New Features in Qt 5.5

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What is new in Qt 5.5

Very incomplete. Feature freeze on 9th of February.

New Features

  • Qt Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth Low Energy API final release (5.4 was featuring tech preview).
    • Bluetooth Low Energy Support for Android (requires Android v18+) added.
    • Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy support for iOS and OS X.
  • Qt GUI
    • QImage: 8-bit Alphamap and grayscale formats.
  • Qt Nfc
    • Neard based backend for Linux added.
  • Qt WebEngine
    • WebEngineProfile for control of storage and cache paths and related policies.
  • Qt QML
    • It is now possible to conveniently expose custom C++ value types into the JavaScript environment of Qml and QJSEngine.