JuicySquash Game (Match-3)

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A simple arcade match-3 demo game, click on groups of similar fruits to remove them.



Juicy Squash is a game of the highly popular Match-3 game genre made with Felgo.
You swap the positions of fruits to form groups of at least three matching fruits, which are then removed.
The game goes on until time runs out or there are no longer any groups left to remove.


  • Animations
  • Multi-resolution support

A tutorial on how to create a simpler version of this match-3 game is available here: How to Make a Match-3 Game with Felgo.

Downloads & Source Code

You can also run the demo from the Felgo Dev App (available in the app stores) - in combination with Qt Creator and Felgo Live Server.

For more information and download links, browse the demo documentation of Juicy Squash and Juicy Squash Simple.


This game was created using the Felgo SDK. Felgo, a Qt technology partner, extends Qt with 200+ APIs, game engine, unique tooling like QML Code Hot Reload and cloud services like Qt CI/CD.

You can download the SDK here or get it via Qt Marketplace.