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Currently binaries are only shipped for linux 64 bit.

sudo apt-get install chrpath

  • Install Tizen SDK see details here for details
  • Create author certificate using Tizen SDK see details here
  • Run Qt Maintanance Tool (is placed in Qt installation directory: by default in $HOME/Qt)
  • Click package manager and settings. Next choose repositories tab and click on "User defined repositories". Next add "" repository. Click Ok and Next in main Qt Maintanance Tool window.
  • When repository list will appear choose: "Qt 5.4/tizen_x86" "Qt 5.4/tizen_armv7l". Qt Creator plugin under "Tools/Qt Creator/Tizen plugin" will be installed automatically
  • After installation run Qt Creator and choose Tools->Options and choose Tizen pane. Fill tizen sdk path (rest fields will be filled automatically), fill your certificate file and password passed to certificate wizard in Tizen SDK.

To check if everything is correct run Tizen Emulator from Emulator Manager installed with SDK. Next create sample Tizen hello world application using New Project -> Tizen template and choosing Tizen Qt Quick Mobile Application. Next check only x86 gcc 4.8 kit, run build (Ctrl+B) and run (which will imply deployment) Ctrl+R.