How to create a custom calender widget

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There are numerous ways to make a calendar. And the simplest one , must be using the QCalendarWidget. However, we have limited control over the appearance of this widget.

Inheriting the QCalendarWidget can solve the issue. Here is the example class which explains a 'custom' calendar widget.

The cells, or the particular days are customized, and in order to do this , we need to take control over the protected function paintCell


class ourCalendarWidget : public QCalendarWidget
    ourCalendarWidget(QWidget* parent=0) 
        : QCalendarWidget(parent) 


    void ourCall(QDate date) 
        // here we set some conditions

    void paintCell(QPainter *painter, const QRect &rect, const QDate &date) const
        if ( ) { // our conditions
            // When the conditions are matched, passed QDate is drawn as we like.
            painter->drawEllipse(rect); // here we draw n ellipse and the day—
            painter->drawText(rec, Qt::TextSingleLine, Qt::AlignCenter,QString::number(;
        } else { // if our conditions are not matching, show the default way.
            QCalendarWidget::paintCell(painter, rect, date);

That is all. Happy coding.