Gerrit Upgrade 2019

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Get started with the new version of Gerrit


_I can't review or give +1s anymore!_ The review button has been renamed to *Reply* and moved: It's big, blue and hidden in the middle → this is where you give +1.

_I can't stage series of changes?_ You can, but they can only be staged in order.

_What's with all the bells and whistles?_ The new version has an updated UI and is (hopefully) easier to maintain for future us. For example, you can now do online edits of changes!

_ I can't move my change to a new branch!_ Sure you can, but the bot doesn't do it for you anymore. Just do X and Y in the UI.

_ I get failed authentication against rest endpoint errors (message suggests "prepend url with /a/" or something)_ Clear your browser cache and try again. No really, clear your browser's cache!


  • internal user testing → take notes what is non-obvious
  • branch moving: do not use bot, it's in the UI
  • Update missing info in the FAQ (X and Y) and add screenshots

How to edit commit message

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How to edit content of files

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