How to use the Meego 1.2 Harmattan emulator

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IMPORTANT: The content of this page is outdated. Reason: The MeeGo/Harmattan platform is no longer supported.
If you have checked or updated this page and found the content to be suitable, please remove this notice.

How to use the Meego Harmattan emulator

Tested on Windows7 64bit, but other platforms should be similar.


  • When you install Qt SDK 1.2 and Qt Creator 2.4.1 you can use the Meego Harmattan emulator, which simulates the use of the new Nokia N9 and N950.
  • The easiest way to install is : Qt Creator > help menu > Start updater.
  • Choose custom and make sure you select all harmattan related tools.

Qt Creator


Qt Creator > menu options > Linux Devices > tab Qemu settings:

  • Select hardware acceleration. Software acceleration is very slow and it's better to configure it manually rather than allow automatic control. If hardware acceleration is also very slow then the machine on which you are running Qt Creator is not fast enough or openGL is not configured on it.

Project Wizard

Here are the steps required to begin and configure a Harmattan project in Qt Creator:

  1. In Qt Creator start a new Qt Quick project and select "Qt Quick project". Then(If you don't see the Harmattan choice it means your Harmattan installation didn't succeed.)
  2. Follow the wizard, give your project a name.
  3. When you come to the target selection wizard page, choose for "Qt Quick components for Meego/Harmattan"
  4. Set your application icon and choose version control if you want.
  5. Select done and the necessary files are generated.

The emulator in action

  • You will see the Harmattan button above the "Run" arrow button on the left. Click the green arrow button and wait a while until everything loads.
  • When you see the first home screen with the app buttons, you can use the swipe gesture (with your mouse pointer) to go to the second home screen where you see the text : "Nothing opened yet"
  • One more swipe brings you to the third home screen (notifications). Swipe again and you will see the first home screen again.

There are some buttons on top which are straightforward to use.

But where is my app?

Just push the Green arrow Run button once again in Qt Creator and after some seconds you will see your icon and your application on the bottom when you scroll down.

But does my app work?

Click the icon and your app will open. In this wizard example you can click on a button to show some text and you have a menu, which you can reach using the button on the right bottom when you are in landscape mode.

You can swipe again and then you will see your app in the second home screen. If you started other apps like the console you will see them here too.

That's it. Have fun!

Screenshot home screen 1