New Features in Qt 5.6

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New Features

  • Qt GUI
    • Improved cross-platform OpenGL ES 3.0 and 3.1 support to help the development of mobile/embedded apps utilizing GLES3 features.
  • Qt Multimedia
    • New Playlist QML type.
    • New audio role API for the media player (C++ and QML)
    • Support for camera focus and video probe on WinRT
    • New functions in QML AudioEngine to support dynamic object creation
  • Qt WebEngine
    • Based on Chromium 45
    • Support for flash pepper plugin
    • Added API for custom URL schemes
    • Support for following global Qt proxy settings.
  • Qt QML
    • Support for writing JavaScript function names to Linux's perf output
  • Font rendering
    • Optional support for using FreeType on Mac OS X
  • Embedded platforms
    • Added support for Intel Atom-based NUCs
  • Desktop platforms
    • Windows 10 fully supported (classic and WinRT app)
  • Qt WebView
    • Added support for WinRT
  • Qt Canvas3D
    • Support for using Qt Quick items as textures
    • Support for rendering directly to Qt Quick scene background or foreground

Other Changes

  • Class Mechanics
    • All implicitly-shared types are nothrow-move-assignable, nothrow-swappable
    • Most implicitly-shared types are nothrow-move-constructible
  • Embedded platforms
    • libinput, when present, is now the default for eglfs and linuxfb

Deprecated Modules

The following modules are part of Qt 5.6 release, but deprecated and considered for removal in subsequent releases of Qt:

  • Qt Script
  • Qt Enginio

Removed Modules

With Qt 5.6 the following modules are no longer part of the release packages, but users can still build them from source:

  • Qt WebKit
  • Qt Declarative (Qt Quick 1)

Technology Preview Modules

Qt 5.6 binary installer packages will contain technology preview of the following modules:

  • Qt Quick Controls 2.0
    • New lightweight set of controls designed especially for embedded devices
  • Qt Speech
    • Speech recognition and text to speech functionality
    • Plug-in API for using various open-source and commercial ASR and TTS engines

New Configurations

Qt 5.6 does not add support to new operating systems, but there are many changes in supported platform and compiler versions. More details what is now tested in Qt CI, please check Qt-5.6.0-tools-and-versions

Known Issues

More details here.