How to prevent Qt from compiling code examples

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NOTE: This guide is for Qt 4. See Building_Qt_5_from_Git for instructions for Qt 5.

Compile Qt Faster by Skipping Examples

Compiling Qt is fairly straight-forward, but quite a lengthy process.

To make it much quicker, an easy way is to prevent examples from being compiled.

One way of doing it is:

  • extract source sdk (or git clone it)
  • start configure with option “dont-process” (works only on windows, doesn’t seem to exist on Linux configure)
  • then launch explicitely newly created qmake to build only libs and tools
  • Compile generated makefile

Compilation time is improved by around 80% (approximately 100 minutes instead of 8 hours) and you end up with a perfectly usable Qt, in debug and release.

On Linux configure and build can be accelerated by using all available cores.

Note that compilation place is hardcoded inside qmake and used to find QMAKESPECs. You can however change it later using