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QNX Neutrino OS Platform for Qt

This page described a reference platform for Qt on QNX Neutrino OS by focusing on a minimal set of software and selected development boards. Note that QNX Neutrino OS supports a large variety of hardware, most of it will run Qt as well.

Required software

The minimal requirement for Qt 5.3 on QNX is:

QNX SDP 6.6 does not provide fontconfig and backends needed for QtMultimedia. Due to this, it is very advisable to use:

  • QNX SDK for Apps and Media 1.0 (see the download link, the product page, and documentation)
  • A service pack for fontconfig on x86 target for QNX SDK for Apps and Media 1.0 (the download link is TBD)

You can build and use Qt without QNX SDK for Apps and Media 1.0 as well. In this case, Qt will use its internal font database and QtMultimedia will be not functional. Binary installers with Qt for QNX require QNX SDK for Apps and Media 1.0 on the host and according runtimes on the target. A Qt application complied with Qt for QNX installed via these installers will not run on a target based on pure SDP.

The packages mentioned above require a valid license key. If you can request an evaluations license by registering at myQNX and download an evaluation copy which will run for 30 days with evaluation license keys. You can access QNX technical documentation without an account under this link which also includes package specific links listed above.

Follow the installation instructions supplied inside the packages. You can currently use Linux or Windows as a host OS for development. The packages provide a full set of tools and documentation required for development incl. building of Qt.

Qt 5.1.x and 5.2.x run on QNX SDP 6.5, plus its service packs. Qt Quick 2 requires the preview version of the QNX Screen Graphics Subsystem which was provided in an early access program prior the release of SDP 6.6. Qt 5.3 will be validated on this platform version of the final release.

Reference boards

Following boards are currently used regular development and testing:

The above boards should run the "applications and media sample" OS image provided in their BSPs or a QNX Car2 OS image as mentioned in the next section.

The reference x86 target is currently Intel NUC model DC3217IYE. The support for this target is currently on an experimental level.

QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment

QNX has recently released the first version of the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment which is available with an HMI based on Qt. This platform is based on components listed above and includes a version of Qt. If you have a board with a QNX Car2 image and an according host installation you can use this environment for Qt development as well.