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Warning, old content from 2012


Still needs polishing:

Discuss at the marketing list!


There is no hard process to define priorities. You can list new tasks at the bottom of the list and discuss their priority at the Marketing list. Tasks taken seriously must have someone driving them and a link to a wiki page or bug report. You can join and push any task.

  1. Sort out the Qt Project Events strategy
    • This is urgent for planning and budgeting purposes. The big venues and the Qt Contributors Summit haven't been agreed yet.
  2. Bootstrap Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi project
    • Urgent because of the timing (boards available soon) and important because it sets a precedent for new projects joining the Qt Project.
    • Select mentors and new board owners within the Device program
    • Image and documentation to boot Qt 5 in the Raspberry Pi
  3. Qt Roadmap
    • The Qt roadmap and roadmapping process need to be documented. The information is out there but clear only to insiders.
    • Many companies are confused about how to propose / push features and major changes.
    • Related: 5.0 Feature Requirements
  4. Metrics
    • Important to measure the progress of the project and the participation of diverse individuals and organizations.
    • What metrics do we need? What are we measuring already? What can technically be measured?
    • The sooner we start (with something simple), the better we will track progress.
    • Who is directly involved & doing what.
    • Product definition, key messages.
      • We need an architecture overview.
    • Unstable and final releases, launch activities.
    • How to get everybody involved spreading Qt 5.
    • doesn't have a news section yet there are plenty of sources and channels for Qt news
      • we are building up a more comprehensive news section on which will grow over time
      • the section is meant to collect very short news items that link to more comprehensive blogs, announcements, etc.
      • we suggest news worthy items to be sent to the marketing list and one of us turning it into a news item on the site for now, until we have better functionality in place
    • the current idea is also to add a Planet feature to DevNet, this needs to be investigated further before we can go into more detail
  5. Organize Qt local groups
    • There are many Qt and Qt-like local groups in the World. How to articulate them around the Qt Project?
    • This is important to organize locally many activities, and also to find good contacts at a regional / national level.
  6. Decide on a Qt Software Catalog
    • Apps and software available is a key aspect for a technology selection nowadays, yet it's not easy to find out what is being developed with Qt.
    • This would be a catalog of entries maintained by their own developers that could host packages organized by OS & form factor.
  7. Collaboration with KDE
  8. Companies contributing to the Qt Project
    • Currently companies aren't featured or even recognized at a Qt Project level.
    • We must understand better the needs and find solutions.
    • There have been vague discussions about the possibility of a body like the GNOME Foundation advisory board.
    • There is still confusion and doubts about the long term commitment of Nokia in Qt.
    • Easier to find the farther you go from the core group of Qt contributors.
    • A wiki page summarizing and linking to all the information available would help a lot already.
  9. University collaboration
    • There are lots of good quality materials and noticeable interest, but how to connect everything?


There is no official structure in place yet, but here goes a self-nominated list as a first approximation. Add yourself if you want to help or drive a task: