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Jira Automation

This page describes automated processes which might be useful to understand when working with Qt's bug tracker Jira https://bugreports.qt.io

Need More Info handling

Qt's bug tracker utilizes the "Need more info" state which indicates that the current assignee of a issue or bug requires more information from the reporter. The issue remains in the state until the reporter has provided the requested information. The information can either be provided by commenting or updating the issue description. Once the info was provided, the reporter must transition the issue out of the "Need More Info" state by pressing the "Provide Missing Info" button. The overall purpose of this process is to have issues and bug reports with as much information as possible and being able to identify incomplete ones.

Unfortunately not every reporter (especially reporter new to the Qt community one) is aware of this obligation. Therefore an automated cleanup procedure is employed to remind reporters of their obligation and (if necessary) prevent issues from being stuck in the "Need More Info" state.