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QML Book Project

The Qt Company has started a project to update and extend the Qt 5 Cadaques book.

This page contains a public book backlog and project steering group meeting minutes. You are welcome to give feedback and contribute to the project.

Project backlog

Item Description Status
New chapter Qt Quick Controls Merged
New chapter Combining QML and Python Merged
New chapter 3D Contents Open
New contents Drag-and-drop Open
New contents Qt licensing 101 Open
New contents Shapes Open
New contents Qt Quick TableView Merged
New contents Android WIP
Task Ensuring build reproducibility Merged
Task Updating new baseline Merged
Task Squashing bugs Open
Task Language review and improvement Done

Meeting minutes

Nov 30, 2018 - STG meeting

Current sprint
  • Qt Quick Controls, Python, and TableView reviewed. Still waiting fore the final approval from The Qt Company
  • Language review started. Look at the backlog above.
  • It was decided that Shapes will be put into its own chapter before Chapter Canvas.
  • The Qt Company will provide the text about licensing.
  • Android chapter requires a content proposal. The 5-10 most relevant topics.
Next sprint
  • The WIP modules: Android, build reproducibility, and new baseline can be completed during the sprint.
  • Android status will depend on the content proposal, provided by The Qt Company.

Nov 12, 2018 - STG meeting

Current sprint
  • Qt Quick Controls finished, final approve still from The Qt Company
  • Python exercises reviewed, The Qt Company will check the text in terms of right messaging and do the language review
  • TableView ready for review, but no reviews yet
  • The whole book language review has been started chapter by chapter. Geriit is used for the review and after the review is finished, a pull request to the GitHub repo is changed.
  • Currently, the language review has been done for the Qt Creator and introduction chapters.
Next sprint
  • The main tasks are Qt 5.12 and Qt Creator 4.8 updates and the CI system updates, which will ensure build re-producibility
  • Android content creation will be started in the background
  • The QML book "Go to market" plans will be discussed during Qt World Summit in Berlin.

Oct 17, 2018 - STG meeting

  • Qt Quick Controls 2 finished and under final review. Plan to get approved in the week starting on Oct 20.
  • Next sprint: Main task QML and Python, background task Updating new baseline
  • The new baseline contains new types as well: TableView and Input Handlers.
  • One of the Python examples has a problem with passing data in signals between QML and Python. Workaround exists, but the Qt Company will study, if this could be fixed No obvious way of emitting a signal with a named parameter
  • The Python examples will need some guidelines: For example, the fie/class structure in Random number / CPU load example. The Qt Company will review and provide suggestions, if they exist.
  • The language review task has been started by The Qt Company documentation team.

Sep 28, 2018 - STG meeting

Current sprint
  • Work started as planned
  • The main task Qt Quick Controls chapter started and work reviewed
  • Updating new baseline started in the background
Next sprint
  • Language review going to be started in any chapter marked as Done
  • Qt Quick Controls chapter going to be finished
  • New content modules started: Qt Quick TableView, QML and Python started, Android started
  • The Qt Company creates a pull request to add licensing 101 related content
  • Build system fix to allow automatic updates

Sep 14, 2018 - Project kickoff

  • The first new chapter to be added to the book will be Qt Quick Controls
  • The Qt Company R&D will review the new content
  • The baseline to which to book is going to be updated is Qt 5.12.0 and Qt Creator 4.8.0
  • The content for Qt licensing 101 will come from the Qt company
  • The documentation team will take care of the language review
  • The book project repo is available in https://github.com/qmlbook/qmlbook