Modal Dialog with Qt Components on Meego

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IMPORTANT: The content of this page is outdated. Reason: The MeeGo/Harmattan platform is no longer supported.
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How to make a Modal Dialog with Qt Components on MeeGo

There is a QML Dialog element in Qt Quick Components in MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan API. But this dialog is not modal - i.e. it can be closed by pressing on any part of the dialog's window, not only on the buttons. Such behavior is not good in some cases - any accidental touch can close the dialog's window. There is no way through the API to make this dialog not respond on background clicks.

Surely we can make such a window ourselves without using Dialog element, but it is not a quick or proper way.

From the Dialog's source it can be discovered that a background click generates a privateClicked signal. Let's disable it by adding 2 lines into Dialog's creation:

signal privateClicked
onPrivateClicked: {}

and we get truly modal dialog.

Full example of page with dialog import QtQuick 1.1 import 1.0

Page {

QueryDialog {

id: quDialog
signal privateClicked
onPrivateClicked: {}
anchors.centerIn: parent
titleText: "Modal Dialog"
rejectButtonText: "Cancel"
onRejected: { console.log ("Rejected");}