10
            height: parent.height;
            clip: true
            function ensureVisible(r) {
                if (contentY >= r.y)
                    contentY = r.y;
                else if (contentY+height <= r.y+r.height)
                    contentY = r.y+r.height-height;

            TextEdit {
                id: message
                x: 5
                width: parent.width
                height: parent.height
                wrapMode: "WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere"
                onCursorRectangleChanged: flick.ensureVisible(cursorRectangle)
                font.pixelSize: 16