Gerrit Upgrade 2019

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Get started with the new version of Gerrit

Official documentation:


I can't review or give +1s anymore!

The review button has been renamed to *Reply* and moved: It's big, blue and hidden in the middle → this is where you give +1.

Some buttons (e.g. giving +2) are broken

Try to clear your browser cache and reloading the page, left-overs from the old Gerrit installation tend to break things.

What's with all the bells and whistles?

The new version has an updated UI and is (hopefully) easier to maintain for future us. For example, you can now do online edits of changes!

I can't move my change to a new branch!

Sure you can, but the bot doesn't do it for you anymore. There is a menu in the top right corner of the change page (three dots), in that menu, select "Move change" to move it to another branch.

I get failed authentication against rest endpoint errors (message suggests "prepend url with /a/" or something)

Clear your browser cache and try again. No really, clear your browser's cache!

I have a change that has a -2 from the sanity bot

There were a few changes that got a sticky -2 by the sanity bot. It should be easy enough to just push a new version of that change (just amend it, without making changes), that should get rid of the -2. If that doesn't work file an issue on for QTQAINFRA with Gerrit as component.