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"Premake": is a build configuration tool allowing user to describe C, C+, or C# software project using a simple, easy to read syntax. Main features are:

  • Declarative syntax based on Lua
  • Full power of general purpose language (Lua) available for non-trivial tasks
  • Generation of project files for popular IDEs including Visual Studio and Xcode, which don’t require presence of Premake executable on actual build host
  • Support for flexible build configuration, exposed to user as configure-style options
  • Support for cross-compilation
  • Distributed as small sized single executable without external dependencies
  • Unlimited extensibility – define new APIs, build tools, or even change behavior of build system internals from within your project!
  • Support for building Qt projects - see [1]

This plugin allows user to open, browse, build, and debug Premake projects inside Qt Creator.

h2. Installation

You can get binary version for Windows from [2]. For other operating systems, or if you want bleeding edge version, get the source code: git:// git submodule init git submodule update and follow instruction in README file.

h2. Usage

Open project file "premake4.lua" in Qt Creator just like you open .pro files.

h3. Simple Qt project

require "qt-support"

solution "MyApplication"

configurations { "Debug", "Release" }
project "MyApplication"
kind "WindowedApp"
language "C+"
uses "Qt"
files {
configuration "Debug"
flags { "Symbols" }
configuration "Release"
flags { "Optimize" }

h3. More documentation

h3. More complex examples

h2. Current status

Right now plugin is of "beta" quality.

Works on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

  • Source compatible with Qt Creator 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5
  • Allows to open and browse premake4.lua projects
  • Allows to change toolchains and Qt versions from GUI
  • Imports build configurations from project file
  • Includes basic Lua editor to simplify project writing

What is missing

  • -Run configurations are not created automatically for built executables- Available in master
  • No project create/import wizard
  • Debugging from IDE on Windows is broken