How to speed up Qt Windows Vc Build

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Using /MP[processMax] option

More information about /MP[processMax] option "here": Just add this flag to your spec file (%QIDIR%/mkspecs/win32-msvc*/qmake.conf).

processMax argument:
* (Optional) The maximum number of processes that the compiler can create.
* The processMax argument must range from 1 through 65536. Otherwise, the compiler issues warning message D9014, ignores the processMax argument, and assumes the maximum number of processes is 1.
* If you omit the processMax argument, the compiler retrieves the number of effective processors on your computer from the operating system, and creates a process for each processor.

Example: /MP2 (for dual core), /MP4 (for quad core)…

Using jom

In linux we do speed up with make -j4 or something like this. There is similar tool developed called jom, it can be downloaded from git "here":

See also "jom's wiki page":jom

Precompiled packages can be found "here":

The original announcement of jom can be found "here":